Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 48

“Har Waqt
Dil Ko Jo Sataye,
Aesi Kami Ho Tum……”

Shivaay stays awake rest of the night taking Anika in his arms.She sleeps away burying herself in his secured arms,completely.

In the morning,without disturbing Anika’s sleep,Shivaay lifts her from the staircase then heads for their room,downstairs.Going there he places her in the middle of the bed,very carefully.
Anika is still holding Shivaay.Watching that he smiles.Caressing her hair he says-

Anika,you look like an angel,a cute angel while sleeping.

He bends down then plants a soft kiss on Anika’s forehead.She stirs in sleep.Shivaay takes Anika’s hands off him,covers her with duvet.Checking her one last time he leaves the room to inquire about Rudra.He comes back few minutes later then retires to get ready.
Shivaay is standing in front of the mirror setting his hair.There lying on the bed Anika goes through the bout of nightmare,again-She starts tossing her head on the pillow clutching the bed sheet under her hands.

Little sweat-beads cover her face.Shivaay notices Anika’s movement in the mirror.Anika’s breathing is very quick.She is trying to say something but unable to form words while her lips are trembling.Shivaay turns immediately then rushes towards the bed.Panic grips his heart.Reaching near her,before he can utter anything Anika opens her eyes and springs up on the bed shouting-SHIVAAY…..!

All those happen within few seconds.Anika is looking straight ahead.Looking like she is trying to fathom something,her face panic stricken.Shivaay holds a shivering Anika,turns her to his side-

Shivaay:A…Anika?What,what happened?Are you……He fumbles with words because of inner fear.

Anika looks at him.Right next moment she throws herself in Shivaay’s arms with full force.He secures his hands around her to subside his own fear.Anika closes her eyes.
Shivaay asks many questions but Anika does not answer any.He gets worried.Few hours later he makes Anika eat breakfast with much difficulty.He keeps trying to make her talk but fails.
Rudra,Soumya both try but that also goes in vain.Anika answer in monosyllable.
Morning turns into afternoon,afternoon turns into evening but she remains same.

Shivaay consults doctor over phone and tells him everything.Doctor tells Shivaay to find out what is bothering her by any means.To suppress anything inside can be fatal for her.Shivaay assures doctor to do the exact thing.


Anika is seen sitting in the pool garden.All lights are on from balcony to pool garden still darkness is really thick because of cloudy sky.
Shivaay is standing in the half-lit balcony,watching Anika.He says in his mind-

“What has happened to you Anika?Why are you not telling anything?If you won’t tell anything then how am I supposed to understand?”

Sighing he enters into the room.Few minutes later he joins Anika in the pool garden.She notices him but stays unmoved.Sitting beside her,he brings out his phone.Keeping his gaze on Anika he says-

Shivaay:You know(to the phone,Anika’s sautan!) you have to learn talking soon because the one who talks is not talking and I am not used to such silent treatment!
It’s pricking me literally.Anika says nothing.He goes on-

Look at her,yes who has sat beside me.Her name is Anika.I am sure you know.She has taken vow of almost silence!
Is it fair on her part?I know it’s not fair but who will make her understand that?
Leaving the teasing tone Shivaay says deeply looking at Anika-
If there is something wrong one should share.It’s not good to put oneself into pain when others are here to help,hear,heal-always.

Anika looks back at Shivaay.He is hoping now she will tell something.Instead she stands up intends to leave.She is about to step ahead but Shivaay catches her hand from behind.He too stands up then makes Anika face him.She is looking down.Shivaay holds up her chin.Holding both the arms of Anika he says-

Shivaay:You have avoided me and my questions enough.You have to talk to me now.Anika,I have seen pain in your eyes.Did I do or say something wrong?
Do you need anything?Just tell me Anika.You have been very vocal till today.Have never hesitated to tell anything then….then why are you behaving otherwise?
There is definitely something which is eating you up from inside.Why are you making yourself suffer like that?
(In a strong rigid voice)-

Listen Anika,if you are thinking all these are a game then I am not ready to play it anymore.And you have to answer my questions.I need answers.Am I clear?
He finishes jerking up Anika by her shoulder.

