Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 90 & Finale

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“Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi Ke
Har Khwahish Pe Dam Nikle
Bohat Nikle Mere Armaan,
Phir Bhi Kam Nikle…..”

After a very wild and passionate celebration of “First Night Part 2”,Shivaay and Anika are lying down on their marriage bed together,wrapped in silver colour duvet.Anika has rested her head on Shivaay’s bare chest while he is playing with their entangled hands and his other hand has hold Anika close to him.She says caressing his chest-

A: You know Shivaay,when I finished reading your diary,I promised to myself that no matter what happens,I won’t let my love suffer.I would fight against anyone and anything till the end.But….I could not.
S: Why?

A: How could I fight against you?You became Stone Singh Oberoi,devoid of any feeling or emotion.Every time I wanted to confront you,my defense weakened.There was so much pain in your eyes that I was breaking inside………Shivaay kisses her.

S: I am so sorry Anika.Because of me you had to endure so much pain’

A: Plz,don’t say sorry.If I were in your place,don’t know what I could have done.I was so scared of losing you…(Saying that she literally shivers)Shivaay wraps his hands around her then kisses on her forehead.

S: All these are past Anika.You and me have defeated the ploy of Destiny and our love has won.We are together,with each other and this matters most.Other things don’t matter.And you know what Dadi says?
A: What?

S: “Woh Ishq hi kya,Jo aasani se mil jaye….”
A: Right….She smiles.

Shivaay is about to capture Anika’s lips but a knock on the door interrupts his moment.Anika clutches the duvet over her bosom.

A: Someone has come to wake us up.
S: Who is there?I told clearly not to disturb before 10 am.It’s not even 8:30 now!Anika says laughing-
A: Go and open the door.

Few minutes later,wearing kurta-pajama,Shivaay goes to open the door.He finds Rudra and Priyanka are standing outside.They wish him good morning then say to get ready for the remaining post wedding rituals.Later Pri leaves but Rudra stays.Shivaay is about to close the door but he stops him-

R: One second bhaiya……Where were you last night?
S: What….What do you mean?

R: Had come to check on.Par kya dekha?Love birds ghoshle se gayeeb?Bade Saalion ki Jiju ban gaye aap?Because of you,I lost the bet to O.
S: Rudra…..
R: I am going and informing Choti Ma that unki ladla haat se nikal gaya!Choti Ma……….Rudra leaves and Shivaay closes the door,laughing.

Some time later all the Oberois gather in the hall to perform pending post-wedding rituals of Shivaay and Anika.
Anika performs her “Pehli Rasui” in the kitchen of OM.Everyone praises her dish.Next,Pinky organizes a grand function for her daughter-in-law,Anika’s “Muh Dikhayi”.She has invited all her female friends other than invited guests.
Being a proud mother-in-law,she introduces everyone to Anika.In the function,receiving gift after gift on behalf of Anika,family members’ hands start paining!

On the same day Anika’s reception takes place and Oberoi Mansion gets crowded with guests and media people.After the function,Anika leaves with her full family for “Pagh Phera”.
Next day Shivaay goes to Delhi,to Trivedi Villa,his in-law to bring back his wife.

Coming from there Shivaay and Anika leave for their Honeymoon,in abroad.First of all they land in Ireland to explore its world-famous country side.From there they take flight for Hawaii.Exploring its beauty they anchor on Caribbean islands.
Two month long honeymoon comes to an end after enjoying lots of exciting adventures in different famous,classy places,all over Europe.Shivaay and Anika return India and their brand-new journey of life starts being each other’s perfect life partner.

Couple of years later Family of the Oberois gets extended as Gauri and Soumya come to join being Omkara and Rudra’s wives.Gauri finishes her study then becomes a lecturer in a reputed University.
Soumya finishes her MBBS then goes on becoming an eye-specialist.
Om-Gauri,Rudra-Soumya’s weddings take place on the same date with lots of fun and enjoyment and celebration after celebration.Thus,three of all Trivedi sisters become the Oberois’ daughters-in-law and all three Obros,ShivOmRu become the sons-in-law of the Trivedis’.
Two families merge with each other in the most beautiful way possible.

