Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 69

“Ho Ke Beparvah Is Duniya Se,Zamaane Se
Kuch Der Mere Khwab Tere Bahon Mein So Jaye
Mita Ke Sare Faasle Hum,Doob Jaye Pyaar Mein
Aa Kuch Pal Ke Liye,
Ek-Dooje Mein Kho Jaye……………”

Night Time

Anika is arranging her hair sitting in front of the dressing table.From the bed,Shivaay is stealing glances with her.Noticing that Anika says:

-Do you want to tell something?He puts down the file.
-How is your work going?

-I am sure you are managing well.Are you happy with the progress?Anika goes and gets in the bed.
-Why do I feel like you want to ask me something else but unable to speak.What is it Shivaay?
-Um…You are right,

-Why are you creating so suspense then?Tell it na?
-Can I have a dance with you?Anika is surprised but agrees.
-Why not?
-Thank you.

Anika offers her hand.Taking that Shivaay puts a soft kiss.They both go and stand in the middle of the room.Music plays and they start dancing:

“Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye
Jab Koi Mushkil Pad Jaye
Tum Dena Saath Mera
O Humnava………”

While dancing,Shivaay asks:

-Anika,what is your take on marriage?I mean how you look at it?
-Hmm….For me marriage is a bond between two souls.It brings two completely different people together.They wave new moments,memories,gather experiences with the help of each other.In short,marriage is the most beautiful journey which two people decide to take on believing each other,in their love,together,for a life time. about your own marriage?You don’t know how we got married so I am just curious to know how you feel about it.
-Woh toh hai.Marriage is a heavenly moment of a girl’s life and I too had dreams about it.Perhaps I was not fortunate enough to live those precious moments.But I do have alternative to relive it as I wish.

-Well,I imagine often time that I am getting married to you!
-Okay.As you are married now,how you feel about it?Do you find it boring,monotonous?

-My husband’s name is Shivaay Singh Oberoi.He is the best husband in the world.With him,there is no chance to feel otherwise.Every day feels like an eternity.
-Do you have any complaints?
-Complaints….I don’t think so.I am super happy in my married life.But let me tell you,half credit is mine no matter what blunders I make!
They both laugh.

“Ho Chandni Jab Tak Raat
Deta Hai Har Koi Saath
Tum Magar Andheron Mein
Na Chodna Mera Haath…..”

-Can I ask you something Anika?
-Go on.
-What you imagine like how we get married in your imagination?Will you share it?

-In my imaginative world we meet,fall in love then our marriage get fixed.
-You mean love marriage?
-Sometimes I make it love or sometimes arrange!What I am going to tell you now is a love/arrange marriage,both.

-Very good.How it starts then?
-Hmmmm…..Our families meet to make our relation official.Ring ceremony takes place.To give me surprise you arrange a private ring ceremony.You decorate a beautiful place and bring me there blindfolded.Freeing my eyes you thank me to give you that opportunity.
Then you go on your knees in front of me.Rose in one hand and ring in another and you propose.
When I say yes getting all excited you get up and make me wear the ring.Right next moment I jump in your arms in utter happiness.

-We break the hug hearing the sound of clapping.Our family members are there,witnessing everything secretly.My family members bring your ring and I slip it in your finger.And…engagement is done.
-So beautiful.What happens next?

-We opt for destination wedding.We choose one place where you and me have never gone or visited.Groom’s family and bride’s family get in two places which are situated near each other.Taking a gap of few days,pre-wedding rituals start.First of all,mehandi.
I apply mehandi on my palm in your name.You come secretly to meet me to find your name but I won’t let you.You plead a lot then I agree.

-What I do then?
-You find your name and show me that you too have applied mehandi.You have made design of our couple name-SHIVIKA.
-Wow,that’s cool.Phir?

-Our sangeet takes place.Both of our family members participate in different dance competition.They dance on retro,classic,90’s special and on romantic songs of recent hit movies.Cloth dance competition gets announced.Guests who are invited to attend our marriage participate.We too join to dance.Defeating every other couple,we win and gets an expensive hamper for the win.Later when everyone falls asleep,we meet and keep on dancing,talking with each other,whole night.

-You are very romantic Anika.Do we get caught?
-You helped me to get in my room through a ladder before anyone can catch us,in the early morning.You too manage to reach your room avoiding other’s eyes.
-Thank God we got saved.Feeling very excited to know further.

