Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 85


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Continuation from Episode 84:

Oberoi Mansion

OmRu,Dadi,Jhanvi are talking among one another.

D: Only God knows what has happened to Billu.
O: I am very disappointed in Shivaay.How could he…..

J: Did you all notice that Shivaay has become more silent than before?He was not an open type of person still,this kind of silence is not normal.Don’t know what is wrong with him.

R: Bhaiya always does that.This is not fair at all.I was really sad when bhaiya’s marriage with bhabi got canceled.I know they needed time after all those especially bhabi.Now what?He just ruined everything.

D: Something is bothering Billu.I have seen it in his eyes.
J: We all tried Mummy Ji but what happened?He is not ready to tell or explain anything.

O: Shivaay is hiding something for sure.We have to figure it out by any means.On top of that,Anika bhabi’s marriage also got fixed!Both of them are playing with fire and each other’s life.
They are matured,sensible person still……..If this really happens,four lives will be destroyed.We have to act fast.

R: Only two weeks are left.This time I won’t stop until I bring Shivaay bhaiya and Anika bhabi together.I am ready to do anything for that.
O: I am with you……….Dadi and Jhanvi too agree.

Excluding Shivaay and Anika,Trivedis and Oberois meet on a video conference over phone.They plan their schemes to stop both the marriages.

Trivedi Villa

Anika is busy sketching a design.Mr.Trivedi comes and sits beside her.She smiles watching him.

H: If you don’t mind,can I ask you a question?
A: You are my Dad.Just ask it.

H: Are you happy with your decision of getting married?Anika puts down the pencil.
A: Of course I am happy Dad.Don’t you want me to get married and settle in life?

H: I want it with all my heart.Finally when it’s happening,I am not able to be happy.And I know for sure that you too are not.You have just thrown this decision on yourself.(Anika says nothing)
Remember,you told me whenever you would get married,you yourself would design your bridal outfit.And it would be the best design of your life.

Just got to know from your Mom that you have given this responsibility to Choti and Chutki to select anything they prefer for you.Why are you troubling yourself dear?Because Shivaay….

A: Plz Dad.This is my personal decision.I…I want to give a second chance to mine and Sagar’s relation.I have told you earlier.

H: I can understand.But the truth is you are hurt and to get distraction,you want to go through this marriage fiasco.I don’t want my daughter to compromise which I never taught her.
A: I know what I am doing.Trust me Dad,I will handle everything.

H: I just want your happiness and want you to be happy in your life with the right person,whom you love!I will pray to God to make everything alright between you and Shivaay…….Mr.Trivedi leaves.

Oberoi Mansion

Around 1:30 am

Shivaay just returned home.Another sleepless night is waiting,he realizes.Coming into the room he switches on the lights and finds Dadi is sitting on the bed.

S: Dadi….You have not slept yet?It will affect your health.This is not done…She stands up.
D: The way you are living,making decision for yourself is enough to effect my health.My Billu was never like this.He got changed so much,overnight.

S: Dadi….
D: Let me finish.It’s becoming difficult to have you home to talk anything.I was waiting for you to inform something important.

S: What?
D: You are getting married as well as Anika.I have decided both the marriages would take place in the same venue.

S: How come……Dadi,I am really sorry but I can’t do that.
D: If you really love me,you would be ready to do my bidding.I won’t ask anything from you from now on.Consider this as my last wish and request too……..Without letting Shivaay tell anyhing,she goes out of the room.

Both Shivaay and Anika’s pre-wedding rituals take place in Mumbai and Delhi,separately.Three days prior to the wedding,Oberois,Kapoors,Trivedis and Shekhawats meet in Mumbai at Rose Garden wedding venue.
This is one of the most famous and biggest wedding venues in India which has quite a reputation for arranging big celebrity,posh wedding.

Shekhawats meet the Oberois and Kapoors for the first time.Mr.Surya Karan Shekhawat is particularly happy with Anika and Sagar’s alliance to which he was dead against,previously.
He was happy to get Anika as his daughter-in-law,a trophy one for his khandan who would bring boundless dowry and all with her.He was viewing this wedding as a business deal where he invested Sagar to earn profit!

There,only one ritual is left before the wedding- Mehandi.Anika and Tia’s mehandi is going on.Both the brides have sat together for applying mehandi.Mehandi wali asks Anika the first letter of her groom’s name.

A: I don’t want any name to be drawn on my palm!
T: What happened Anika?Why are you refusing?

A: Nothing….It does not look good so I don’t want it.
T: But every bride does that.But it’s okay if you wish so.But have you noticed,both the names of our would-be-husbands start with the same letter.Is not it wonderful?She smiles.

A: Absolutely.
T: It’s said the more a wife’s husband loves her,the more colourful her mehandi turns.A test of love I think.I am really very excited to see the colour of my mehandi and how colourful it turns.Are not you,Anika?

Anika says nothing just nods her head smiling.Observing her both hands,she says in her mind-

“I have lost all the colour of my life Tia.Now I don’t care whether my mehandi turns out to be colourful or colourless….”

Songs and dance performances are going on along with mehandi function.There junior Oberois and Trivedis meet for a secret mission.

G: Is everything set?
R: Yeah,I have checked myself.
O: I will go to Anika bhabi and….
S: I will meet Shivaay bhaiya.
G: So guys,let’s get it started……..They join their hands together.

