Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 68

Continuation from Episode 67:

Anika and Shivaay are sleeping in each other’s arms.Suddenly she starts stirring.Anika opens her eyes.She feels an acute pain is spreading inside her,slowly.
She grasps Shivaay tightly with both her hands and a pain-filled scream escapes from her mouth which,makes Shivaay awake.Opening eyes he finds Anika is struggling to breath.Switching on the bed-side lights he says:

-Ani…Anika?What happened?
-I…I…am feeling….so much pain Shivaay.Our baby….plz do something.This is just unbearable….She manages to tell somehow while fighting for breathing.

Holding Anika closely Shivaay calls the driver from his phone to get the car.Then he picks Anika up in his arms and comes outside.Getting in the car he orders the driver to drive for the appointed hospital.
Anika is writhing and twisting in pain in Shivaay’s arms.He is trying to make her calm down but that is going in vain as pain is increasing with each passing second.
Anika says in deep agonized voice:

-Shi…Shivaay…..I am scared Shivaay.If…If something…..My….My baby is,is strong.Nothing will happen to him.Shivaay…
-You….and our baby both will be fine Anika,trust me.I won’t let anything happen.

Shivaay tightens his grip on Anika.She closes her eyes feeling exhausted.


Anika is being taken to OT immediately.There Shivaay stands outside,alone.Almost three hours later doctor comes out.She takes Shivaay in her chamber to talk about Anika’s condition.With a pounding heart Shivaay sits in front of the doctor.She starts:

-Be strong Mr.Oberoi because what…
-Just tell me.I am ready.
-I am really sorry to inform you that Mrs.Oberoi…She has suffered a miscarriage.

-What?What are you saying doctor?Shivaay stands up shouting.
-Relax Mr.Oberoi.Calm down plz.Shivaay’s limp body collapses on the chair.

-Miscarriages don’t occur only because of reasons such as hormonal or physical problem.In the rare case of anembryonic pregnancy,it causes within the first trimester.During this time mother may not face any signs that her pregnancy is progressing abnormally.

-What exactly that mean?Shivaay manages to utter somehow.

-An anembryonic pregnancy occurs when early embryo means baby stops developing.A high level of chromosome abnormalities is responsible for it at the time of fertilization.Body will not recognize that there is no baby in the follicle because the pregnancy hormones are still being produced.Sometimes it happens without showing any sign of pregnancy at the early stage.
As there is no development of baby in the womb,mother’s body protests naturally and results in miscarriage.

-There….was no baby?
-Mrs.Oberoi was six weeks pregnant.We have not conducted any ultrasound yet as it applies from eight or ninth month.In the first ultrasound,we would have known that there is no baby in the case of anembryonic pregnancy.

-Is…it harmful or fatal for Anika doctor?
-Not at all.To recover from such pregnancy,some women wait for it to happen naturally while other take medication to trigger the miscarriage.Sometimes a procedure called Dilation and Curettage is used to remove the placental tissue.
Mrs.Oberoi has gone through the normal one.

-Will…Will there be any problem if Anika conceive again?

-Absolutely not.Mrs.Oberoi’s monthly cycle will resume and you can try for another baby.But you may wait for few months to let her body get back to normalcy.
This is an emotional loss Mr.Oberoi,huge one.Mrs.Oberoi will be vulnerable emotionally and mentally.You have to be her support system.She can be very sensitive.You have to handle her demands lovingly without hurting her sentiments………………..

Shivaay comes out of doctor’s chamber.Walking slowly,he reaches to Anika’s cabin.She is sleeping inside,oblivious to everything.Her words start playing in his head.Shivaay wipes out his silently falling tears while watching Anika through the glass made window.

Sunflower Petals
Anika is seen in her room.She has sat on the floor resting her back in the sofa.A cradle is placed in front of her.Beside her,Chanchan and Chanchal are jumping.Shivaay comes and sits next to her.Anika says without looking at him:

-This cradle,it just got delivered.We argued so much whether we would have a boy or girl.You know what Shivaay,though I wanted to have a baby boy but secretly,I wished to have twins.
One for me,one for you.And both of them,for us.

-Ordered to design the cradle thinking about my……babies.How would I know……Anika looks away.Shivaay takes her hands in his hands and says:

-Anika,why are you making yourself go through this again and again?I am not liking it at all.She turns to him:
-Can you tell me Shivaay,why all my happiness are so transitory?Whenever I am about to get any,something goes wrong in this or that way.Why?

-Who told you that huh?Stop blaming yourself.
-I am so sorry Shivaay.Because of me you…..
-Shhhhh…..How many times I told you not to say so?You are not at fault.It’s just……..

-You,me our families were so happy.All their dreams got shattered.How will I face them?
-Listen to me very carefully Anika.Neither you nor me are responsible for what happened okay?It…..

-I am missing my baby Shivaay.Look around this room.Everything reminds me of him(She starts crying).Why did you leave me?Shivaay takes her in his arms:

-You know Anika,when I was small I used to ask Dadi from where did babies come?Why can’t we get them whenever we wish for?
Then she told me that there is a fairy godmother who blesses us with babies.She takes care of babies and whenever we wish to have a baby,she sends one to us.
Your baby has not gone anywhere leaving you.For the time being,he is with fairy godmother.He will come to you at the right time.Your baby loves you so very much,more than me.Now if you stay like this,won’t he feel bad?(He wipes out her tears).Would you like it?