-Our haldi function starts follows by the wedding.Me a smiling,blushing bride,dream about upcoming happiness,with you.You come in the disguise as a video-grapher and watch my function.To do that you postpone your own function for some time making an excuse.
Your haldi gets done.OmRuPri record it then send it to me to watch.Before the wedding when I am getting ready,you come to meet me with the help of Choti and Chutki.

-Because you wanted to see me,your bride before anyone else.I come out getting ready opening the door and you watch me in the refection of the mirror.After that you leave.
-Without saying anything?
-Sort of.Before leaving you compliment me through silent gesture.

-You are waiting for me at the altar dressed up as the most handsome groom ever.As I slowly descend down the stairs,you watch me in pure happiness which your blue eyes reflect.You go ahead and take my hand in your hand and lead me to the altar.We exchange garlands amidst all the teasing of our siblings.We sit down and Pandit Ji starts reciting the mantras of the marriage.
In the ritual of giving away the bride,my hand comes in your hand.Our eyes meet and you make a silent promise looking at me:

“Anika,you are going to be mine and I am going to be yours,forever.Never ever I will leave you nor this hand…”

-What is next?
-We stand up to take seven rounds and to exchange seven vows.Holding my hand you move ahead and I follow you amidst the showering of flowers.Then comes the most awaited moment.You make me wear the nuptial chain of your name.Taking a pinch of red vermilion,you fill my hairline while I sit closed eyes,smiling,shivering a little…..I have become your wife,by all means.You are looking at me.
With the right of a husband.I look back at you and a single tear drop escapes my eyes.
Wiping that out you kiss on my forehead and say:

“Welcome to my life Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.You just got the right of becoming my wife in the next seven birth so,congratulations.

I say:

“Well,congratulations to you too dear husband.You are indeed lucky to have me as your wife.And I am granting you the permission to be my husband in every birth…”
They both laugh.

-What we do next?
-Newlyweds take the blessings of the elders then pose for clicking photos.Finally,our marriage gets completed.
-Wait a minute,you have forgotten about most important part of the marriage.

-First night and how we celebrate it.
-I won’t tell you that.
-Excuse me,why?

-First night is meant for celebrating.Not to imagine or discuss.If you want to know how I or we celebrate,arrange our re-marriage.Simple!
-Hmmmm…..Have to think on it.Anika giggles.

“Vafadari Ki Vo Rasmein
Nibhayenge Hum Toh Kasme
Ek Bhi Saans Zindagi Ki
Jab Tak Ho Apne Bas Mein……”

-Anika,I don’t have rose,nor ring or any romantic words to tell what I want to.Without any romantic formalities,I am asking you:
Will you marry me Anika?Will you marry your Sweet Singh Oberoi?
-Yes,I will.
-We are going to get married Anika.Very soon.

-I know.
-Rudra told me.
-I see.
-Are you happy?

“Na Koi Hai,Na Koi Thaa
Zindagi Mein Tumhare Sivaa
Tum Dena Saath Mera
O Humnava………”

-I will be counting on every single second of our marriage.From first to last.Don’t ditch me at the altar okay?
-You mean a run-away bride?Why will I do that?
-If Destiny has other plan,it can happen.There is no surety of future happenings.

-I am giving you my words today.I will marry only you.If I ever think of ditching you,may God punish me.
-Suppose you forget everything,me and all those we shared,our relation.Me,a stranger to you and you are to marry someone else.What will you do?

-Then I will ditch that person.Even in forgetfulness,my heart will not accept anyone else as my husband.Only you are my husband and will always be.
-Pinky Promise?
-Pinky Promise.They entangle their fingers.

-I love you.
-I love you too Anika.

Shivaay takes Anika in his arms stopping the dance and puts a long kiss on her forehead.Picking her up he heads for the bed.

## Happy Birthday Sweetheart(Prabha di)
May God bless you with all the happiness and love of the world.Wishing your Darling-


  1. Awesome, very nice, interesting,in short your every chappy leaves an excitement for the coming one

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  3. Very great episode, loved the description of Anika about the engagement and marriage, a very lovely episode, but please don’t make them go away from one other, love to see them united, no Sagar creating problems please.

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      Hello Ramani dear,
      Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo…very much for your valuable love.
      I just love your concern for Shivika’s togetherness.If you have followed the story from the start then you will understand the necessary changes which I am going to make.Story will follow the natural order.Anika has to recover and a new chapter will start.
      All in all,read it as a story and enjoy the it accordingly forgetting any other tension.
      Thank you once gain dear.Lots of love.

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