27 Year Later


A library is seen.Little boys and girls in school uniform are running to and fro inside,with balloons in their hands.
A girl of 24/25 is inspecting books in the bookshelves.Her delicate fingers are running on the books.Only her back is seen which is covered in thick long hair,touching her waist.
She finds her desired book.Taking it out she starts reading.A little girl comes to her then tugs on her dupatta which is hanging over her right shoulder,to draw her attention.Closing the book she bends down before the little one-

Little Girl: Di,look at this paper.Your photo has come out.I too want my photo to get published and I want to become just like you………Smiling the girl says in a very soft and sweet voice-

Girl: You know,I have a secret power that’s why my photo has come out in this paper.If you want to be like me then you have to use your secret superpower.

Little Girl: Me too have superpower?Where?

Girl: Here,in your heart.Your superpower is you.No-one is you and that’s your secret,magical power.Applying that,you can be anything you want,wish to get.But the rule is-“You have to be yourself”.If you can do that,your photo will come out like me.Can you do that?

Little Girl: Okay,done…..Can I have your autograph?

Girl: Hmm…In future when you will become famous,more than me then I won’t get the chance to get your autograph.So,can I have it now,in advance?She brings out her diary then opens it before the little one.Taking the pen,she writes her name on it.After that she runs away then returns with her notebook.The girl puts her name-

With Love and Best Wishes-Shivika.

Little one gives a cute peck on her deep dimpled cheek and she stands up taking her in her arms.

Outside the school Media people both electronic and print have gathered with their camera crew and reporters.They seem waiting for someone.
One reporter is recording video standing in front of camera for a news agency.

Reporter: ….Viewers as you can see,we are standing in front of Saint Peter School & College.So many media personalities,columnist,journalists,reporters have gathered today to exchanging some words with that person who has created history by winning the very prestigious Man Booker Prize for literature at the age of 23.She is the youngest record holder for this award till now.Has won countless awards across the world for her outstanding contribution to the written world who started her writing career at the age of only 13.Her achievements do not stop here.She has been awarded National Award as best screenplay and story writer,three times.
Her novels has been adopted for various films and those are critically acclaimed and very popular among people.

You all know her very well as she does not need any introduction.She is none other than Ms.Saubhagya Shivika Singh Oberoi,daughter of Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.But she is known to her fans only as Shivika.
Her big surname,her super-famous parents could not overshadow her identity.She emerged out as a born star despite all that powerful influence of her family and lineage.Neither she takes pride in her family name nor she takes advantage of that.
She is a very down-to-earth person and believes in leading a simple life which makes her everyone’s favourite.She enjoys huge fan-following across the world and has established herself as an example to follow and to her admirers,she is an inspiration.
Ms.Shivika is involved with many social activities and she and her team run an NGO that works for physically challenged,differently abled children.

That God-gifted,talented person who inspires so many through her works and words,her own inspiration comes from her family.Ms.Shivika is a very family oriented person and for her,her family is the first priority.She always shies away from any kind of media attention and prefers to stay out of limelight.We,media people rarely get any chance to come face to face.That’s why today is very special as we are going to meet her soon……………………………..Few minutes later the most expected meeting starts,in a cafe,outside the school.

(Ridhima Pandit As) Saubhagya Shivika Singh Oberoi meets the curious,enthusiastic Media.

M: Ma’am,you are Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s daughter and he is a very media-friendly person.But you are total opposite of him.Why is that?

Saubhagya smiles and her twin deep dimples appear in her cheeks.Lifting her bespectacled face she says-

S: I just want to enjoy my life like a normal,common person.I don’t want any special treatment or favour from anyone just because of my stardom.I want people to treat me like one among them and that’s what I always wanted and sought.
And most importantly,I don’t have any aversion towards media.It’s just my choice and you all know that choice varies from person to person.I think my Mom and Dad,my family are enough to make it to headlines.Let me stay in the background.

