Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 79

Continuation from Episode 78:

Shivaay and Anika return to the Motel just before the curtain raiser of the party,going on there.Before getting down the car,Anika says-

A: You wanted to know the second reason na?
S: That you have not told yet.
A: I wanted to spend some time with you,alone!

Shivaay says nothing he just stares at Anika who is not looking at him.Slowly she unfasten her seat-belt then gets down the car.Shivaay too follows her and they move towards the motel,in silence….Next morning everyone leaves for their home.

Two Weeks Later

Trivedi family is gearing up for Diwali.Cleaning program is going on and Mrs.Trivedi is supervising it.House staffs and other workers are working.Anika comes and finds her busy mother in the hall.

A: Good morning Mom.
V: Morning dear.

A: All going good here?
V: Until your Dad comes and starts finding fault! Booth mother and daughter laugh.

A: You need my help for anything?
V: My room is left.Would you help me there?
A: Sure,I am going…….She leaves.

Anika is removing things from cupboard in Mrs.Trivedi’s room.She gets her hand on family album.One by one she takes those out.One album falls down from her hand and photos come out.She sits on the ground to put those back.
Mrs.Trivedi enters.

V: Is your phone on silent mode?
A: Don’t know.Any problem Mom?

V: Your PA called on the land line.
A: I am checking……….Anika is about to get up but stops noticing something.

This photo…….Look at this photo Mom….Mrs.Trivedi smiles sweetly watching the photo.
I am feeling like I know these eyes.Have seen very closely.

A four-five years old boy has hold a smiling little baby girl of 7-8 months in his arms.She is playing with the bow tie of the boy’s suit.He is looking at her smiling,bending his head a little.

A: It’s me in the photo Mom and…..
V: You know him very well.This is Shivaay.You two are looking so cute in the photo,together.
A: When did this happen,how where?

V: Your Dada ji and Shivaay’s Dada ji were very close friends.They studied together and started their business too.This photo was clicked in Roop’s marriage,his daughter.We went to attend the wedding.
You were 9 month’s old then.

A: What happened there?

V: We had a great time in the wedding.Aur bhi photos hain uss shaadi ki………..Mrs.Trivedi and Anika go through the album.Old memories get refreshed.Anika asks her about Shivaay and her photo.

V: When Shivaay saw you for the first time he became very desperate to hold you.But Kalyani Ji refused.He was small and you too so she refused.Still he did not give up.To assure her he said- ” I will take good care of her Dadi.Let me hold her.She is so cute.I want her……”

(Mrs.Trivedi starts laughing without noticing that a blushing smile has covered Anika’s face)
We had to agree watching his stubbornness to get you.Phir….kuch aur ho gayi.

A: What?
V: You were not ready to go to him!Bechara Shivaay,he was looking so upset.
A: Then?

V: You were with your Dad.Shivaay came and offered you his chocolate.You were staring at him putting both of your hands in your mouth.See,this is the photo.You seemed uninterested!
A: What Shivaay did?

V: He said to you- ” Hello baby,I am Shivaay.I have many toys to play.I will give you all of mine.Will you be my friend?”
The moment he said “Will you be my friend” you smiled then forwarded your chubby little hands towards him.
He took you in his arms for the first time.Shivaay dear was looking so happy…….Hearing that Anika too turns happy.

Two of you became inseparable.Everyone in the wedding was watching both of you.More than the bride and groom,you two were everyone’s center of attraction.Shivaay kept on asking your name without realizing you were yet to speak.
Shakti Ji tried to make him understand and we too tried but everything went in vain.

But you did not forget to respond to his talks in your baby voice…Mrs.Trivedi recalls those happy moments.Anika asks her again-

A: What happened next Mom?

V: When time came for our departure,Shivaay was not ready to part with you.He requested Kalyani Ji to let you stay with him.
He said- “Can’t we keep her with us Dadi?I will bring more toys for her to play.I will feed her,put her to sleep,I will do everything Dadi….”

A: Then?
V: We had to go back breaking Shivaay’s heart.His eyes were filled with tears when we left.Even you too started crying.I tried to calm you down but could not.Later you fell asleep crying in your Dad’s arms.

Me and your Dad used to talk about this incident,often.You know what,when you grew up,your Dad was thinking about Shivaay and your marriage!Anika gets shocked.
He was thinking to meet Kalyani Ji and Shivaay’s parents to discuss the marriage proposal.Your Dad was really looking forward to this alliance but…………..

A: But?But what Mom?

V: You returned India completing your MS and introduced us with Sagar!We accepted your choice discarding ours.
What all has happened next,you know very well…….Mrs.Trivedi sighs.Stopping for few seconds she says agin-

When I thought I lost you,it was Shivaay who brought you back to us.If it’s not for him don’t know what could have happened to you!
Looks like you two are connected with each other through an unseen thread.Perhaps that’s why Destiny brings both of you together,every time.You two share something really special……………Anika goes back to her room pondering on Mrs.Trivedi’s words.

