Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 32

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Continuation from Episode 31:

Shivaay and Anika come in their room.Anika is talking about Chanchan and Chanchal.Shivaay is little ahead of Anika in walking.Suddenly he stops without hearing anything from Anika.Shivaay turns and sees Anika is about to faint.He catches Anika-

Shivaay:Ani..Anika,are you okay?Open your eyes,Anika?She opens her eyes-

Anika:I..I am okay.Just feeling dizzy.Shivaay makes her sit on the bed and hands over a glass of water.Anika drinks that.
Shivaay:Should I call the doctor?
Anika:I am fine Shivaay.No need to call the doctor.
Shivaay:Are you sure?
Anika:Yes.Let’s see what Chanchan and Chanchal are doing.They come near the basket like little home of Chanchan and Chanchal.They are eating grass.Shivaay and Anika spend time with them.

Around 12:!5 pm

Anika is in the kitchen.

Anika:Today I will give Shivaay surprise.She starts arranging things near cook top.While doing so,water spills on the floor.Anika is looking for something to wipe away that water but that time Shivaay comes and slips in the water.Anika manages to hold him somehow.Standing straight Shivaay says-

Shivaay:How did water come here?You could slip like I did.One second,you are in the kitchen even before me?Late lateef ji sudhar gaye kya?
Anika:I thought to give you surprise by arranging things but water got spilled and you….
Shivaay:It’s okay Anika.Now I am here na I will handle everything.

Cooking starts while Anika observes Shivaay attentively.He tries to make Anika learn few basic of cooking.Later,they enjoy their lunch,together.Whole afternoon passes smoothly.

At Late Afternoon
Shivaay is talking with someone over phone-

Shivaay:Have you done what I asked you to do?I know he is out of town.Do inform me when he will return.It’s very urgent.He cuts the call.
Coming in the room he finds Anika in the middle of the bed with a lot of sketch papers,pencils,pen etc.She is drawing something on paper.Shivaay goes to her-

Shivaay:Anika,what are you doing with all these?Anika looks at Shivaay-
Anika:Come,sit here.He sits.
Anika:Well,I was just trying to renew my talent.She laughs.
Shivaay:Sorry,I did not understand.

Anika:When I was small,I used to love making sketches.As you know my Dad deals in diamonds and gold jewellery and for that,I have seen a lot of design books,catalogs on jewellery in our house.Watching those I tried to make some of my own.One day,Dad saw my imperfect designs and praised my effort and encouraged me.After that,it became my passion,gradually.

Anika:I took my bachelor degree on fashion designing and went to London to study further,to complete my MS.Now I don’t know whether I have finished it or not.Do you know Shivaay?
Shivaay:Yes,you have completed your MS with distinction.Anika smiles-What happened next?

Anika:While studying,apart from designing jewellery,bridal costume grabbed my attention.Dad told me to go with both jewellery designing and bridal dress,at the same time as it would be a perfect combination,if I wished to.Then,I started my work on both with all my dedication and love.
Shivaay recalls that room in Trivedi Villa where he talked with Mrs.Trivedi,going there for the first time which was full of cloths and design materials,decorated systematically.He starts listening to Anika’s words with rapt attention.There Anika continues-

Anika:I became one of the executive designers of Trivedi Jewels & Diamonds,especially for bridal collection branch.Dad launched my designs keeping my name hidden,as his daughter!
Anika:Because I wanted to.When Dad got to know the reason,he was really surprised.

“Even me too”
Shivaay says in his mind.
Anika:I wanted to create my own identity as Anika,not being the daughter of Harshvardhan Trivedi,the famous diamond merchant.I wanted people to know me through my work.
Shivaay:That’s excellent.What your Dad said?

Anika:Dad agreed with much happiness.He was so proud on my decision and of me.Very soon I started getting projects and my designs reached almost all the showrooms of Trivedi Jewels & Diamonds,across India.
But,I wanted to have my own fashion and jewellery house,in the money I was earning.Dad opened a separate bank account and all my monthly salary being the executive designer of Trivedi Jewels & Diamonds got deposited in it.Dad was very much excited even more than me on the prospect of my own showroom.Everything was set but……

Shivaay:But?But what Anika?

Anika:It was pre-decided that once I return India after completing my post graduation,my jewellery and fashion house would be inaugurated.But now….Anika stops.
Now I have forgotten where I left everything,my dream and all.Don’t know whether I will be able to relive my dream or not.Anika looks down getting sad.Shivaay moves close to Anika and takes her hand in his hands then says-

Shivaay:You know Anika,Dadi always says when it’s comes to fulfilling one’s dream,it’s never late.You can catch up anytime no matter what.Just you have to trust your heart and work accordingly.
And your dream will be a vivid reality,my heart is saying that.Shivaay smiles sweetly looking at Anika.
She hugs Shivaay while he too reciprocates Anika’s hug,caressing her hair.Anika says remaining in Shivaay’s arms-

Anika:Shivaay,I am missing Dad so very much.He has not called me even once nor he came to meet me.Shivaay gets shocked.
Shivaay:He will come to meet you Anika,very soon.He is not in India.Once he comes,he will meet you.
Anika:Really?Are you sure?
Shivaay:Pinky Promise.Where is your finger?Anika forwards her finger and they perform Pinky Promise!
Anika hugs Shivaay getting all excited and happy.

