Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 31

Continuation from Episode 30:

Shivaay’s raising temperature makes Anika worried very much.Thinking awhile she gets down the bed and reaches for first aid box beside bed side drawer.Bringing out the thermometer she checks Shivaay’s fever.It shows 102 degree which is quite high.
Anika puts her hand on Shivaay’s forehead.He stirs a little in his sleep.
While caressing Shivaay’s hair Anika starts thinking something.Later she gets down the bed again and returns with a bowl filled with water and a strip of cloth.
Soaking the cloth in water she places it on Shivaay’s forehead.Checking the cloth,she keeps changing it with another wet one.At one point Shivaay starts saying in his fever-inflicted tone-

Shivaay:A..Ani..ka…plz don’t stop talking with me.I..I..will never shout at you-Pinky,Pinky Promise.Don’t leave me Anika,don’t……..He tries to hold Anika’s hand.She takes Shivaay’s hand in her hand and says-

Anika:I won’t go anywhere Shivaay.I will be with you,always.
Shivaay grasps Anika’s one hand upon his chest and keeps it on his heart.Anika enjoins her other hand with Shivaay’s and feels the fast racing heart beats of Shivaay………….

Next Morning
Around 7 am

Shivaay opens his eyes.Anika is sleeping keeping her head on his shoulder grabbing him with her hands,closely.Her hair is scattered around Shivaay.He looks at Anika turning his face.Anika is looking really cute while sleeping.
He pushes aside her hair.Anika moves in her sleep and grabs Shivaay more closely while nuzzling with him.
Shivaay smiles looking at her baby like innocent face.
Then,rescuing himself from Anika’s tight grasp,Shivaay puts Anika on the pillow.Shivaay tries to get up but Anika’s mangalsutra gets entangled with his kurta’s button.Bending a little he takes a close look at it then at Anika’s hairline which is adorned with long patch of red sindoor.He takes off the locket of mangalsutra while looking at Anika.Sitting near to Anika,Shivaay says in his mind-

“You have worn those thinking about our relation,accept those from your heart with every emotion of a wife attached with it.You thought all these are true but it’s not and this thing is giving me pain,thinking about you.You accepted yourself as my wife,Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife but Shivaay Singh Oberoi?What he will do?I could not stop you then how would I stop myself?
(He tries to touch Anika’s cheek but stops)
You are putting me on test every now and then with your wifely Right on me.But how I will tell you that I have no right on you?I don’t know,really don’t know for how long I will keep going on refusing you and your demands.How long I will be able to stand your attacks using my shield of patience and tolerance.I don’t want to hurt you nor I can ever think of it.But you make me helpless sometimes and for that,you are not at fault neither I.Perhaps you and me have come into each other’s life at a wrong time.How I wish this wrong timing turns out right somehow,through any miracle!”

Door bell rings which breaks Shivaay’s deep thinking trance.He covers Anika with duvet then gets down the bed to open the door.

House stuffs have come.Shivaay makes them understand everything and distributed the works.Finishing that task he moves towards the room.There,Anika wakes up and finds Shivaay is not beside her,opening eyes.Sitting on the bed she says-Shivaay?Where are you?
She throws away the duvet,getting down the bed,runs at the direction of door.Shivaay too is entering and they both collide with each other.Shivaay catches Anika-

Shivaay:Careful Anika.Where are you going in such hurry?Is everything okay?
Anika:Shivaay,why did you get up from the bed?You have high fever.102 degree.Come,you have to rest.She takes Shivaay with her and makes him sit on the bed.
Shivaay:What are you saying?102 degree?May be but now I am fine Anika.Relax.
Anika:No relax.Let me check again.She picks up the thermometer and keeps it inside Shivaay’s mouth.He says nothing just complies to Anika’s satisfaction.Pulling out the thermometer she takes a close look then her eye-brow raises-

Anika:See,I was telling you na?Look yourself.It’s 102 degree.
Shivaay:One second,show it to me?Shivaay takes the thermometer in his hands.Afterwards,he starts laughing.Anika gets surprised.She says angrily-

Anika:Why are you laughing?Shivaay says,still laughing-
Shivaay:This is a damaged one Anika.It will always show 102 no matter what.
Anika:What?Give it to me.She takes it and realizes he is telling the truth.She looks at Shivaay-
Shivaay:Don’t tell me you did not know it before.Is it?
Shivaay:Woh actually,you were ill na so I could not see anything else.I was worried for you only.Sorry,I…
Shivaay:It’s okay Anika.I think you picked it from the old box.

Anika:Still,call the doctor or we will visit doctor to get your check up done.Anika says in a concerned voice holding Shivaay.
Shivaay:Relax Anika I am absolutely fine.But doctor is going to come for sure.
Shivaay:To get your check-up done.You are the one,unwell.So,get ready.I am going to make breakfast.Patting Anika’s cheek,he leaves saying those.

Around 11 am

Doctor is in Sunflower Petals.He is talking with Shivaay in the hall.Later Anika joins them.Doctor says-

Doctor:How are you feeling nowadays Mrs.Oberoi?
Anika:What has happened to me?I am doing khidkitode.
Shivaay:Actually,her kind of saying “Very good”.
Doctor:Impressive.So there is no problem you say?

Anika:Till Shivaay is with me,I won’t face any problem doctor.Anika looks at Shivaay who is already looking at her.
Doctor:That’s great.I am assured now that you will recover soon.
Anika’s phone rings and she goes to attend the call in the room.After Anika’s departure,doctor says to Shivaay-

Doctor:I must say Mr.Oberoi,you are really great.You are not her husband still taking such good care of her.You are away from your family,business,personal works and busy in Delhi,just for Ms.Trivedi.I am so proud of you Mr.Oberoi.

[Flashback Plays:Shivaay disclosing to doctor about Anika’s real identity and everything else before leaving hospital]

Shivaay:Plz,don’t say like that.I am just fulfilling my responsibility.And Anika has become a part of my family and life,at the same time.I don’t think I am doing anything extraordinary.My only wish to see Anika normal,happily living with her own family that’s it.Anika returns and hears what Shivaay has said-

Anika:What were you talking about my family?What has happened to my family?Shivaay gets shocked.
Shivaay:Nothing Anika.We were just discussing something.Doctor stands up and says-

Doctor:I will take your leave Mr.Oberoi.And don’t worry,she is going good.Do keep updating me on her improvements.
Shivaay:Sure doctor.Doctor leaves after handshaking with Shivaay.

Anika turns to Shivaay-
Anika:By the way,when did you shout at me Shivaay?She asks all of a sudden.Shivaay was not prepared for that question.He stammers-

Shivaay:How…I mean when did I tell that to you?He is looking tensed.
Anika:Last night,when you were almost unconscious because of fever.When did that happen?What I did?Are you hiding something from me?She looks straight into Shivaay’s eyes.He is feeling nervous in front of those keen gazes.Avoiding Anika’s eyes,Shivaay says-

Shivaay:Actually Anika….I,I told you na you fell into pool?You were not coming out of the pool so I,I shouted at you……..
Anika:You are telling the truth na then why are not you looking at me?He looks at Anika-

Shivaay:Let’s forget that.You tell me,where are Chanchan and Chanchal?Anika gets excited-
Anika:Chanchan and Chanchal are in our room.They have started responding on their names.Come,I will show you.

Anika takes Shivaay’s hand in her hand and they leave for their room.

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