Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 75

Continuation from Episode 74:

Shivaay takes the flight for Australia.Finishing the work there he returns within five days.
Coming home he gets to know that an invitation card has come for him to attend a Business Award Function as chief guest.Two days are left for the function to take place.However,Shivaay decides not to go.He calls up the organizers of the event.

S: ….Yes I know but I just returned taking an abroad journey.I am too tired to attend it.Try to understand my situation…………………………But the organizers are very much reluctant to hear his no.As a final decision they postpone the function as per Shivaay’s convenience.Now the function will take place two weeks later.Venue is Imperial Motel,Nashik.

Some Time Later

Shivaay is getting ready for the office.Dadi and Pinky come to his room.

P: Shivaay,we need to talk.
S: On what topic?If you are going to repeat the same talk,then I am sorry.I don’t want to talk.

P: Dekh liya na Mummy Ji?Har bar aise hi mujhe aur meri baat ko tal deta hai.
D: Billu,for how long this will go?If Anika does not change her mind,you will remain unmarried entire life?I am aging dear.Before I die,want to see you happy in your life.

S: Dadi plz,don’t utter this sentence before me again.You are not going anywhere.I will not let you go.
D: Then bring my grand-daughter-in-law in this house,as soon as possible.Shivaay says nothing.

P: OMM!! Someone ask me too.Mujhe kuch nahi chahiye?Me too want to play with my grand children.Par jiss tarah se tu nakhre dikha raha hai na Shivaay,mujhe nahi lagta mera yeh sapna kabhi puri hogi.Kuch boliye na Mummy Ji?Main toh keh keh ke thak gayi.

S: You want to see your grand children right?
P: Aur kitni bar kahoon?Haan bhai haan chahiye.Bool,kab karega tu shaadi aur main banungi Dadi?

S: Okay then.
P: That means you are ready to get married?OMM!!! Tell me,when we have to send Sagun to Tia’s house?

S: If your only wish to see your grand children then I have a perfect solution……Omkara ki shaadi karwa dijiye.
P: Omkara ki nahi matlab haan,uski bhi shaadi hogi par pehle tu toh kar?Tu bade hain Shivaay,Om nahi.

S: Whatever it is,I am not ready yet.Will think later on this matter.For the time being,I need to focus on my work which is more important.Excuse me……Saying that he leaves from the room.

P: Dekha Mummy Ji?Har bar koi na koi bahana isse mil hi jaati hain.Kya kroon main iss ladke ka?
Dadi says nothing she just smiles it away.


Shivaay reaches Imperial Motel late because an urgent paper work turns up in Mumbai so he gets late for the function too.
Function has already started.Whole place is dazzling with beautiful decoration along with stunning people.
Heavy-weights from every section of business community have gathered with their family members.All in all,whole country is present here,in the function.

Function starts with customary rituals.Main purpose of the event gets stated and speeches are delivered.Then one by one nominated candidates start getting awards.Before the announcement of Business Excellence Award,the titular award,Shivaay manages to reach.The host informs the gathering about his arrival.

Host: Ladies and gentlemen,our chief guest of today’s event has reached.Here comes Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi for whom we all were waiting……………The place starts buzzing with claps as Shivaay ascends the stairs to reach the stage.Everyone present on the stage greets him.He apologizes for getting late. He takes his place.The host starts again-

Host: Now let’s move towards the main attraction of today’s function-The Business Excellence Award.I would like to inform you all the speciality of this award.It has been given to the successful rising,young business person of specific business arena who has outshone his contemporaries and competitors through his pure business zeal and hard work,who has made a separate image for himself among everyone else.To encourage such talented many other in the pipeline,this award has been given every year.

Jury board have decided this award should be given by someone who has accomplished the highest height for himself in the field of business at a very young age and has established himself as an example to follow for other.Today our chief guest Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi would pass this honour to his successor and you all know he himself had won this award for his sheer business talent.Ladies and gentlemen,Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi…………With the sound of continuous clapping Shivaay,in his magnatic personality,goes towards the dais to give his speech-

First of all,I would like to thank the event organizers and honorable jury board for giving me the opportunity to share this stage.This event is celebrating its 50th anniversary and I am very proud to be a part of this historic moment.
My very best wishes are with today’s nominees and winners.Thank you………..Everyone claps once again.