M: Here we have gathered to know about your dream project which are creating so much buzz in recent time.Your fans are eager to know which subject you have chosen for your dream project.

S: I can tell but you all have to promise that what I say,won’t be published or come out as any special or breaking news.Because this is going to be a surprise for my parents.Their wedding anniversary is coming and I have planned to give them my best effort as a gift.
My Mom and Dad are my direct inspiration and blessing no matter what I do.So,I am requesting all of you once again……They agree on that………..Some time later Media meeting gets over.

Darjeeling Railway Station

Standing on the platform,Saubhagya is looking out here and there.

S: Where is he?

Somewhere on the same platform,someone is buying flower from a stall.Suddenly a girl’s scream gets heard and a pickpocket is seen running with a purse.The one buying flower catches him.
(Gautam Rode As)Shouvik Singh Oberoi says-

Sh: Hey,are you not ashamed of stealing a girl’s purse?If you want to deal with girls,deal lovingly.They understand the language of love only.In fact it works on everyone.
Never ever break their heart or their trust or invade their purse.If you can win their hearts,they will be ready to spend money no matter of what amount……The girl whose purse got stolen is seen approaching.

Shouvik puts few notes in the pocket of pickpocket’s shirt then says-

Give me the purse and go away,go…….He goes away getting surprised.The girl comes near Shouvik.He hands over the purse.

Sh: Here,your purse.But I have not stolen.Be careful next time…..Watching him the girl says-
G: Wish you could!

Sh: Sorry?
G: Um…Thank you…………He nods smiling and the girl leaves.

Buying the flowers Shouvik turns and finds Saubhagya.Instantly he hides his face behind the flower bouquet.She and other people were watching the incident.

S: Where were you?And what was that?I have been standing here so long but you are up to your errand,like as usual.What if something happened to you?Why do you involve yourself in all these?

Sh: What long?I am just…..late by 25 minute….These are for you di.Your favourite,yellow rose….Taking the bouquet she says-
S: Why have you come?I could manage.

Sh: Listen di,you are elder to me by mere five minutes.That does not provide you the privilege of exercising Didigiri!Deeksha and Tapasya have taken that department.
S: Didigiri?
Sh: Female version of Dadagiri!Logic!

Saubhagya starts laughing hearing her twin brother’s words.

Sh: Aww….How cute you look when you smile like this di.
S: Bilkul pagal ho aap….Aab chaliye,we have to catch the train………..As they are walking,Shouvik’s phone rings-

Sh: Hi Love…..I am fine.Did you miss me?Di is with me….Talk to her.
S: I don’t want to talk to your stupid girlfriend!

Sh: It’s Mom on the call di…….Saubhagya snatches the phone-

S: Hello Mom….Yeah,I am good.Everything went well….Has Dad returned?Okay,I will call you back.Do message me when Dad will reach….Bye,love you……..She cuts the call.

Sh: By the way di,I had not reached late.You never pick up calls so watching you would be late,I went out sightseeing.Were you stuck somewhere?
S: Don’t know from where Media got the news that I am here.That’s why,got late.

Sh: Jitni lambi aapki naam hain na,usse zayada lambi aapki fame aur reputation hai.Kabhi toh enjoy karliya karo.Aaj kal toh log faltu mein bhi kisiko attention nahi dete.And here you are such a big global sensation.
S: Shovu…..

Sh: And I am very sure,for this long journey you have booked tickets of second class.Right?
S: Right.

Sh: Come on di,kabhi toh aapni Oberoi hone ki kuch fayda uthaiye.What’s your enmity with first class?
S: Listen Shovu,I don’t want to lose the opportunity of living the real life.And I don’t want my surname or anything comes in between that.That’s how I am and I won’t change.And don’t forget,I am a writer.I need to gather every experience of that life which gets portrayed in my writing,which is real and 99% people are living that life,on this earth.And this is my principle.

