Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 61

Continuation from Episode 60:

Shivaay and Anika return to Sunflower Petals spending some time at Trivedi Villa.
Shivaay is seen talking with someone over phone,in his room:

-Yeah,everything is going good.Let’s meet tomorrow………..Anika comes there.She tries to talk to him but he seems busy.Then,taking one corner of her dupatta,she starts tickling Shivaay!He finishes the call somehow then grabs Anika’s hand:

-What are you doing Anika?I was talking na?
-I too have something very importing to discuss.
-What is it?

-I am unable to decide who should be the brand name of ANIKA’S PRIDE & DREAM.
-That’s simple.Sign contracts with top models of India.Actors,celebrities would do too.Problem is solved.

-I have already decided.
-Then why are you asking?
-Shivaay,I…I want you to be the brand face of ANIKA’S PRIDE & DREAM.

-What are you saying Anika?Me?
-Why not?
-Would I look good wearing ornaments and all Anika?
-You are just impossible Shivaay.Who told you that?

-Just kidding.But tell me,what made you think of me?
-I decided it on the day of showroom inauguration itself.Shivaay,would you….plz?
He takes Anika’s hands in his hands then says:

-I have even more brilliant idea.
-If I say instead of me… become the brand face?

-How come……

-See Anika,if you become the brand face,it will provide you with advantage.Moreover you will send a good message out there in the society.
-I did not understand.
-I am telling you.Come,sit here(They both sit on the sofa)

What was your intention behind your showroom?You wanted to establish your name through hard work,without taking the shelter of big name.You wanted to be independent in your own terms,wanted to do something different.Now,if you become the brand face of ANIKA’S PRIDE & DREAM,people who will come in contact,they will be compelled to think you are not typical in thinking nor following the herd-mentality of running a new business house.

You can select any celebrity,model,actor or actress using money to do the needful but you have the guts not choosing that.In fact,you have confidence in yourself to stand up and take that place which people think to be reserved for few selected person.
Girls,who want to create their own name or in this profession,will have courage and confidence to represent themselves,their work just like you.

And if you ask me to tell from a businessman’s point of view then I will say if you do that,money that will be spent on selecting models etc.will be saved.You will have advantage in both ways.What do you think Anika?

Anika was listening getting totally mesmerized.She got lost hearing Shivaay’s words.When Anika said nothing who kept on staring Shivaay,he patted her shoulder and said:
-Anika?What are you thinking?

-I never thought like that.You surmised everything so beautifully.That’s my wish only behind creating ANIKA’S PRIDE & DREAM.Your way of thinking is very special Shivaay.You are really my corporate mentor.
-So,you liked the idea?
-Without any doubt.

-Then start working on it and let me work too.
-Am I disturbing you?
-Did I say that?

-Okay.I am going.You stay here with my sautan.Bye.
Saying that she stands up then walks out of the room without letting Shivaay say anything.He says in his mind-“Pagal ladki!”


Anika is playing with Chanchan and Chanchal in the hall.She says to them:

-Did you both see Shivaay?He has all the time for work but not for me!Thought to spend this evening with him but no.He loves his works only…………….

While Anika is in self-talking mode,Chanchan gets away and climbs up the stairs of south wing.
Noticing that Anika steps in the stairs with Chanchal.
She puts them on the basket then says:

-You two become very naughty.I have to do something.Stay here,I am coming with your dinner.Don’t do any mischief okay?Good.

Anika stands up.She is about to take the first step but her foot gets twisted in the saree and she stumbles.Her abdomen hits the railing of the stairs.Anika loses balance and falls.She screams in pain-Shi…Shivaay…….

Shivaay hears Anika’s scream.Her scream echoed acute,sharp pain.He gets startled.He comes in the hall running and finds Anika is writhing in pain on the stair pressing her hand on her belly.Shivaay reaches to her.His face gets whitened in fear:

-Ani…Anika?What….What happened?What……He goes silent.Anika clutches his shirt with her other hand.She tries to tell something but faints in his arms.

There,with much difficulty Shivaay pulls himself together then picks up Anika in his arms.Coming outside he gets in he car with an unconscious Aniks then orders the driver to reach nearby hospital,driving as fast as possible.

Anika is being taken in the OT.Doctor is examining her.Gauri and Soumya come there getting the call of Shivaay.They meet him outside the OT.He tells them what has happened.In the mean time doctor comes out:

Shivaay:Doctor,how is Anika?What has happened to her?
Soumya:Is she okay?
Gauri:Plz tell something.

Doctor:Mr.Oberoi it’s good that you brought her here on time.Otherwise……..
Shivaay:Is something serious doctor?Already she is suffering from memory loss now this.
Soumya:Exactly what happened doctor?

Doctor:Mrs.Oberoi is expecting!Your wife is pregnant Mr.Oberoi!

Shivaay,Gauri and Soumya receive the shock of their life.There doctor continues:

Normally it’s too early too know in the first month.Mrs.Oberoi’s body has not started showing any sign of pregnancy.We diagnosed then found out that she is with child.That accident could be very fatal at this stage resulting in unavoidable miscarriage.Thank God we could avert the damage.We are conducting more tests.Mrs.Oberoi has been put to sleep.Latest report will reveal baby’s condition.Don’t worry,everything will be fine.Have faith in God……..Saying all those doctor leave.

Shivaay stands still,silent,shut.

Shivaay is on the phone-
“I want Sagar Surya Shekhawat.Get me him no matter what it takes in the world.”
Cutting the call he throws his phone and it breaks into pieces!

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  1. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear.. Wt an episode.. I don’t know wt say.. With some???????????? Can’t predict anything.. Waiting for anika past.. Justttttt waiting for next episode dear… TC

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo….very much for your love.From now on all the background things will surface to heat up the drama.Next episode is updated.In that,Anika’s past is revealed to a great extent.You too take care.See you soon.Lots of love.

  2. NSK

    Wow shivaay is so sensible.😊n so does annika,swh is mature here!😊
    Excited for the baby track.☺

    1. Luthfa

      Me too Noushin.Hope he remains sensible till the end.

      1. NSK

        That’s up to u apu 😛

    2. Luthfa

      Yeah,I have told that to myself while writing!

      1. NSK


      2. Luthfa


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