Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 37

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There is only one page left to write on.I will fill it with words of only one syllable.I love.I have loved.I will love.

Sun Smiles In The Morning

Shivaay is seen sleeping grabbing Anika’s pillow on the bed,in her absence.It’s almost 8:30 am.

Anika comes out of the washroom.She is drying her hairs using a towel.She goes near the bed.Watching Shivaay sleeping taking her pillow in his embrace,Anika frowns.She gets on the bed.Next thing she does is-snatching away that pillow out of Shivaay’s grasp.He moves a little in his deep sleep.A mischievous smile flashes on Anika’s lips.Biting her lower lip,she takes a look at Shivaay then drops her wet towel on his sleeping face,all of a sudden!

Shivaay mutters under the towel-FTW!!!

He removes it angrily and finds Anika is trying hard to suppress her laughter but getting unsuccessful.He says in a half irritating,half amused voice-

Shivaay:Are,are you mad Anika?What do you think you are doing?Anika says in fake anger-

Anika:First you tell me,what are you doing?He says in a surprised tone-
Shivaay:What I did?
Anika:My sautan,your phone is not enough that you are thinking to make another one?
Shivaay:What are you trying to say?Will you plz elaborate?

Anika takes her pillow in her hands.Showing it to Shivaay,she says-

Anika:Why were you hugging it and sleeping?Only I own that place.Do you understand pati dev?Shivaay says bringing a smile in his lips-

Shivaay:Really?Let me also see what you will do if I give away your place to other anyone?
On that,Anika bends over Shivaay placing her both hands beside his head and says-

Anika:Do you really wish to know?
Shivaay:Yes.Go on.
Anika:I won’t share my husband,his love,his touches,everything of him with any damn person because I have the total monopoly over those.Am I clear or am I clear Mr.Oberoi?
Shivaay:So much possessiveness?You look really cute when you threaten me like that.Smiling Anika tries to get up but Shivaay catches her-

Shivaay:Where are you going?
Anika:I have to and get ready.You too get up.It’s almost 9 am.Won’t you go to office today?I have never seen you sleep so late.What happened to your perfect routine?
Shivaay:It’s because of you.
Anika:What I did?

Shivaay:Have you forgotten everything?Last night you………He could not finish as Anika closes his eyes hastily,feeling shy.Shivaay removes Anika’s hands then holding her by the back,he flips her beneath him,on the bed.

Shivaay:Why are you shying so much now?Was not that your Surprise for me?
Anika:Did I disturb you very much Shivaay?
Shivaay:Why are you asking that?

Anika:Don’t know why but opening eyes in the morning,I felt like I woke up from the most beautiful dream of my life.I found you held my hand close to your heart like you would never let go.And………She stops.
Shivaay:And?Come on,finish it Anika.
Anika’s hand reaches for Shivaay’s cheeks.Taking a deep look she says in honeyed voice-

Anika:Last night was the most beautiful night of my life as you were with me,so close.Sometimes you really confuse me but I don’t miss reading those blue eyes of yours which reflect nothing but only love for me.I am just happy to be with you.And I know you will never hurt me,give me pain intentionally.
You were with me last night and that’s enough to know what happened in between us.I trust you completely.You will never do anything wrong,ever with me and deprive me of my right.I belonged to you,belong,will belong always.
Our intimacies don’t depend on verbal,wordy expression or any explanation to confirm and that’s what I have learnt from you.

Shivaay turns speechless hearing those simple yet so strong words of trust and love of Anika on him.Smiling sweetly,he tilts his head then plants a soft kiss on Anika’s forehead.She closes her eyes.Shivaay says in a cool tone-

Shivaay:You are very nice Anika,as a person.I respect you,your words,your every emotion.You are like an open book to read and to me-most favourite.I love reading you.You are a perfect combination of mystery,thrill,romance,seriousness,humour everything one will adore in life.Everyday I get to learn different things.Thank you so much Anika.

Anika:Hmmmmm…..Expected you would tell something romantic.Anyway,let me go now.I have so many works to finish.This time,Shivaay brings Anika over him while he lies on the pillow-

Shivaay:What you will do if I don’t leave you?You disturbed my sleep and I need compensation now.
Anika:You need compensation?Okay,let me see.

While Shivaay is looking at her in pure admiration,without breaking the eye contact,Anika reaches for the wet towel which was kept beside the pillow.Taking that slowly in her hand,Anika covers Shivaay’s face!
He has to free his grip on her back because of that silent attack!Anika moves away finding the opportunity and straight runs out of the room,giggling.There Shivaay sits on the bed and watches Anika runs away.A sweet smile appear in his lips as he nods his head in amusement.

Some Time Later
Shivaay is talking with someone over phone-

Shivaay:Papers are ready?That’s great.No,no.I will come office to collect.Don’t send those here.Okay.
He cuts the call then calls out Anika-

She comes almost running-

Anika:What happened Shivaay?
Shivaay:I am going to office.If you need anything then just make a call okay?
Anika:Okay,I will.Let me escort you outside.Laughing,Shivaay agrees while taking his suit.

They both come outside together.Before getting in the car Shivaay says cupping Anika’s face-

Shivaay:I have to go and visit a work site too.Take care of yourself while I am away.Don’t get into Blunder Queen mode and harm yourself okay?
Anika gives a sweet peck on Shivaay’s cheek then says-Don’t worry,I will be fine.She smiles.Touching his cheek Shivaay says-

Shivaay:What you just did Anika?I am going to office na?He brings out his handkerchief to wipe out Anika’s lipstick mark.Anika stops him-

Anika:Don’t wipe out.This is my kala tika to protect you!
Shivaay:Kala tika?I don’t need any kala tika Anika.
Anika:Of course you need.My husband is so handsome and I can’t take risk.You are going to office and there will be many girls to ogle you so I applied my own kala tika and….Anika pauses for a moment then looks at Shivaay.Few seconds pass then both of them burst into laughter.Shivaay says-

Shivaay:You are just impossible Anika!
Anika:Woh toh hoon.Let me clean that.
Then,taking her pallu,Anika cleans her lipstick mark on Shivaay’s face.
Shivaay:Thank you so much for this kindness.

He gets in the car.Anika waves her hands smiling so does Shivaay bringing his hand out of the car window.He leaves Sunflower Petals.Anika goes back inside.

Precap:Shivaay is calling Anika but she is not picking up!

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  1. Aniriya

    Hi angel
    Amazing update
    And kala tikka on shivay’s face was superb. Everything was superb.
    Enjoyed fully
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Luthfa

      Hello AA,
      So sweet of you.Thank you soooooooooooooo…very much for your love dear.Thank you once again.You too keep smiling and take care.Lots of love.

  2. ShivikaSCNM

    Good one lu….❤️

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you sooooooooooooo…very much dear.

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing…

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      Thank you sooooooooooooo…very much for your love dear.

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