Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 35

Continuation from Episode 34:

Almost one hour later Shivaay wakes up.He turns to Anika’s side but she is not there.Sitting up on the bed he says-

Shivaay:Sun must be risen in the west today!
He reaches for his mobile on the bed-side table.A pink paper piece is seen under it.Shivaay gets surprised.Taking that he unfolds and starts reading-

Dear Pati Dev,

This is not a Love Letter!
Anyway,did you sleep well?Let me assume you slept well.
I know my sautan,your phone is the first thing that you search opening your eyes in the morning.
So I kept my letter near it for obvious reason-your unconditional love for my sautan!
By the way,I am not jealous at all.
In case you have forgotten,today is Sunday and this is our first Sunday in Sunflower Petals so I have decided to celebrate it.
“Sunday and Shivika”
Now you will ask what or who is Shivika right?
Well,Shivika is our couple name.Shivaay+Anika+Shivika.
I have planned few things to spend it in my stly.Hoping you won’t show any nakhre.

Only yours,

P.S.Kitchen is banned for you today.No Entry.
P.P.S.Wishing you a very good,sweet Sunday morning.

Shivaay smiles inwardly then says-Pagal ladki!

Taking another glance at the letter he takes a deep breath then heads for the washroom.
Later he joins Anika at the dinning table.Watching Shivaay,Anika says-

Anika:Come Shivaay.See,I have made today’s breakfast.He opens the lid of a bowl then says-

Shivaay:Smell is really good.Don’t know how every item will taste and that’s the concern.
Anika:Don’t worry.Consider that I am giving test and you are the judge.Akhir mujhe bhi toh pata chale,kitna sikha maine aab tak?

Shivaay is feeling perplexed and keeps looking at Anika while she serves him.Shivaay takes the first bite-

Shivaay:Wow Anika,you cooked really good.I am impressed.Will eat a lot.Thank you Anika.He starts eating.
Anika:That means I have passed the test?
Shivaay hiccups heavily on Anika’s question.She startles then passes on a glass of water to him.Patting Shivaay’s back Anika says-

Anika:Did you choke on the food?What are you doing Shivaay?Eat little slowly.He tries to smile.There Anika continues-
Anika:Let me also taste how I have made.

Taking a spoon-full and chewing it for few seconds,her smile vanishes.She makes a serious face then looks at Shivaay.
He is eating like having most delicious food in the world.Few silent moment passes.At one point,Shivaay compels himself to look at Anika.
Tears have welled up inside her hypnotic eyes.Will run down any moment.Shivaay says worryingly-

Shivaay:Anika,hey…………Before he could manage to say anything,Anika grabs his hands-
Anika:I don’t know how do you manage every time?You have named me Blunder Queen rightly.You were eating that tasteless food still said nothing,for me?I…………This time Shivaay stops Anika.
Wiping out twin traces of tears he cups Anika’s face then says-

Shivaay:Anika,I don’t like,like at all when you cry.What happened?It’s a very small matter.You don’t have to shed your priceless tear drops for such petty thing okay?I am here.I will handle everything.
Anika:You are Sweet Singh Oberoi so you will tell anything to console me but I know I did mistake.Can’t even do a thing properly.Anika looks down.Shivaay takes Anika’s hands in his hands-

Shivaay:I am here to make you learn.Very soon you will start cooking perfect dishes and I am giving you my words.
Anika:But what will you eat now?I have ruined everything.

Shivaay:Let’s see what can I do.He calls out someone.A house stuff comes with a trolley.Anika says getting surprised-
Anika:What is all these Shivaay?
Shivaay:Have read your letter.I knew that you would do some blunder definitely,Blunder Queen!This is my arrangement.
Anika looks down,blushing.Shivaay takes a plate and makes Anika face him.He puts one morsel into her mouth.She says while eating-

Anika:I must say,I am a very bad learner but very good at eating!
Shivaay:That’s true.
Anika:Don’t boast okay?
Shivaay:Okay M’am.

Finally Anika smiles and breakfast time goes on smoothly.

Around 11:00 am
Anika is talking with Chanchan and Chanchal-

Anika:Sun na Chanchan Chanchal,I did blunder once again.Could not even make a proper breakfast.
But Shivaay is really sweet you know?Now it’s time for next surprise.
She picks up Chanchan and Chanchal one by one,kisses them then leaves the room.

Shivaay is in the pool balcony,talking with someone-

Shivaay:That’s great news.I was waiting for it since long.Now do exactly what I am going to tell.
He instructs that person over phone.
He completes talking later Anika comes there with a cup of coffee.Shivaay smiles then takes the mug-

Shivaay:Thank you.
Anika:Most welcome.

They both sit on respective chairs.Shivaay feels Anika is struggling to say something.He decides to offer help-
Shivaay:Do you want to tell anything Anika?Is it about me or you?
Anika:First you have to promise that you won’t laugh.
Shivaay:What is it?

