Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 29

Continuation from Episode 28:

Anika is looking at Shivaay mischievously standing on the bed.She tries to get down but staggers and about to fall.Shivaay comes running and catches her.Anika’s hair touches Shivaay”s face.He makes her get down,somehow.
After that,coming close to Shivaay,Anika makes him grab her waist.She says smiling-

Anika:Shivaay,why are you not looking at me?You know Shivaay,I have understood one thing and that is Shivaay Singh Oberoi is very slow when it comes to romance his wife.Itna sanskari romantic Pati kaha se mil gayi mujhe?
Aap se toh kuch ho nahi payega that’s why I have taken the pain to teach you Romance!
Now look at me.Shivaay looks at other side instead.
Anika starts playing with Shivaay’s wet hair.He closes his eyes feeling those touches.Suddenly he opens his eyes and takes Anika’s hands off him,rather rudely and harshly.Shivaay shouts-

Shivaay:Stop it Anika,just stop it.What do you think you are doing huh?You think you will do anything and I won’t utter a word?Everything has a limit Anika but you won’t understand that.Don’t try testing my patience.Just behave yourself and stay away from me!
His breath gets heavy because of shouting.

On the other hand Anika,who is watching Shivaay’s sudden outburst,shudders at his shouting first then goes silent,totally.Tears well up in her eyes.Shivaay gets shocked fist at himself then looking at Anika.
He promptly realizes what he has said.Anika turns her back on Shivaay without saying anything.Shivaay tries to tell something-


But Anika does not turn around.Like a little girl she goes and hides behind curtains and starts crying.Shivaay says in his mind-

“What have you done Shivaay?”

Shivaay comes near Anika who is standing behind curtains.He is feeling guilty for shouting at her-

Shivaay:Anika listen,I,I am sorry.I should not have shouted at you.Plz forgive me Anika.
Don’t cry plz.I don’t like it when you cry.Stop crying Anika,I am requesting you.Anika says behind the curtains-

Anika:Go away.I don’t want to talk to you.And I won’t.Never ever!
Shivaay gets stunned.He says in a pleading voice-

Shivaay:Anika,I am sorry.Plz don’t say that you won’t talk to me.If you won’t talk to me then who are going to talk to me?
Whom I will call Blunder Queen?Forgive me plz?
Anika:Go and find someone else.I will not say a word.
Shivaay:You are still talking na Anika?See,I am holding my ears.I won’t shout at you,ever again.Just don’t,don’t cry.

Anika pushes aside the curtains.Her eyes are filled with tears.Shivaay brings her out from there holding her hands.

Shivaay:I,I am sorry Anika.I did not want to shout at you.I was just….If you could only understand what I was going through.
Anika says nothing.Just keeps staring at Shivaay.
Shivaay gets worried watching her silent.Cupping her face he says-

Shivaay:What should I do that will make you feel better and you will start talking with me?I am ready to do anything.I can’t bear your silence.
You don’t know Anika what I went through watching you lying in hospital cabin,in complete silence.I was dying talking to you.
If I don’t hear your words,perhaps I will not be able to live.Your silence is ever biggest punishment for me which I can’t afford.
If you want then you can do anything but don’t stop talking.Plz Anika,it’s a request.Shivaay says making sad puppy eyes.

Anika:Then say-“I will not shout at you Anika,never.Pinky Promise”
Can you swear through Pinky Promise?Anika forwards her finger.One tear drop escapes from his eyes.Shivaay entangles his own with Anika’s and says-Pinky Promise and jumps straight into Anika’s arms.She hugs him back.While hugging she says-

Anika:I have one more condition.
Anika:You will make my favourite dish and feed me with your own hand.Deal?
Anika:Shivaay,I am feeling so sleepy.I am feeling so tired don’t know why.Will you put me to sleep?

Hearing that Shivaay lifts Anika in his arms and takes her to the bed.Putting Anika in the middle of the bed,Shivaay covers her with duvet.

Shivaay:Go to sleep Anika.She catches his hand.
Anika:Stay with me Shivaay.Otherwise I won’t sleep.
Shivaay:I am here Anika,with you.I won’t go anywhere.Now close your eyes.Anika takes his hands in her grasp.
Putting that under her head,she closes her eyes,finally.Shivaay keeps on looking at her.
Few minutes later he takes out his hands from Anika’s grasp.Changing into dry cloths,he returns back to bed.Anika is sleeping with a smile in her lips.
Shivaay takes the upper cover of Anika’s night gown and makes her wear it without disturbing the sleep.Still she moves a little in her sleep.Shivaay ties up strings of the upper cover,above Anika’s bosom.She catches his hand,once again.

Song Plays

“Kismat Se Tum Humko Mile Ho
Kaise Chodenge
Yeh Haat Hum Na Chodenge
Phir Se Banati Takdeeron Ko
Armaanon Ki Zanjeeron Ko
Janaam Hum Na Todenge
Kismat Se Tum Humko Mile Ho
Kaise Chodenge………….”

Shivaay says in his mind-

“How peacefully you are sleeping making me awake Anika.Today your tears broke my heart into million pieces like before.I felt unbearable pain in my heart.Only if you could know how much pain you inflicted keep inflicting on me,my heart and soul.Perhaps I should get used to it now.You know the most interesting part of this one-sided pain?That is you will never know the reason of my pain neither you can fathom.If I am able to bear so much pain it’s only because of you.You have become the reason of my pain and the reason to heal it too.You are just unbelievable Anika.For you,I have prepared myself to drink this poison pain,everyday.I want you to be happy,always.And for that,Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do anything.”
He keeps caressing Anika’s hair with his other hand……………….FLASHBACK ENDS.

Lotus Temple
Shivaay opens his eyes.He brings out his wallet from the pocket.Inside,there is a photo of Anika.He smiles looking at that pic.Coming outside the temple he gets in the car and leaves for Sunflower Petals where,Anika is waiting for him.

Sunflower Petals
Around 2:30
Anika is seen calling Shivaay keeping her phone in the charge.His phone is still unreachable.Getting frustrated she leaves the phone and comes near dressing table.She looks in the mirror.Shivaay’s big portrait type pic is seen in the mirror.She thinks something then turns and goes out of the room.She comes in front of house temple.Folding hands she closes her eyes.

“Till yesterday,there were so many questions in my heart.I was so disturbed because of those.Could not understand or decide what should I do.But today,all my confusions get cleared.I know what I should do and where lies my happiness.”

Opening eyes she walks away and returns with something.She has a small photo frame of Shivaay in her hand.Anika keeps it at the altar of the temple.Next,she takes the box of nuptial chain from there.Looking at Shivaay’s photo then at the idol of Goddess,she wears it.Next,Anika fills her hairline with red vermilion,closing her eyes.

“Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu
Mangalam Garuda Dhwaja
Mangalam Pundari Kaksham
Mangalaya Thanno Hari”

Anika opens her eyes.She touches the locket of her mangalsutra.She says in her mind-

“I don’t know whether I have done it right or wrong.I just know my heart and my Shivaay and trust them both.Rest,good or bad or anything,I am leaving those to you.That is your responsibility.”
Sound of conch is heard……….

Precap:Door bell rings.Anika goes running to open the door.Someone is standing with a big bouquet of flowers.She gets shocked!

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