Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 71

Continuation from Episode 70:

Sagar is seen in his car,driving.Suddenly he stops it then comes out.He seems restless and tensed.He starts pacing up and down on the road.At one point he halts and covers his eyes-Anika’s face flashes in his vision.
He removes his hands in shock.
Next,he brings out his phone then calls Pinky.She picks up:

-I don’t think I did the right thing disclosing everything to Anika.I am….
-You are sounding very guilty Dr.Shekhawat.O My Mata!You are…

-You won’t understand Mrs.Oberoi.I saw Anika after such a long time,in front of me,my very eyes.So many things I wanted to tell her,tell her that…..How I controlled my heart only I know.Had to behave like a complete stranger!
She has forgotten everything,good for her.But what I went through seeing her standing before me only I know.

-Exactly what are you trying to say Dr.Shekhawat?
-I just want to tell you the way I told Anika about her and Shivaay’s relation,it can traumatize her.
I am a doctor myself that’s why I know it’s not safe at all.Now I am fearing what Anika would do.

-You should have thought all these before agreeing with me.You want her back in your life right?This is just the perfect starting.You told her everything at the right time.
-You made me selfish along with you Mrs.Oberoi.This is not done.

-Listen dear,I want my son to step out from marrying Anika.For that I am ready to do anything.
-That’s why you made me your pawn and used me.

-You can think of anything.About your concern,as far as I know Anika,she won’t hesitate before taking any decision.
My work is done.
-What about Shivaay?

-Shivaay will be compelled to do the bidding of Anika.He can’t refuse her and it is going to be my trump card.
-I dare say Mrs.Oberoi,Shivaay won’t budge that easily as far as I got to know him at least,this time.

-Dr.Shekhawat it will be better if we wait to see what would be the result of our action rather than wasting our time upon each other in arguing what will happen or what not.Remember,we had a deal.We should focus on our goal,respectively.

-You have taken a big risk Mrs.Oberoi.I am telling you again.
-Karna padhta hain beta.If you were in my place then you would have understood.Anyway,don’t worry about Shivaay.I am his mother.I know how to handle him……………………………Pinky hangs up.Few minutes later Sagar punches on the car realizing his grave mistake.

He says in his mind-

“What have I done?I should not have come under the influence of Mrs.Oberoi.I got blinded because of my love and acted impulsively.
I don’t care whether she will be mine or not but nothing should happen to her.
Anika has to be okay.What I will do now?It’s too late Sagar it’s too late.
No,I can’t give up like that.It’s a matter of Anika and her life.Come on Sagar………..”

Sagar gets in the car then drives away.

Shivaay’s Office

Finishing the meeting Shivaay comes in his cabin.
Bringing out the phone he smiles looking at it.Smiling,he says in his mind-

“Anika is so jealous of my phone!Never told her but I love the way she gets jealous!
Let me call my Blunder Queen…..”

Shivaay is about to make a call but something on TV screen catches his attention.There is a breaking news running on it-

Two political parties had engaged in a clash on Grand link road.Bombs were being blasted,properties got damaged.Many are injured and condition of some are really critical.Fire is also broken out.Police have barricaded the area and Fire service is trying to extinguish the fire…………………Shivaay’s heart takes a leap.All these happened on the way to Anika’s showroom which is nearby!

Without delay he phones Anika.Her phone is unreachable.He tries few times more-Still it’s unreachable.Then he calls up in the office number.
Anika’s PA informs that she has left some time ago.Getting restless Shivaay makes a call to Sunflower Petals.No,Anika is not there too.
Sweat beads appear on Shivaay’s forehead.
Right that moment Anika’s driver’s call comes on Shivaay’s phone.He takes that in haste-

Where…Where is Anika?Is she with you?Give her the phone………………….But he informs Shivaay that Anika left alone in the car.Shivaay shouts at him for letting Anika go alone despite strict instructions from him not to do so.

Cutting the call Shivaay rushes outside the office.Getting in the car he heads for Anika’s showroom.Driver told him Anika left for home.But she was not there.What if…………..Tensions start brewing inside at a heavy rate.

Reaching the spot where everything happened Shivaay tries to look for Anika.That area is a complete mess.Shivaay tries to go further but Police stop him as it’s not safe.Ignoring their words he moves ahead.Shivaay is feeling uneasy still he goes on.
Nothing is clearly visible because of the smoke.

