Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 76

Continuation from Episode 75:

Anika is getting ready in her room.She has sat in front of the dressing table,wearing bangles.She is looking absent-minded.
While wearing,unknowingly she forces one bangle into her hand,as a result,it leaves a bruise in her hand.

Anika closes her eyes feeling the sharp pain.Right that moment phone rings.She picks up:

A: I am almost ready…..Okay,will meet you there…….She hangs up.

Leaving the chair she stands up.Taking a deep breath she says in her mind-

“Come on Anika,control yourself.Why are you getting so nervous?Was Shivaay surprised finding me in the award function?
He was looking at me like………….Rather I was surprised watching him there.
How is he doing?Could not ask anything.He did not even bother to call me once or contact me,in these three months!(She says in a complaining tone)
If he comes in front of me in today’s party na,I will take his class,yes!

What is all this am I thinking?What Shivaay would think about me if I………No matter what,nothing should go wrong in the party.
Tu kuch gadbar nahi kar sakthi Anika…………..”

Anika’s heart starts beating at a faster speed.Before leaving she checks herself one last time in the mirror then goes out.

Party Area

Celebration of 50th anniversary of the event has started.Guests are coming one by one.Motel’s lawn is lavishly decorated for the party.
Different types of flowers have been used along with water fountains,decorative lighting.Fire-works are getting seen up above the sky,time to time.Banquet is laid at one side,music band is playing music on their instrument,waiters are circling round with drinks………….In short,it has everything that a posh party would and should have.

Shivaay comes there with Tia.As soon as they turn up,people start crowding them around.Most of them is aware of his and Tia’s alliance and few of them about Anika and his broken alliance(thanks to all gossip tongue)

Shivaay manages the enthusiastic crowd and their questions in answering smile and nodding.Looking at Tia,she seems unaffected as she used to all these affectionate torture-appears to be.

As they are exchanging talks,one of Shivaay’s business associates\friends comes and takes him away with him from the crowd.Both of them engage in a hearty conversation.Drinks get served to them.Shivaay is about to drink but stops feeling something then looks at his right side-

Anika is coming who has draped herself in a royal purple chiffon saree with puffed knot blouse.Square-cut diamond earrings,pendant,couple of bangles are shinning on her.Open hairs are gathered over the right shoulder which are curly at the end.Smokey eyes are reflecting something mysterious as she walks slowly while answering everyone’s greetings on the way.

Shivaay does not realize when he has put down his drink and got busy at staring her,completely while a sweet smile lingers in his lips.
There Anika too spots him and stops immediately.They are looking straight at each other.
Evening breeze is making Anika’s saree’s pallu to fly around and Shivaay’s eyes enjoy the mesmerizing beauty.

Song Plays

“Marhami Sa Chaand Hai Tu
Diljala Sa Main Andhera
Ek Dooje Ke Liye Hain
Neend Meri Khwaab Tera

Tu Ghata Hai Puhaar Ki
Main Ghadi Intezaar Ki
Apna Milna Likha Issi Baras Hai Na

Jo Meri Manzilon Ko Jaati Hai
Tere Naam Ki Koi Sadak Hai Na
Jo Mere Dil Ko Dil Banati Hai
Tere Naam Ki Koi Dhadak Hai Na………”

Shivaay’s entire being starts celebrating like a drought-suffered land celebrates getting the touch of first rain,after a long,long waiting.

Shivaay and Anika both start moving towards each other,without breaking the eye contact,answering the call of a strong attraction.
They are just few inches away from each other.Right that moment someone emerges behind Shivaay,passes him to reach Anika which shocks her.
Shivaay too forces himself to stop as that person has stood in between them,to separate them like a wall!

That person says- I was waiting for you.What took you so long?

Without answering Anika looks at Shivaay over the shoulder of that person and discovers a raging anger in his eyes.Without wasting a second more,Shivaay raises his hand- Excuse me,you…………….That person turns and Shivaay gets shell-shocked.Dr.Sagar Surya Shekhawat is here!

Sa: What a pleasant surprise!Very nice to meet you again Shivaay!He forwards his hand.

Shivaay clenches his fist in super anger,aiming at Sagar’s jaw to break but right that moment Tia enters into the seeming danger-zone.

T: Shivaay,what are you…………She stops noticing Sagar then exclaims in surprise!
Dr.Shekhawat you?You…are here?Can’t believe my eyes!

Surprising both Shivaay and Anika at the same time,Sagar says:

Sa: I can ask you the same question Dr.Kapoor.Really did not expect you would be here.How are you?
S: You two know each other?

T: Of course Shivaay.We have studied in the same medical college.In fact Dr.Shekhawat is senior to me.Do you remember couple of months ago,I went to Bali to attend a medical conference?We met there,after our college,for the first time.

A: You are…..
T: I am Tia,Tia Kapoor.Shivaay’s…………She could not finish as the host calls to everyone’s attention in order to announce something.Tia puts her hand around Shivaay’s arms then says- Come Shivaay,tonight is going to be so much fun.Let’s go guys.

Four of them start moving towards main gathering.Shivaay is walking while thinking- “What just happened?” and Anika thinks- “Who is this Tia and what is she doing with Shivaay?”

The organizers welcome the guest.On an open stage,winners receive special gift hampers and flower bouquets from the sponsors.After that couple dance starts.Music band starts playing waltz.One by one couples step in the dance floor to grace the party.Among everyone,Tia is dancing with Shivaay and Anika with Sagar.