Before Shouvik can say anything,his phone beeps again-

Sh: Aap ki principles ki jabra fan is on the call……He takes up the video call-

Hello mere Jaans,enjoying yourselves?

S: Hi Deeksha(Rikara’s daughter,of 21),Hi Tapasya(Rumya’s daughter,of 18)How are you,my two cuties?
D: Bhaiya,this is not fair okay?Why did you not tell us that you would visit Darjeeling?
T: We too wanted to come di.Bhaiya betrayed us.Katti.

S: You two are having exams to handle na?Study comes first,adventure later.That’s why I forbade Shovu to tell anything.Next year,we all will come,together.
D: Pinky Promise?
S: Pinky Promise………………………..Finishing the call,Saubhagya and Shouvik leave to find their train.Getting inside,he says-

Sh: Di,you go and find the seats.I am just coming……….She complies then goes on finding the compartment.Some time later train blows its departing whistle but Shouvik has not returned yet.Saubhagya comes at the entrance door.He is seen coming and gets in the train on time.It leaves the station.

S: Where have you gone again?He says panting-
Sh: Here,your favourite cutting tea and pipping hot pakode.Will throw party in the compartment.Let’s go……..Smiling,both brother and sister turn away,talking.

Oberoi Mansion

Shivaay Singh Oberoi has reached home from the trip and gets welcomed by his wife,Anika.He inquires about family members-

A: ….Ma,Papa,Bade Papa,Badi Ma have gone to visit temple with Dadi.Om and Gauri,Rudra and Soumya are out of town.Will return today.Deeksha and Tapasya have gone out for group study.For the time being,no-one is at home except us.

S: I see……..They go to their room.Some time later,they finish eating lunch together then retire to their room,to take rest.Anika is watching family album.Shivaay comes and joins her-

S: Refreshing old sweet memories?
A: How time flies,no Shivaay?
S: Right.

A: I forgot,Shivika told me to inform her that you have reached.
S: Could not go this time.She must have felt sad.

A: Don’t worry,aap ke ladle gaye hain.Di kab aayegi,kab aayegi keh keh ke,Ma aur meri sar ghuma diya.
S: That’s why OM was so silent when I returned!
A: You and Rudra have spoiled him beyond limit.Koi itna shararat kaise kar sakte hain?Have grown up,turned 25 still…..Shivaay says laughing-

S: My son can’t see anyone sad or depressed.Wherever he goes,tries to keep everyone happy and engaged…..Feels like just yesterday when I took my little Shovu in my arms….He recalls that happy moment.
A: When I gave you the good news of my pregnancy,after two year of our marriage,you became overprotective and sensitive.Our family members have made so much fun on your small antics as to my pregnancy!

S: I was scared Anika.Remembering that nightmarish experience,I used to get scared what if……..Anika takes his hand in her hand.
A: Everything is fine Shivaay.See,we got our twin bundle of joy and happiness.Our Shovu and Shivika.

S: When I took my babies in my arms,that time I felt so proud and happy.
A: I still remember,how you and Sagar got into argument in the delivery room!

S: What could I do?After Shivika was born,she did not cry her first cry and I was worried.When I asked him for any medical reference Sagar said-“Everything is normal.Don’t know why she is not crying.Perhaps she is your daughter,that’s why!” What was that?

A: He was just pulling your leg Shivaay.
S: At that time?I was feeling like strangling him….Anika says laughing-

A: You two started verbal argument without realizing that Shovu was yet to born.Then Tia drove both of you out of the delivery room and I gave birth my son in peace,five minute later.
S: The moment Shovu cried,Shivika too started crying!And I barged into the room hearing two different sounds of crying!What a day it was!

Shivaay takes a look at his wife and then kisses their entangled hands.He says-

S: Thank you Anika,thank you so very much for coming into my life.You have filled my life with every single happiness.With you,I got more than ever I asked,from God.
A: I should thank you for being with me,always and making my every dream a reality.I can’t thank enough my Destiny for bringing you in my life…..Shivaay?