He shows Anika’s pic to the people who are present but they could not recognize her.
There Shivaay finds Anika’s dupatta which is blood stained.Little ahead is Anika’s car,in broken state.
Shivaay runs towards it.He shouts calling out Anika’s name.But Anika is not inside the car.He collapses on the ground taking the dupatta.Anika’s words start playing in his mind.Suddenly he shouts looking upward-ANIKAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shivaay breaks into tears.

Someone comes to him and tells him that all the injured people have been taken to B.K.B hospital.He could find that person whom he is looking for.Shivaay gets up on his feet.Taking a look at the dupatta,he runs towards his car.Getting inside he heads for the hospital.

B.K.B Hospital

Reaching the hospital Shivaay inquires about Anika.One of the working nurses tells him that Anika is being taken to OT.She got hit in her head.Blood had drained out in great excess.She would need blood as operation is going on.

Shivaay phones Gauri and Soumya and informs them about Anika.
As he is waiting outside the OT,they reach……………Two hours later OT door opens and doctor comes out.He tells Shivaay and RiYa that operation was critical.It was in fact a narrow escape.
Anika gets shifted to ICU and she will be under observation for 48 hours…….

Anika regains consciousness gradually within 48 hours.
Mr. and Mrs. Trivedi are in the hospital along with OmRu and RiYa.Shivaay is looking devastated and broken inside out.OmRu are trying to console him.
Mr.Trivedi is sitting near Anika.She opens her eyes slowly and finds him.Mr.Trivedi asks her:

-How are you feeling dear?Anika looks at him and gets happy but at the same time she turns her face away and says:
-Why are you here?

-You met with an accident and that was very dangerous.We all are worried for you.You…..
-You have broken all your relation with me!Why are you trying to show your concern now?I am no-one to you!Anika manages to say in a stifling,suppressed voice.

Mr.Trivedi gets shocked realizing that Anika is talking about their last encounter.That means….that means she has re-gained her memory.Mr.Trivedi is about to say something but doctor comes and asks him not to ask her anything now or disturb her for the time being.She needs rest.
He comes out and informs everyone about Anika’s recovering.
Happiness reflects in everyone’s face.Then,all turn their gazes on Shivaay.A deep yet faint smile is touching his lips.There Mr.Trivedi leaves with a sad face which does not go unnoticed from Shivaay…….

Two Days Later

Anika is lying on the bed in her cabin.Suddenly she feels someone’s hand on her forehead and she opens her eyes promptly.
Mr.Trivedi is here.Anika sits up on the bed slowly.
He waits for her to tell something but she seems reluctant.Then,Mr.Trivedi starts:

-Do you remember,when you were in 4th standard,you went on a school trip to Manali.Returning from there you got viral fever.
Your Mom,me everyone was worried for you because there was no sign of recovery.
You were hospitalized……like you are now.
Barely you used to open your eyes.Medicines were not working at all.I was on the verge of losing you……….again(Anika clutches the bed sheet)

Three days later you started to respond and recognize everyone.You were so weak that unable to move an inch.The taste of your mouth got ruined and you were unable to eat anything.
My foodie daughter was so angry because of that(Anika smiles hearing that)

Then,you demanded to eat ice-cream.But doctor forbade anything of outside considering your health and ice-cream could do the worst.
You,being stubborn like always,were determined to have it.For the sake of your health I refused and you stopped talking to me saying
“You don’t love me Dad…”
That was the time and now you are sitting silent before me(He sighs)

Le me tell you one thing today.Whatever I did or do,only because of your happiness.It does not make me feel good when I have to go against your wish.And you know the reason why I had to,especially on that matter.
My only regret is I let you go when you just returned home,to me.

I could have lost you again but……………I won’t do that mistake again,ever.Plz forgive me dear.I am holding my ears like last time(He holds his ears literally)
I am so sorry dear.He looks down,crying.

Anika takes off Mr.Trivedi’s hands.Tears are rolling down her cheeks too.She says:

-Stop it Dad.My Dad does not look good while crying.And don’t say sorry plz.I am sorry.For me,only for me you had to go through so much.
I acted like a complete careless,not like your daughter.You taught me to fight and I gave up so easily.
I am so sorry Dad.I am sorry I failed you.