Award comes in a decorative tray and the name of the winner in an envelop.Shivaay opens the envelop with a smiling face while taking the mic.
When his first glance braces the name,he feels a stir in his heart.
He lifts his gaze with a pounding heart and takes a look of the people before him.Shivaay announces-

The Business Excellence Award,goes to………Ms.Anika Vardhan Trivedi!

Sound of heavy clapping gets echoed.There,Anika stands up from her seat then heads for the stage.Everyone congratulates her as she passes.
She is taking each step to reach the stage and with every step,Shivaay’s heartbeat starts increasing.
What about Anika?She looks calm and composed.But who can guess watching the calm surface of a ocean what is happening inside?

Anika bridges the distance between her and Shivaay,finally.She is calm but her eyes are showing an excitement,a happiness which she never felt before.Shivaay hands over the trophy to Anika.Smiling sweetly she takes it from him.
Forwarding his hand,Shivaay says-Congratulations!

Anika matches her hand with Shivaay.As soon as she does that,an intense spark gets passed through both of them.Getting shocked they look into each other’s eyes.That particular moment gets captured in the camera,as a perfect pose.
Hearing the sound of clapping in the background,they leave each other’s hand.Host comes and joins them.Shivaay gets back to his seat and Anika heads for the dias to deliver her winning speech.She starts:

Anika:Today I have received this prestigious award for my business skill but honestly speaking,I don’t deserve this honour!
(A collective whispering sound gets heard across the hall.Shivaay gets stunned too.Smiling,Anika starts again)
Don’t be surprised plz!To reach here,every person needs to do hard work.This award is a very precious recognition which is aspired by every new-comer of business faculty.

I got this award because of ANIKA’S PRIDE & DREAM and its successful running.My fashion house which is so popular now,was once a dream to me.My dream was like ink in a pen.And I could not dare using it.Then one day,someone came and took up that pen to give it a chance to fulfill its destiny.That person believed in me more than I could.
Through his hand,my dream project saw the first light of life.

That’s why,if anyone deserves this award then it is that very special person of my life.This award is for him and I am dedicating it to his name(Anika looks at Shivaay)Thank you……………………………………………………………She finishes her speech with the continuous sounding of claps.She goes back to her seat.

There Shivaay sits shocked and equally stunned.He was wondering something throughout Anika’s speech.
Her indication and words were very clear.But how did she………………..Interrupting Shivaay’s thought process the host announces the curtain drop of the function.He thanks and invites everyone once again at the party which is going to take place in the evening.

Imperial Motel

Entire Motel has been booked for the guests and their family members.Shivaay is in his room,drinking coffee.Anika’s words are running in his head.Evening is approaching slowly.He is hesitant about whether he should attend the party or not.
Right that moment someone knocks at the door.Opening it,he gets a shocking, totally unexpected surprise.Someone is standing at the door step.

S: You?What are you doing here?Ms.Tia Kapoor is seen smiling gorgeously.
T: Sorry Shivaay,I had to come without informing you.But what could I do?Pinky aunty did not want to listen anything.Umm…..Won’t you ask me to come inside?

S: I am sorry.Plz come in….Tia enters then occupies a sofa.Shivaay sits facing her.

T: I hope I am not disturbing you.Actually Pinky aunty…..
S: I know Tia.Mom sometimes…………….anyway,how are you doing?
T: Fine,as you can see.By the way,you are decked up….I think for a party?

S: Yeah.
T: That’s great.Can I go with you?

Shivaay was fearing that Tia might ask him to take her to the party.But Anika would be there too.If she……………Standing up,he says-

S: Okay but in one condition.Get ready fast.
T: Thank you so much.I am just coming in two minutes….She leaves for her room.

Precap: Anika meets Tia!

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