Anika:Are you sure that you won’t laugh?
Shivaay:100% sure.Now tell.
Anika:Actually I….I want to cook Sunday special lunch for both of us.She finishes at one go.With much difficulty Shivaay suppresses his laughter then says-

Shivaay:Are you sure Anika?I mean you know na that…..
Anika:I know everything.I know I am a Blunder Queen but I won’t do any mistake if you are with me.Plz Shivaay?
Shivaay:But I planned to take you out for lunch.You wanted to celebrate so I thought to give you a surprise from my side.And….Anika stops Shivaay holding his hands-

Anika:We will definitely go but next Sunday or other.But now you have to help me to cook at home.Won’t you Shivaay?
Shivaay:Hmmmm….Someone is very desperate.Okay,if you insist so much.Let’s go.They both leave for kitchen.

Kitchen is beaming and buzzing around because of Anika’s spontaneous energy and enthusiasm on cooking by herself.The truth is,Shivaay never let Anika do anything on her own due to her very accident-prone nature.She only watched Shivaay cooking standing beside him and did nothing practically.Today Shivaay allowed Anika partly because he took it as a challenge to make Anika cook and partly because he wants to watch Anika cooking.
Cooking starts finally and it takes longer time than necessary.Anika is very happy at her achievement so is Shivaay.Lunch gets over.Shivaay enjoys joint-lunch making adventure,very much with Anika.

Almost Evening
Anika is seen standing in her room.It’s raining outside.She is watching rain drops falling on pool water.Shivaay comes there and stands right next to her,silently.Without turning Anika asks-

Anika:Do you like drenching in rain Shivaay?
Shivaay:No.I catch cold immediately so rain water is a big NO for me.
Anika:You have micmichi for every chosen romantic item no?Just unbelievable.
Shivaay:I did not mean….Anika cuts his words-

Anika:Let it be Shivaay.I don’t need your explanation.Since you are married to me,you will become a true romantic husband every way possible and I will make sure.Shivaay says nothing just grins.Anika says further-

Anika:This rain is making me naughty! Thinking for few seconds she says-
Anika:I have an idea.Let’s play some game.
Shivaay:Game?It’s raining outside.And I don’t like those stupid indoor games.
Anika:How can I forget super standard choice of Shivaay Singh Oberoi?I was not talking about those “stupid indoor game” but……She moves close to Shivaay and makes him grab her waist while she drapes her hands around him.Anika looks into his blue,seductive eyes then says-

Anika:This time is particularly very romantic.Why not we play some special game Shivaay?
Shivaay:Special game?Anika whispers near Shivaay’s ear-
Anika:Yes,husband-wife special game!
A cold yet burning sensation runs through Shivaay’s veins right that moment.Anika says further-

Anika:We will play “Let’s stare at each other” game.Come Shivaay.
They both sit in the balcony occupying two seats,face to face.Anika explains the rules-The one who will blink first will lose the game.Defeated one will offer a kiss to the winner!Anika looks at Shivaay.He is feeling nervous.She says-

Anika:Are you ready Shivaay?
He was absent-minded still nods in approval.Shivaay was thinking why he agreed with Anika.
Staring game starts.Shivaay and Anika are glaring at each other,without blinking.Soon they get lost in each other.

Song Plays
“Kitna Pagal Dil Hai,Kaisi Yeh Mushkil Hai
Bewaja Kisi Pe Aitbaar Kare
Jo Bhi Yahan Pyaar Kare
Jeena Dushwar Kare….

Aapne Mehboob Sanam Ko,Dil Kabhi Bhool Na Paye
Saath Chalte Hai Pal Pal,Biti Yaadon Ke Saaye
Chaand Tare Bhuj Jaaye,Raat Kaali Ho Jaaye
Ek Dilbaar Na Ho Toh Dunyia Khali Ho Jaaye
Har Lamha Deedar Kare
Jeena Dushwar Kare….

Aankhon Aankhon Se Koi,Teer Chalta Rehta Hai
Is Kadar Saawan Mein Bhi
Jism Jalta Rehta Hai
Pyaas Jitni Rooko Main,Utni Badhti Jaaye
Dooriyon Ki Beechaini Mujhko Uh Tadpati Hai
Shaamo Sehar Bezaar Kare
Jeena Dushwaar kare
Jo Bhi Yahan Pyaar Kare
Jeena Dushwar Kare Hai…………”

Shivaay are dancing in a flower decorated room!

  1. Luthfa

    Don’t know how but Precap got messed up.Precap is-Shivaay and Anika are dancing in a flower decorated room!
    Sorry for this inconvenience.Thank you???

    1. Astmasiddika

      It happens lu ?that’s ok ☺️

  2. Astmasiddika

    Hey lu
    ??? Lots of kisses to you lu for this kidikithod episode when I was reading the episode I was smiling & blushing ?? , Anu di try many things to make Billu ji happy Awww so sweet & nice thought , beautiful game precap – dance nice??
    Waiting for the next. Til then TC love u ❤️

    1. Luthfa

      Awwwwwwwww……Your comments always bring smile in my lips.Thank you soooooooooooo….very much for your valuable love and compliment dear.Love you too???