Some Time Later
Shivaay is seen sitting in the hall,in front of laptop,typing away something.Anika comes there tip-toeing from behind and covers Shivaay’s eyes with her hands.Shivaay touches Anika’s hands and says-

Anika:Are you sure that I am Anika?
Shivaay:Of course.My heart is saying,you are Anika and my heart never tells lies.Do you need proof?
Anika removes her fingers.Then,leaning ahead she captures Shivaay with both her hands,bringing her face close to him.She says-

Anika:How do you know without even seeing?Is there any secret?
Shivaay:Hai na ek secret.Shivaay brings Anika next to him holding her hands over the sofa-
I have an inbuilt Anika sensometer in me.So,it’s very easy.Anika laughs sitting next to Shivaay.

Shivaay:Do you need anything?
Anika:First tell me,are you busy?What are you doing?
Shivaay:Nothing.Just checking some official documents.Why?
Anika:Then come with me.
Anika takes Shivaay out of the house,in the lawn garden.Going there Shivaay finds house stuffs are placing net-stand,making court with chalk powder.Some are arranging table.

Shivaay:What is this Anika?
Anika:We will play badminton here,together.
Anika:Kya what Shivaay
?See,you keep yourself busy whole day in my works and invest your time only on me.In all these,you forget sparing time for you.You too deserve few minutes which will tension free,peaceful,at least.So,I have arranged it.Kaisa laga meri idea?
Shivaay:Hmmm…Bilkul khidkitode.

Anika:Pick up your racket bat then?
Shivaay takes one so does Anika.

Anika:Shivaay,are you ready to-Lose?
Shivaay:Are you,Anika?
Anika:Let’s see.
Shivaay:Will see.
Anika:Don’t challenge me.You will lose very badly.
Shivaay:Shivaay Singh Oberoi ko harana mushkil hi nahi,na-mumkin hai!
Anika:Confidence is good but,not overconfidence.Don’t forget,you are going to play against Anika,Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi and that’s me.She points at herself.”Lose”,this word does not exist in my dictionary.I make other include this specific word in their dictionary.Understand?

Shivaay fixes his gaze on Anika then throws the racket in the air.Anika looks up.Shivaay catches it without looking,with his one hand.

Shivaay:Are you challenging me?
Anika:Yes,challenging you.
Shivaay:Okay then,challenge accepted.

Saying that,Shivaay Singh Oberoi does his famous hair flick.
Game is totally on and on fire!

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  1. Surbhifan

    Must say yaa…. Ur writing is really good… I was a silent reader of ur comments in written episodes… For me The way you set ur words are attractive… Really thoughtful that how much time consuming it would be.. Anyway great???

    1. Luthfa

      Hi dear,how are you?
      Wow,I did not know that.Soooooooooo…Sweet of you.
      Yeah,those are bit time consuming but if you love then it becomes easy.Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…very much for your valuable love.God bless you.Lots of love.

  2. Aniriya

    Hi angel
    What an incredible update ?????? tareef karu kya uskee jisne tumhe banaya. It’s outstanding each word each sentence each parah each scene was so amazing that it stole my heart. You deserve this ?????
    I thoroughly enjoyed this update as everything was perfect.
    Keep writing keep stealing my heart and never stop smiling.
    Bye have a happy Sunday

    1. Luthfa

      “Thappar(criticism) se dar nahi lagta AA,Pyaar(tareef)se lagta hai”
      Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo…very much for your love.Will try stealing your heart more often.Happy Sunday to you too.Love you.

  3. ItsmePrabha

    hola pongal is on its way..i will be busy kabhi kabhi comment nhi kar paongi..just like pichle epi mein nhi ki na..Anyways coming to both the updates..both are khidkithod…just loved them to tiffany.. both caring sso and caring anudi are a treat to watch and read…chanchan aur chanchal ke saath mujhe bhi khelni hai..excited for the next epi..will be waiting for it..till then take care..Love you soo much Darlos..

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Sweetheart,how are you?Hope pongal celebration preparing is going good.
      Let me tell you one thing Sweetheart-You and other are reading my FF,sparing time to read and that’s only should be okay for me.Otherwise,comment karna yeah na karna yeh tum logo ki marzi.I won’t and don’t want to force anyone to read my FF nor I will entitled any reader,be it regular or silent.Comment karna tum logo ki choice hai aur force na karna meri.Those who love to read my FF they do comment and support pressing the Like button as well and you are among them.Do read whenever you wish to.Meri FF yahi hai,kahi bhagi nahi ja rahi.
      I am happy that you loved the episode.Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo…very much for your love.Much love to you too.

  4. ShivikaSCNM

    Amazing episode lu…. loved It❤️

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooooooooooooo….very much for your precious love dear.Love you.Happy Pongal.

  5. ShivikaSCNM

    After reading ur updates I’m not missing my old IB (shivika) it makes me happy dear thanks a ton❤️

    1. Luthfa

      Awwwww…Very,very happy and glad to know that.I should thank you rather.Thank you soooooooooooooooooo…very much.Lots of love.

  6. Happy pongal lu

    1. Luthfa

      Happy Pongal to you too dear.God bless you.

      1. ShivikaSCNM

        Happy pongal lu…..

      2. Thanks and may God give all the happiness to you

  7. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear.. I’m really feeling somewhat to face u ????? always being latecat to comment here…. Sry
    The episode is mind-blowing dear.. I just loved the was anika was saying her ambition.. Her wish to achieve… ND anika in kitchen ???? I just loved the episode dear… Lovely episode .. Love u. Tc

    1. Luthfa

      And I am enjoying your blushing very very much!
      Hehehe….It’s absolutely okay dear.No need to say sorry and all.Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo…very much for your love.You too take care.Love you too.

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you sooooooooooooo…very much for your love dear.

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