As per the plan Soumya goes to Shivaay and passes this information that Anika went to the terrace of the venue and going there she fractured her leg by falling down.
Hearing her Shivaay rushes towards the terrace without wasting a second.
There Om repeats the same story about Shivaay and she too leaves in a hurry.

Anika reaches the terrace first in search of Shivaay.Suddenly her payal comes off and she bends to pick it up.Right that moment Shivaay enters running then comes to her.

S: How could you be so careless huh?Day after tomorrow is the wedding and you have to get into Blunder Queen mode?Why did you come here all alone?Show it to me where did you get hurt………..Anika stands up and faces him-

A: Why are you shouting?And who told you I got hurt?It’s you who……One second,you just came running.That means………..They recall something then say at one go-

A: Om.
S: Soumya.

A: I can’t believe…….She starts laughing and Shivaay too joins her.They look at each other and the smiles vanish away.Hesitating for few seconds Anika is about to leave but Shivaay stops her-

S: Anika,I…..
A: Do you wish to say anything beyond this line?If not then don’t waste my time and yours too.

S: Listen I know I hurt you but…..Anika turns.
A: I am glad that at least you could realize that you hurt me!

S: This…This marriage with Sagar….Why Anika?
A: Why?You too are going to marry Tia.If I do,where is the problem?

S: My case is different.And I am not talking about myself but you.

A: You know why people get married creating so much buzz,arrangement and all?To get married it needs only two people,their mutual consent,seven vows,seven circles,some mantras,a pinch of vermilion and a nuptial chain with the blessing of God-That’s it.
Still,people make them engage in these endless functions and all the rituals of the world.
The reason is,a marriage needs society’s approval,validation.Two people are entering into a relationship,this requires the label of acceptance from others otherwise,it has no value.

And we love to name every relation following the laws and by-laws of the society.If a relation gets created with all the love,honesty and truth between two hearts in the absence of society,it falls flat.
No matter how real it is,it does not matter.
Society demands proofs which unfortunately an approval-less relation can’t provide or best to say-Don’t want to!

S: You are saying,you want to get married to show it to society?
A: No,this is not the reason actually.

S: Then?

A: Since the news of your marriage got on board,it took all the limelight.It surpassed everything and everyone.Got declared as the wedding of the decade.
I thought why should you have all the fun?
Wanted to share some of your limelight that’s why!

S: I just hope you know what you are doing.You can taunt me as much as you want but stop this madness for your sake.This is nothing but a self-destroying project.
A: I can say the same for you.

S: I told you already that my case is different.
A: What is this “case” by the way which is causing so much pain?

S: It I could tell you,I would have told by now.Don’t ask me anything.

A: Sorry,I forgot that I don’t have any right to question you.No,rather I should say I have all the right to ask but don’t have society’s approval to claim my right!
Everything is mine still they are not!What is mine,will be given to another one in no time!

S: What is it on which you have all the right but someone else is going to get?

Anika was shivering getting exposed in the cold of December.Noticing that Shivaay says- Let’s go from here.You will catch cold….Anika wraps the shawl around her more tightly then heads for the door followed by Shivaay.
They reach the porch of third floor,walking side by side.
While walking,Anika says in her mind-

“Why are you punishing yourself like that and dragging me into this too?Why Shivaay,why?From where so much distance came in between us?You are not telling anything but I can read your eyes.
I am dying inside,every second,watching you like this.Have little mercy on yourself.
You have literally become the shadow of of Shivaay Singh Oberoi…….”

Suddenly Shivaay stops then looks at her-

S: Anika,I wanted to say……………..
A: Say it Shivaay.Before everything gets ruined,just say it………….She sounds desperate.Pausing for few seconds,he says-

S: No,there is nothing.
A: Nothing?(He nods without looking at her)

They turn their back on each other and take separate way,leaving a huge distance between them.

“Pyaar Humko Bhi Hai
Pyaar Tumko Bhi Hai
Toh Yeh Kya Silsiley Ho Gaye
Bewafa Hum Nahi
Bewafa Tum Nahi
Toh Kyun Itne Gile Ho Gaye
Chalte Chalte Kaise Yeh Fasley Ho Gaye
Hm Hm Hm Kya Pata
Kaha…Hum Chale………..”

Precap: Anika is getting ready for the wedding and Shivaay comes to meet her,one last time!

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  1. Shivaay should tell everything to Anika.It’s high time.They are suffering so much.Pls pls do something quickly.My shivika heart is getting vulnerable and I blame your writing for that which is so realistic di..Awesome episode.Waiting for the next episode.

    1. Luthfa

      Aww…Thank you so much.Let’s see whether he manages to say all those to Anika or not.Next part is posted.Love you.

  2. Sakshi... A big fan of rikara and dil boley oberoi

    …. Excellent episode . Hoping that trivedi and oberoi’ s plan to get successful …i am sure shivaay and anika will only get married…. desperate for next episode . Plz post it soon…. 🙂 🙂

    1. Luthfa

      Yeah they are on with their plans.That’s the final destination only-Shivika’s marriage.Next part is posted.Thank you so much for your love.Love you.

  3. Great update.Shivika ki tashanbaazi.They are literally playing with fire.Waiting for next episode.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so very much for your love.Love you.

  4. ShivikaSCNM

    I think pinky is behind all this.
    I’m feeling bad for Shivika…
    Lu… what do u mean (precap)shivay comes to meet one last time…
    No separation pls….
    Emotional chap dear❤️

    1. Luthfa

      You,me,everyone is feeling bad.This will pass too don’t worry.Thank you so very much for your love.Love you.

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