Though Shivaay is dancing with Tia,all his attention is on Anika.A slow-burning sensation fills his entire being as he watches her dancing with Sagar.Finding him lost somewhere,Tia asks-

T: Do you know who is she?
S: Who?

T: The one dancing with Dr.Shekhawat.She is one of the most famous fashion designers of recent time,of our country.Have read about her in different magazines.Has won Business Excellence Award which you too have won.She has her own showroom.Anika Vardhan Trivedi is her name.

S:Yes,I know!

T: Someone from your business acquaintance?
S: Um….Yeah!

T: Come on Shivaay,no need to tell lie to me.
S: What…What do you mean?

T: Listen,I know you since childhood.In your life all you cared is your family and Oberoi Empire.You were never interested in girls.
In social gatherings,business parties girls tried to get close to you,craved for your attention as you are the Shivaay Singh Oberoi,India’s most eligible bachelor.But what you do?You have been keeping distance from them like girls are patience of plague!Tia laughs.

S: What’s new in all these?They do the same even now.Why are you……

T: Let me finish.I have not come to the main point yet.So,that Shivaay Singh Oberoi,who used to run away from girls,is trying to make eye contact with someone like a zealous and jealous lover who is his mere business acquaintance?Is it true or I have misinterpreted your body language?

S: You are overthinking Tia!

T: Really?You never look at me like that.What boys think about girls,girls know better than boys by the grace of God!You can’t fool me Shivaay,no!

S: If your words are true,you should feel jealous.Are you not feeling?

T: Hmmm…..Honestly speaking,I should feel jealous but I am not feeling!
S: Why?Tia smiles hearing his question.

T: If you have loved me,I would have definitely felt jealous!I would have felt jealous if someone else would try to steal away my attention which I deserve like Ms.Trivedi is doing right now!Shivaay gets shocked.

We are childhood friends Shivaay.Have seen you more closely than others.As a friend you are the best,best one happened to me.But I could not find love for me in your eyes.Our parents fixed our marriage in our childhood though we got to know it much later.
If we get married,you would be a great husband,would fulfill all your responsibility towards me without failing.You would love me,your wife but not that love a girl expects from her husband!

Shivaay was listening to Tia’s words silently while dancing on the waltz.Tia continues:

But you know Shivaay,I am grateful to you for not keeping me in darkness since we both got to know about our impending marriage.
You never pretend you love me.Our parents tied our hands up without caring about our consent,whether we are happy or not.We were,are very good as friends Shivaay.Don’t know what would happen if we become husband and wife.Have to figure out something.

Tia’s words were reflecting such a deep pain and sadness that touched Shivaay’s heart.For the first time he realizes he was doing injustice with her.An acute feeling of guilt engulfs Shivaay’s heart.He says:

S: I am sorry Tia.Because of me………

T: Why are you saying sorry?Rather I am sorry for getting emotional like that.Perhaps I went too far.Anyway,just forget whatever I said.
But I am really happy for you.Finally someone has come who can raise your heartbeats within blink of seconds.I should thank Anika for performing this miracle.(Shivaay smiles)Are you planning to have an extra-marital affair with her,after our marriage?

S: Come on Tia….

T: Sorry,I am just joking.But on a serious note- give her as much as attention you want.But after our marriage,I won’t let anyone get that chance,nor will let anyone come between us.I am kinda possessive you know.Tia winks.

S: Understanding you girls is not just difficult but impossible.
T: Aww………Tia puts a soft peck on Shivaay’s cheek then hugs him.

There Anika is watching Shivaay and Tia talking,getting cozy and she finds herself,all of a sudden,at the receiving end of burning in intense jealousy!Her body stiffens feeling an unknown anger.Observing her changed facial expression,Sagar asks:

Sa: Hey,what happened Anika?
A: N..Nothing.
Sa: Are you okay?
A: Yeah,I am good.

Few minutes later dance partners get exchanged.Tia goes to Sagar and Anika comes to Shivaay.

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  1. Hawwww what is that lady baba wants?Aur woh doctor hain?Good.Iss Sagar ko abhi aana tha kya?Ani is feeling jealous ?❤️?
    Dhamakedar episode.Can’t wait for the next one?

    1. Luthfa

      Yes she is a doctor here.Everything which is happening,will happen later,is interrelated.Anika’s hidden feelings for Shivaay are surfacing and will start taking a definite shape.Gear up for a dramatical ride in the upcoming episodes.
      Thank you so much for your love and support.Love you❤️?

  2. Superb writing ??❤️❤️

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much for your love and feedback dear❤️?

  3. Dhasu episode.Drama is on point.Again you nailed it di.Post the next one asap di.Love you ❤️?❤️? ?

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much for your love and appreciation Madhu.Love you❤️?

  4. ShivikaSCNM

    Superb chap sweet heart ❤️

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much Shivika for your love and appreciation ❤️?

  5. ShivikaSCNM

    I think pinky has sent Dr.sagar too.
    Is tia positive or negative ?

    1. Luthfa

      Just wait a little more.You will know soon ??

  6. The description about anika and also the way shivaay felt when anika was coming in was really warm and nice, i loved it.

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jann,hope you are doing good ?
      That part is my favorite too.Thank you so much for your love and appreciation ❤️?

  7. ItsmePrabha

    Hola Darlos…amazing episode..infact jalkudas ki episode hai..hahahah..really loved tia in this..she is so understanding..super eager to know what happens next post it asap..till then take care..Love you..

    1. Luthfa

      Hehehehe…Yeah???Jalne ki baat to thi????
      She has to be understanding because I am the CVS here!
      Little bit busy but I will try.Thank you so much for your love Sweetheart.Love you too❤️?

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