Anika breaks into tears.Mr.Trivedi wipes out her tears then says:

-You too don’t look while crying?Where is your smile?Anika smiles.
I have brought something for you.

-How do you always know what I want?
-I have magic to do that.You know na?
-Of course I know.You are my personally reserved magician.

-Start eating.If doctor or nurse come,they won’t let you eat.
-Yes I should hurry.Dad…will you feed me?
-Sure dear.

Standing outside the cabin Shivaay watches everything-Reunion of father and daughter.They parted from each other in his presence and now get united again,in front of him.A sweet smile appear on his lips.He leaves from there silently.

There inside the cabin Anika’s cute bantering goes on while she eats from her Dad’s hand.Looking at Anika’s smiling face Mr.Trivedi says in his mind-

“Thank you Shivaay dear.I had lost all hope of getting my daughter back.But you convinced me to confront my fear.
My daughter is with me only because of you.God bless you dear,God bless you both……………”

Precap:Anika meets Shivaay.

Author’s Note

Hello everyone,how are you all?I missed you all soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….very much and my FF.
See,I am back.So let’s get going.Hope you all remembered the last episode.Will meet regularly from now on.
Lots and lots of Love.


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  1. Welcome back di.I missed you too and your ff.Was waiting desperately when you would update.Mind blowing episode di.Finally Anika is recovered.Yeppiiiiiiiiii😁😁😁
    Wonder what Shivaay bhaiya is going to do.Just loved the way you have written the sweet bonding of Anika di and Mr.Trivedi😊😊
    Sagar is regretting.Hmm..okay.
    Really can’t wait for next episode.Post asap di.
    By the way I am commenting for the first time.Was a silent reader of your awesome ff.
    See you later di.Love you.Muah☺☺

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Madhumita,
      First of all hearty welcome to my FF page.Yes dear,Anika is recoverd and story will progress ahead.Everything will fall into place.Thank you soooooooooooooooo very much for your love dear.Love youβ€οΈπŸ’žπŸ’™

  2. Wow,finally,my most favourite writer on TU is back that even with a dhamakedar episode.
    OMG!!This Pinky,ye kabhi nahi sudhar sakti.
    Ek hi epi mein kitna kuch ho gaya.Suspense level is as usual,at the highest pic.You do it every time(not complaining)
    Waiting and waiting for next dhasu episode which i am sure you are going to rock.Haha.
    PS.Introduction bad mein!!

    1. Luthfa

      Hi dear, hearty welcome to my FF page.
      So sweet of dear.Thank you soooooooooooooooo….very much for your love.Love you πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’™

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Darlos and here you are back with the amazing story of yours’.. Feeling super glad.. How are you doing..? Amazing episode.. Pinky ponky ka kuch nhi ho sakta hai.. Anudi regained her memory but does she remember billuji?.. Eagerly waiting to know what happens next.. Till then take care.. Love❀😘 always..

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Sweetheart,
      I am good.Thank you so much.Feeling good to be back.
      You will get to know soon.Story just started.Thank you soooooooooooooooo very much for your love.Love you β€οΈπŸ’žπŸ’–

  4. Hey Lu welcome back.Missed you too and your FF yaar.
    Awesome episode.Loved every bit of it.Little tensed about upcoming.
    But when you are here why to fear?
    Hope your exam went well.Waiting for next episode.Thoda jaldi post karna okay?
    Love you

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Yukti,
      Hearty welcome to my FF page.Exams have went well.Next part is updated dear.Thank you soooooooooooooooo very much for your love.Love you πŸ’“πŸ’ŸπŸ’ž

  5. How i missed this FF only i know.Btw welcome back author ji. Sorry for not commenting regularly.Amazing,lovely episode.You have written beautifully nd all scens are perfect to the point.A major entertaining episode.Thank you for posting it.I was waiting for the July and as you said.Got a sweet surprise….

    1. Luthfa

      Awww…. So sweet of you.Thank you soooooooooooooooo very much for your love and encouraging words.Next part is updated dear.Love youπŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’š

  6. Beautiful episode.Enjoyed thoroughly.Post the next one pls.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooooooooooooo very much for your love dear.Next part is updated dear.Love you πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’“

  7. Astmasiddika

    Hey lu missing you so much dear, read the chapter after a long time , you are back with your khidikithod writing please update soon as soon as possible til then TC love you β™₯️

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