  3. not so good ff. All it doesn’t seem to be so impressive, not a strong content you hold while desribing.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Kk,
      First of all,
      Thank you so much for reading my FF and hearty Congratulations to you for giving the very First Negative Feedback after reading my FF.
      Well dear,I am not a very experienced writer as you assumed to be like Many Others on this site.This is my first FF so I tend to do mistake.
      I love to write and equally love reading.So I would love to know from you some Examples and Instances of “Impressive” “Strong Content” containing FF of this site and the name of the writer.It would be a great help.
      Third and Most Important,
      This is my Choice of narrating,story telling,character portraying,moulding twist etc.which are important to run a FF.If you don’t like it,YOU are most welcome to press Dislike button after toiling and bothering yourself much with my FF.Okay dear?

  4. ItsmePrabha

    hola darling.. amazingly beautiful episode..kumbkaran di jaldi utne ke saath saath khaana pakaane bhi gyi..waah waah sach mein uss din suraj west se rise hue honge..hehehe…but why expecting when the lad is our very own anudi..khaana pe gadbad kar hi diya..ek dum main unpe gyi..par billuji ko khush rakhne ke liye anudi joh bhi karti hai woh bohoth cute lagti ha mujhe..milke lunch banane wali scne..haaye kitna beautiful hoga yeh scene screen mein..anudi expecting billu to be romantic..hone se rhi..time lagega..par jab romantic hoga tab ek dum cheapda ban jayega..hehehe..staring game ,i love it..but can’t play it..will be waiting for the next to know who wins and also to imagine their dance reading your description….post it asap.. till then take care..

    1. Luthfa

      Arre wah,Anika the second mil gayi mujhe.Hehehehe…….Being clumsy is absolutely okay Sweetheart.Those peeople are the salt of life while leading it.Anika only wanted to spend quality time with Shivaay,without giving him any work pressure or tension of her problems,that’s it.
      Will be posting soon.Thank you soooooooooooooooooo…..very much for your love.You too take care.

  5. Hey don’t get hyper dear i just passed my review and secondly i didn’t wrote just for you only go and check ” Nati” ff too dear i wrote for her too that she should stop writing as she don’t know what she’s writing and doing her, she’s the most weakest author here. ( forget about words of apperication, she don’t even get likes)

    And above that go and check VHM ff if you want to learn.

    Thirdly if i wrote something without buttering that you should be thankful to me that i just don’t hide myself behind just hitting dislike button but too have words to clear…. why dislike is pressed.

    Thank you !!!

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      Anshu Kk,
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      I Am Not VHM/Harika di Or Nati di.
      I Am Luthfa So My FF Is Based On My CHOICE And Preferences.
      If YOU are trying to find or search for Harika di and Nati di’s way of weaving and writing FF then,I am very sorry to disappoint YOU.I don’t want to compare MY writing with any one or two of them or other.As this is my First attempt so I am learning and will continue learning and that should be MY concern,don’t YOU think?
      If you are not interested in my FF then simply YOU can avoid it.I am not forcing YOU to read and pass comments,be it positive or negative.I write simply because I love.I am not greedy to find my FF page filled with Comments and Like section filled with likes.Those who love to read my FF,I write for them and mostly for PKJ and for Myself.And let me assure YOU that I am not at all Hyper.Suggestions and Criticisms are always welcome,from anyone BUT,those should be proper and useful and encouraging while criticizing.And what YOU will do as YOU said disliking silently or coming open are completely YOUR Choice.I won’t and don’t interfere.
      Hope I am very clear.THANK YOU.

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    Good one lu… our Anika is becoming naughty day by day waiting for next update.
    And I’m proud of u that this is ur 1st ff and u have written very well ur grammar and all is very perfect and I can easily reed and enjoy it thanks for giving us only shivika u are making me not miss them.❤️❤️❤️

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      I was unable to find a perfect dp which would be suitable for my FF but I could not manage one.At last I found and changed it.It is going to be permanent from now on.But if you like previous pic then I can post it on your wall and you can download.Love you.

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    So sooo sorry as i was busy could not read today i read your this and previous update.
    Loved it you know na how much i love your story.
    Bye keep smiling

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      It’s absolutely okay.Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo…very much for your precious love.You too take care and keep smiling.Lots of love.

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    Hi dear….
    The episode was khidkithod superb episode dear… Tht letter ?????? nd missing khanna ji.. The surprise nd anika breakfast plan(cooking) ti ti piss hogi… Good episode dear.. Love you. TC

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      Hahaha….Intentionally wrote it like that,to match Anika’s style.Thank you soooooooooooooo….very much for your love and compliment.

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