She keeps on recalling moment she shared with Shivaay.Staring at the photo in her hand she says in her mind-

“What is it that we share Shivaay?Your presence in my life tells that there is something which perhaps,I have not realized yet.Sometimes I feel you want to tell so much more than you mean.But…..what?Looks like those unsaid words search answer in me.What is it that I am unable to see or feel?……..”


Anika is in her cabin,going through the details of Diwali special package,themes and all.Her PA comes.

P: Ma’m,this order is ready.Have a look plz.
A: Send it then.Why are you asking me?

P: Because you told so.
A: What?But why?

Anika’s words make her PA clueless.She is thinking what she should tell without offending her boss.

A: I am very busy right now so don’t waste my time.Is it any special order?
P: Yes.

A: Who placed it?
P: Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi!

Anika grasps the pen tightly in her hand hearing that name as her heart beats are at rise.

A: What is it that he ordered?No..No need to tell.Do one thing,don’t issue any amount for it.

P: But Ma’m it’s a post-paid order.In fact it’s the very first order that we received,of seven crore.Mr.Oberoi decided this amount as 7 is the lucky number so it would bring good luck for the fashion house.
You wanted to make the piece most beautiful so took time to design.As soon as we got the design we started working on it and now it’s ready.

A: Send…send it……PA leaves.

Anika drinks a glass of water.Later she leans on her chair then closes her eyes.The moment she does that,Shivaay’s face flashes in her vision.She opens her eyes immediately.

“What is happening to me?I have never felt like this before.Pata nahi kya ho raha hain…..”


Oberoi Mansion

Diwali is getting celebrated here.Oberois have thrown a house party.ShivOmRu go to Dadi’s room with gifts and they seek her blessings.

D: Be always happy and keep everyone happy…..Dadi feeds them Diwali special sweets and they also feed her.They sit around her on the bed to gossip.At one point Rudra says-

R: Dadi,don’t you think you should be promoted now?
D: Am I an employee of OE that I would get promotion?

O: Rudra is trying to say that now it’s your time to become gran-Ma of your great-grand children!
D: How can I when my grand-son is not ready to get married?

R: Suna bhaiya?Even me too want to become uncle.See,I can’t lose my freedom and bachelorhood so soon and I don’t want to.
Last time it was Dad who blessed Oberoi khandan!Come on guys,kuch toh karo.I can’t pressurize Papa to bless our khandan once again!

Silence follows foe few seconds then everyone bursts into laughter.

O: Jokes apart but I think Rudra is right.Shivaay,what do you think?
R: Sehra pahen ke liye ready ho jaiye na bhaiya.It’s high tide!

S: Not high tide Rudra,high time.I understand but….you guys know everything.
D: Give yourself a chance Billu.Take a ” Leap of Faith”.Go and tell Anika dear that you love her and want to marry her.My heart is saying this time she will agree.

S: What if she refuses Dadi?
R: Arre bhaiya,have not you heard that famous dialogue of SRK from Om Shanti Om Movie?
“Jis cheez ko tum poori sidhdat se chahti ho,poori kainat usko tumse milane ki saazish karti hain” Rudra poses as SRK!

O: I agree with Rudra.I have seen you both together and trust me-You two are made for each other.Trust your love and go ahead.Come on Shivaay.

Dadi,Om,Rudra start cheering for Shivaay- Go Shivaay,Go…….

Party gets over and all guests take leave from OM.Shivaay goes to his room to take rest.His phone rings.Watching the name of the caller he turns happy.

S: Hi,happy diwali…..How many time will you ask Anika?It got healed long ago.What are you doing?……..

OmRu are watching Shivaay standing outside of his room.

O: Have you noticed one thing?Since Shivaay has returned from Nashik,he looks happy.
R: Bhaiya met Anika bhabi there.
O: I know.Just hope that no-one casts an evil eye on his happiness which my brother has found,finally…………….There Shivaay and Anika’s conversation over phone continues.

Precap: New guests in Oberoi Mansion!

  1. Sakshi.... A big fan of rikara and dil boley oberoi

    Beautiful episode…. SHIVIKA childhood moments were vry cute…. Hope shivaay expresses his love to anika and she accepts.. Precap:~ Hoping this guest does not bring distances betn shivika…

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much for your love?❤️
      Let’s see ? Guests are coming for something else ?

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    Shivika and their childhood memories were superb???❤❤❤Have imagined their baby look-Baby Ani and Baby Munda,Shivaay.Kash aisa kuch mil jataa ib mein dekhne keliye???????????Meri to omm ho jati hain har bar ek ek episode padh kar?????????
    Aab to control nahi kar sakte aapne armaan aagle episode ke liye????????
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      Everything is reaveled in the next episode ?

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