Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 57

“Abhi Ek Haseen Khawab Dekha Maine
Tumhe Aapne Pass,Aur Pass
Bohat Pass Dekha Maine…….”

Anika is lying curled up on Shivaay’s lap while he is caressing her hair.She opens her closed eyes slowly then asks:

-Shivaay,I am thinking something.
-Our marriage,is it love or arrange?

Shivaay thinks for a while then answers:

-It is a love marriage of two hearts arranged by you and me.Is that okay for you?
-Absolutely.She sits up.Holding Shivaay’s hand Anika says:

-What has happened before,I don’t want to remember anything of it.For me,this moment is everything as you are with me Shivaay.
He cups her face:

-I just want your happiness Anika,nothing else.
-Then make me happy.
-What do you want?Tell me.
-I have a long list.Will think about it later.But tonight is very special.We got married and we would celebrate our first night.She says candidly.
-First night?
-You are a grown up man Shivaay.You should know about first night.

-I know what is first..first night!What are you saying?
-Then get up.
They both stand up with each other’s help.Pointing at the bed Anika says:

-I will go and sit in the middle of the bed veiling myself.I am a newly wed bride you see.You will come and lift my veil.Okay?
-I am going.You go and stand near the door.You will come walking from there.

Anika drags herself towards the bed and Shivaay goes and stand in front of the door.Getting in the bed she veils herself with the saree.
Shivaay does as Anika instructed and gets in the bed.He is about to lift Anika’s veil but she stops him.He gets surprised:

-What happened?Won’t you show yourself?
-I have questions to ask.If you answer correctly,I will let you lift my veil.Don’t think much before answering.I am already feeling sleepy!
-How am I supposed to answer?You have not asked yet.

-Sorry.So the question is-Does Shivaay Singh Oberoi love Anika,his wife?
-Will he stay with her,always?
-Hmmm….Will he love her even after she gets old?
-Does he accept her wholeheartedly?
-Okay.You may proceed now.

Then Shivaay lifts Anika’s veil holding with both hands.She is looking down.He lifts her chin up at his finger tip.And their eyes meet.Anika’s face is glowing in pure happiness.Shivaay says:

-You are the most beautiful bride in the world.
Because you are Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s bride.
-Are you complementing me or yourself?
-Both!He laughs.

-Where is my gift then Pati Dev?
-Husband gifts his wife on their first night.It’s a ritual like veil lifting.

-But I don’t have any.All happened so suddenly.
-That’s your concern.
-Plz help me out Anika.
-Let me think……….Got it.See Shivaay,I am feeling sleepy.
-Me too.

Anika gets close to him.Putting her hands around Shivaay,she says in a seductive whispering tone:

-You have to keep me awake.You must not let me sleep!Can you do that?
-Sounds tough.
-For Shivaay Singh Oberoi?
-Let’s see.

Shivaay moves backwards then lies down on a pillow.With open arms he gestures Anika to come to him.Smiling she complies and takes shelter in his arms.Shivaay encircles his hands around her,securely.He says:

-You know Anika,I saw you for the first time as a bride.
-Yes.A fully decked and dressed up bride but without vermilion or nuptial chain.
-What happened to me?
-I did not know.But now I know.
-That you were,are meant to be mine.And you would wear the nuptial chain and vermilion of my name.

Saying all these,Shivaay turns Anika to the other side.Very carefully he places her head on the pillow.Then he keeps on looking at her face,her red vermilion adorned hairline,her trembling lips,blinking of eyes…..

Song Plays

“Tuhjko Yaad Kar Liya Hai
Aayat Ki Tarah
Kayam Tu Ho Gayi Hai
Rivayat Ki Tarah
Tujhe Yaad Kar Liya Hai
Marne Talak Rahegi
Tu Aadat Ki Tarah
O Tujhe Yaad kar Liya Hai
Aayat Ki Tarah…..”

Anika cups Shivaay’s face with both her hands.Leaning a little,he kisses her forehead.Then he goes on kissing her eyes,cheeks,jawline,trailing with his fingers.As he brings his lips to touch Anika’s,she rolls away from him on the other side of the bed,blushing.
Shivaay catches the pallu of her saree instantly.Twisting it around his wrist,he too rolls away and comes to her.He pushes away Anika’s hair and her almost bare back gets exposed in front of his eyes.
Shivaay’s finger starts playing there,sensuously and he plants equally sensuous kisses on her back.Feeling the touch of his cold fingers,she shivers and closes her eyes clenching the fist.Shivaay makes Anika face him.Then,near her ear,he says whispering-I Love You Anika.

“Ye Teri Aur Meri
Mohabbat Hayat Hai
Har Lamha Isme Jeena
Muqaddar Ki Baat Hai
Kehte Hai Ishq Duniya Jise
Meri Jaan-e-Mann
Iss Ek Lafz Mein Hai Chupi Qaaynat Hai
O Tujhko Yaad Kar Liya Hai….”

One tear drop escapes from Anika’s eyes.Shivaay wipes it out kissing that place.Lifting head,he starts kissing her smooth neckline.From there,his mouth travels backwards and covers Anika’s heaving,hidden twin softness.Anika clutches Shivaay’s shirt at his back as her other hand is pinned down by him from doing any movement.He starts caressing,nuzzling,kissing her twin assets with slowest possible tenderness.
There Anika lies,eyes are closed,breathing heavy as Shivaay buries his face deeper in her soft flesh.She is feeling an unbearable urge to tear off her cloths including Shivaay’s!Unable to do that,she lets out her suppressed,tortured,desire-provoking moans.Floods of passion are washing her over every second and she gets drenched in it,surrendering,enjoying with all her might.

“Meri Dil Ki Raahaton Ka Tu
Zariya Ban Gayi Hai
Teri Ishq Ki Mere Dil Mein
Kayi Eid Mann Gayi Hai
Tera Zikr Ho Raha Hai
Ibaadat Ki Tarah
O Tujhe Yaad Kar Liya Hai
Aayat Ki Tarah

Shivaay leaves Anika’s hand.She opens her eyes and meets his.He sits up and makes her too.His hand finds the hook of Anika’s blouse.As soon as he touches it,Anika gasps for breath.
At one go Shivaay unhooks her blouse and she clutches her falling saree near the crook of right arm.There Shivaay pushes down the straps of the blouse off her shoulder and kisses on them from behind.An unknown throbbing pain overpowers her body.Every single mass is under the fire of passion.In that fire,both Shivaay and Anika are burning,longing,craving for each other,together.

While continuing kissing.Shivaay’s hand comes and grabs Anika’s waist.With Anika,he falls back on the bed,slowly.Lying,Shivaay takes Anika’s free hand in his hand and makes her touch his face.Anika feels his face radiating heat.
He brings Anika on top of him with a sudden jerk.Her softness gets crashed against his hard muscled chest.Holding Anika tightly against the full length of his body Shivaay starts rolling .He stops coming where they were before.

This time Anika is beneath him,completely.He takes her hands off his back and keeps those beside her head.Shivaay’s hands cover them,entangling.They do not break the eye contact even for a second.Slowly,slowly Shivaay brings his lips near Anika’s.Within a second,he captures those rosy,velvety lips with his in an extreme passionate,fiery kiss.Their virgin lips meet for the first time.As the kiss goes deeper,with their bodies pressed into each other,they go on feeling heaven in that moment.
Every primal desire gets awakened with full force.
Mutual passion gets exchanged as they continue loving each other in the most primitive way possible.
No words will be spoken.Will speak each other’s mingled breaths,touches,caresses,feelings and boundless passion.The merging of two bodies into one will be felt by two souls and hearts.

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