S: Yeah?
A: I love you…She whispers.He joins their foreheads then says-
S: I love you too.

“O Jaana
Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai
Dil Tadap Ke Kehta Hai
Tu Hain Mere Jeene Ki Wajah
O Jaana….
Ishq Hai Aansu
Ishq Hai Naghma
Ishq Sukoon Hai Raahat Hai
Ishq Hai Sehra
Ishq Hai Dariya
Ishq Junoon Hai Zehmat Hai
O Jaana…O Jaanaa…O Jaana…..”


#Author’s Note:

My dearest Readers,
This is the final episode of “Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love”.
Thank you so very much for supporting me with all your love and feedback.This journey has been an awesome one.I have enjoyed myself a lot.On ending note,want to thank all my silent and active readers for their heartfelt encouragement and love.
Hearty thanks and gratitude to TU for providing this platform where I could put forward my writing.
Will miss you all and my FF.If God permits,will meet soon,with another story.Till then,take care.Lots and Lots of Love.God bless you all.

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    And I loved the way u have written mom and dad are my direct inspirationπŸ‘ŒπŸ»,nowadays we don’t get to hear these kind of words from kids they say celebrities are their inspiration.
    parents struggle for upbringing but the credit goes to someone else.

    And Shivika kids are simple and sweet..

    I love the fight between shiv and sagar😁

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    1. Luthfa

      Hi Shivika,
      Yeah,two months long.Actually when people are happy,Time gets away without realizing.For you and me perhaps those are 60 days but thinking from SHIVIKA’S point of view,those were perhaps equal to 6 days!
      If parents can set themselves as an example to be followed,children would follow definitely.Shivaay and Anika managed it so Saubhagya had it for herself.And I agree with you completely on present scenario of children’s attitude in searching ideal or inspiration.
      That was my favourite too.
      Just want to tell you,since the time you got to know about my FF,you had been most eager and constant reader of my creation.And this really,really means a lot to me.
      Everyone can start the journey together,to give company but can’t reach the finishing line or destination.I am just super happy and glad to have you as my reader.
      I will try my level best to entertain you,in future…..Thank you so very much for your awesome continuous support and love.I will,for sure.God bless you.Lots of love.

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      Hi Sakshi,
      Hope you are doing great.
      Well,have not thought on it yet.But I won’t be able to stay away from writing that long.If I can find any suitable plot of my taste,I will give it a chance,in near future.Let’s see.
      Thank you,thank you so very much for your valuable love and precious feedback.God bless you.Lots of love.

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      Hi bhaiya,
      Hope you are doing great.
      Yeah,you were the very first reader of my FF.
      By the way you never Pledged your reading Loyalty to this FF so it’s absolutely okay.Everyone has their choices and I respect that.Thank you so very much for your special guest appearance in the First and Last episode of my FF.
      I have accomplished my target very successfully and after that it has to end…..God bless you.Lots of love.

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    v)What’s your take on negative response or criticism,for example-Dislikes or Comments?

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    1. Luthfa

      Hi Madhu,
      Hope you are doing great.Missed you dear.
      That’s so lovely.All the very best for your glorious career as a journalist.
      Okay,I will try.Feeling nervous!