That very moment Anika’s lips quiver like a little baby who does so before crying,then she captures Shivaay in a bone-crushing hug.She starts crying.Warm tear drops are gushing out of her eyes.Shivaay gets surprised as well as relieved.He hugs her back.
Shivaay thinks it’s not the right time to ask anything.Anika should do it when she feels ready.Eventually she calms down then retreats from the hug.Shivaay wipes out tear traces under her eyes.Taking Anika’s hands he makes her sit on the swing.As he is waiting for her to speak she says finally-

Anika:I am sorry Shivaay.I,I did not want to give you any tension trust me.I was just….
Shivaay:Yes,you were just?
Anika:I was afraid Shivaay.He gets shocked and about to tell something but she stops-

Anika:I had dreamed a very bad dream.I dreamed you and me were getting separated.I was really scared at first.Then I realized why would I fear that you and me would be separated when there was not any reason to be?It was my illusion nothing more.Then I decided to fight this demonic feeling of mine which was threatening to ruin my happiness.
I wanted to finish it off once and for all without your help.Every time you assured me but my fear would not leave.It was temporarily forgotten only.Last night it came back to haunt me again.That’s why I decided I won’t live in fear anymore,getting frightened by a mere impossibility.I should not let it overpower me.
I fought back,kept fighting and I,I won Shivaay.I won,finally.
She grasps Shivaay’s hand happily-
I just can’t tell you how much happy and relaxed I am feeling right now.I have managed to accomplish an impossible Shivaay.
She puts his both hands on her cheeks-I could do it only because of you Shivaay.You have been my strength and courage all along.Can you believe it?

Shivaay was totally stunned hearing Anika’s words.He went on listening to her,feeling an unknown happiness flowing inside his every vein.His eyes grew soft as he focused on Anika’s face.When Anika finishes uttering her last sentence “Can you believe it?” he looks away,happy tears tingling his eyes.He returns his gaze with a sweet smile.Bending a little,he kisses Anika’s forehead.Caging her both hands he says-

Shivaay:I am so very proud of you Anika.You are very brave.You have confronted your fear and defeated it as well.Fighting inner battle is not an easy feat.Anika,you were,are,will be a fighter and win as well.Promise me that you will never stop fighting no matter what?
Smiling,Anika says-Promise.

There,Rudra and Soumya are watching them standing in the balcony.

Soumya:They look happiest together in each other’s company.
Rudra:Pehli bar sahi kaha tumne.
Rudra:Never mind.I had seen bhaiya when Anika di was in OM.Got to see another version of him.
They both say at one go-Wish they could………..!

Soumya and Rudra look at each other in surprise.Somehow they are feeling awkward.Soumya says-
Let’s go.It’s time for your medicine.Rudra complies and they leave.

In the pool garden Anika and Shivaay are busy talking with each other.At one point Anika says looking around-

Anika:Today moon is not up yet.Why?
Shivaay:It was upset because of you.
Anika:Is it?
Anika:Did you miss my talking Shivaay?
Anika:Very much………..They get lost in each other’s words.Minutes keep on passing.

Rain starts suddenly followed by thunders.Watching that Anika gets excited.She comes at the edge of the garden then extends her hands to touch the rain.

Anika:See Shivaay,it’s raining.Let’s get drenched,come.He says still sitting in the swing-
Shivaay:I will catch cold Anika.You go ahead.
Anika:Thik hai.Ice-cream ki tarah jame rahiye waha.Hiliye ga bhi maat!Shivaay laughs.

Anika starts playing with the rain.Shivaay keeps on looking at her.She steps on the stone made path.Rain water is falling all over her from an open sky.
Spreading the pallu of her saree she twirls around.By that time Shivaay comes and stands at a little distance of Anika inside the garden.
While twirling Anika trips and about to fall but Shivaay catches her on time.She clutches on his waist coat for balance.

Shivaay:Be careful Anika.
She sprinkles rain water on an already wet Shivaay.
Shivaay:Are you happy now?He sneezes.

Anika:God bless you.And yeah,very happy.He says recalling something-
Shivaay:You know Anika,when I met you first,it was also a rainy day.
Anika:Really?Then it must be a romantic encounter.Have you……………….Shivaay puts his index finger on Anika’s lips then says in a seductive tone-

Shivaay:Can I have a dance with you?
She extends her hand.Taking that Shivaay starts dancing.

Song Plays
“Main Taa Tere Naal Hi Rehna Ji
Har Gham Sang Tere Sehna Ji
Jo Jaag Se Kaha Na Jaaye Woh
Mujhko Bas Tujhse Kehna Ji
Sohna Sohna Itna Bhi Kaise Tu Sohna
Tere Ishq Mein Jogi Hona Mainu Jogi Hona…..”

In the end of a long rain dance,Shivaay picks up Anika in his arms then heads for the room while Anika keeps teasing him on avoiding rain water,a must romantic thing!

Precap:Gauri comes to meet Omkara at an exhibition.

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