-Why fairy godmother did not let my baby stay with me?Am I that bad?Do I have any fault?
-No.You are the most special and best mother of the world.Very soon,fairy godmother will send your baby to you.But you have to promise that you won’t cry anymore.
You know me,Om,Rudra wanted a baby sister.So we wrote a letter to fairy god mother to give us a sweet little sister and we got Priyanka,our Prinku.You too write a letter.

-If I do that,fairy god mother will return my baby?
-If you believe in it,she will certainly do the magic.
-Then bring me pen and paper.

-First of all you have eat and take medicine and sleep properly.You have to be normal and happy from your heart discarding all negative thinking.If you can do these,you will be eligible to write the letter.These are few rules to follow.

-Okay.I will do everything.She smiles finally.
-I have brought food.Have it.
-You too ate nothing.Let me feed you……..They both start feeding each other.

Shivaay’s words work and finally Anika decides to be happy and back in the previous form.She writes a letter addressing the fairy godmother.

Dearest Fairy Godmother,

I have listened a lot about your magic.You can do anything.When I was small,in the story of Cinderella,I got to know about you and your magical power.
I am writing this letter to you for a very special reason.You know,I was blessed with precious motherhood.I was going to be a Mom soon but….But I could not.My baby was not with me,in my womb.You have not let him come,my husband,Shivaay said so.You are the guardian angle of the babies he told me.
I trust and believe Shivaay that’s why I came to believe that my baby is with you…….You are taking good care of him.
But I want my baby back.Whenever you feel it’s the right time,do send him to me.I will be waiting.
I am promising you,I will be a very good Mom.I won’t think about what happened in the past from now on.Will forget about it completely.Just keep my baby safe and happy and give lots and lots of love from my side too.If possible,do let him come in my dream.
Here I am stopping.


Finishing writing the letter Anika puts it inside a box then hides it in the cupboard for fairy god mother to take it with Shivaay.They lock the drawer and decide to open it when their baby will come.Anika turns happy and thanks Shivaay.He too feels good for her.

Precap:Sagar comes to meet Anika at her office!

Author’s Note
Dear Readers,
This baby track was supposed to come a lot earlier but I could not bring it for some obvious reason.And I wrote it according to the story-line.If anyone has expected a full-fledged baby track in the mean time,do accept my apologies.
Much love


  1. Shivya

    Hieeeeee! Meri jaan Luthfa di!! It’s been so long we have interacted and I missed you a lot & lot.
    Your chapter was as usual khidkitod though I feel bad for Anika. Still Shivaye cares her with all love is what gives me much better feel.
    Awaiting eagerly for further chapters.
    TC. Love you jaana!!! ?????

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Shivya,
      Oh dear,I missed you so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooo…very much.Hope you are doing great.Where had you been by the way?Must be busy with study.
      So very happy to have you back my little jaana.Hoping to have you on my FF page for some chatting,whenever you feel like to visit.
      Yeah,me too felt bad while writing but she would get back everything with interest.In her oblivious state,everything is one-sided for her.Once she recovers,everything new will start for her.So don’t worry at all.Will try to post.Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo….very much for your valuable love Shivya.Lots and lots of love.God bless you.

  2. This is not fair di sapne dikha kar unhe tod dena.

    Eagerly waiting to see what will happen next?

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Vini,
      First of all,a hearty welcome to my FF page.Hope you are doing fine.
      Dear,this baby track is meant for only Sagar’s entry and to accelerate Anika’s recovery.It was pre-decided when I was planning to pen down this FF’s story,around August 2018.
      I could have included more episodes of baby and Shivika but right now I am juggling between exam preparations and fasting.So I had to cut short the track.Be it any,full-fledged baby track was not part of the story line.I am really sorry to disappoint you.
      Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo…..very much for giving an opportunity to my writing.Lots of love.

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Darlo..seriously why do God do this with nicest of nicest people..recently my BFF lost her baby..My BFF was 3 months pregnant that’s when she got know that the baby is no more..i couldn’t be there for my friend as she was far away from me..while reading the condition of anudi after that made me even more sad, thinking that from what all my BFF must have been through..hope fairy god mother listens to anudi and give her the bestest..Amazing epi darlos..will be eagerly waiting for the next..till then take care.. Love you…

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Sweetheart,
      That’s really a sad news.May God give her strength to overcome this difficult time.I understand how it feels.Have seen for myself.
      Anika has not lost her baby.It was a failed pregnancy not missed one where baby dies in the womb.I could not have the heart to kill an unborn baby even in fiction.So I wrote it like that.Everything will be fine.Don’t worry.
      Thank you sooooooooooo….very much for your love Sweetheart.Love you.

  4. Hi luthfa di its been a long time, exams always kept me busy so happy to be writing again, moving on, I felt really bad for anika but the way shivaay pacified and took care of her, i loved it and i also loved the fairy godmother part, it was nice

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jaan,
      Soooooooooooooooooooo….very much happy to have you back.Hope you are doing khidkitode.
      Don’t know about you but I really missed you Jaan.Hope your exams have gone well.May you pass with flying colours.
      Thank you soooooooooooo….very much for your precious love dear.Lots of love.

  5. ShivikaSCNM

    Hi lu……how are u?
    Lu….loved ur all episodes was amazing ❤️?
    Lu….but this episode lil disappointed shivika loosing their 1st child it’s really ?Hope everything falls in its place after this……

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Shivika,
      I am doing fine.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.
      Yaar,Anika has not lost her baby.It was a failed/pseudo pregnancy that’s it.She has gone through emotional loss along with Shivaay.Everything will be fine don’t worry.Thank you sooooooooooooooo….very much for your precious appreciation.Love you so much??

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