      i) PKJ inspired me to start this FF.And I too wanted to write an FF on IB.So it’s 50-50 for me.
      ii) To tell honestly,I was nervous.Because I had zero experience in FF writing genre.So yes,I was.
      iii) It was a Saturday night when I published my first episode of this FF.As I was resting after having dinner,I typed it away then posted.Within half an hour,it got posted and I was really surprised.Had posted one article before it so it did not feel differently.Still,I was very happy and thrilled in this sense that I had become an FF writer,of my favourite show.
      iv) When I started writing,I was free.Study pressure was less.So it went on smoothly for some time.Then from February 2019,my academic pressure got increased ten fold.
      I was stuck in the continuous exams and all that.I was fearing that I might have to stop writing or have to take a major break.Then I realized if I would do that then the flow of my FF would be lost which could ruin the progress and I did not want it by any means.
      Then,I took up the challenge of reaching the expected destination and I did reach eventually.That was an incredible feeling altogether.Everything went on the way I wanted….This is it.
      v) First of all,everyone has his/her freedom to speak and tell anything on something if they think they are involved personally or other way.Negative comments or dislikes bring forward the dissatisfaction of any reader.It’s completely okay.Because FF writing is a personal venture and it’s not meant to satisfy each and everyone.Because of Gul Khan,IB got divided into various fandom whereas it should have been one and only fandom,based on fans.As choices vary so do everyone’s preferences.I can’t change that.
      Every Dislike and Negative comment I got on each episode,left where it belonged.Had not taken those along with me as a baggage.Because,those were not mine to take.I knew what I was doing and I was totally honest.But this is another matter that people/readers don’t really understand or realize that how time consuming,creative toiling an FF writing can be,before pressing Dislike button or posting Negative comment.If they could have this Thinking,perhaps they would have refrained themselves in doing all those,respecting a person’s effort.
      vi) I selected KVG as Sagar when I was penning down the story-line,during August,2018.At first I wanted to keep his name Rohit but that was Shivika’s classic jealousy provoking object so I canceled the idea.After that I struggled with the name of this character and got it after much searching around.I wanted to create a strong foil against Shivaay(NM) and KVG was perfect in terms of everything.I have seen him in Bahu Hamari Rajnikant and I was quite impressed.Though I liked him without his long hair!
      This is the background story of KVG as Sagar.But KVG is doing great as doc Rohit Sippy in KHKT.In fact I was surprised to the core when I got to know that he is doing the role of a doctor and named as Rohit.While watching,I had this relief that thank God,it did not match my characterization.It was indeed a narrow escape and for that,I am really very happy.
      vii) Of course.Those I wanted to watch/read in my FF other than IB,I brought out on page successfully.For that,I had to maintain great patience.This FF ended after a year and I did not expect it at first.To give it its desired ending,I had to go on writing for an entire year.This FF of mine is very close to my heart.So all my hard work,brainstorming were worth it.And I am very proud of my FF and its achievement,as a writer.
      viii)All are my favourite.Can’t choose one among 90.Every single piece took same dedication,thought and patience.
      ix)I emphasized on my own expectations of IB characters.SSO was my main target.His over-obsessiveness for family,all-time sacrificial streak(be it he himself or his love or anything)
      these two things used to prick me more or less while watching IB.I envisioned my FF’s SSO and then I created him after my heart.IB cvs can’t take credit for it!
      And every other character went with the flow,like Shivaay’s character.
      x)My one and only expectation was,no matter what happens,I would not compromise with the quality of my writing and story-telling.I gave my 100% and lived up to my own expectation.
      I hope you got all your answers Madhu.And thank you so very much for your awesome support and love.I looked forward to it,every time.Thank you once again.I will try.God bless you.I love you too.

  11. ItsmePrabha

    everything is just tooo goooood …yaar ..itna pyaara episode ki bas dil khush ho be precise khushi se pagal ho gyi..shivika and shouvik are literally mixture all the obros and anudi..that’s how i felt reading that scene..little sad that their journey with us ended here..but i know you will come up with something sooner.. till then gonna miss commenting in this section..Love you so much Darling..I literally enjoyed everything about this had many moments i wished to see in real virtually hi sahi unn moments ko mein mehsoos kar paayi..all thanks you and your imagination…Take care..See you soon..muaah..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sweetheart,
      You got it?Wow yaar and you are absolutely right.Shouvik and Shivika are carbon copies of Obros and Shivika.
      Thank you,thank you so very much for your amazingly awesome support and love for my FF from first to last episode.Really enjoyed reading your responds and comments.
      Will try.You too take care.God bless you.Lots of love.

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