Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 27

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“Kitna Adhoora Lagta Hai
Jab Badal Ho Aur Barish Na Ho
Jab Zindagi Ho Aur Pyaar Na Ho
Jab Aankhe Ho Aur Khwaab Na Ho
Jab Koi Apna Ho Aur Koi,Pass Na Ho……..”

Shivaay’s car is moving ahead with full speed.Inside the car,he has sat like a stone made statue,devoid of all feelings,emotions.His gaze is straight on the road.Looking like he is possessed by something or someone.After almost one hour of driving,Shivaay’s car reaches a hill top.He stops the car coming at the very edge of the hill applying break.He comes out of the car,completing that dangerous stunt.
Shivaay’s face is very direct.Slowly he clenches his fist and closes eyes at the same time.Few minutes pass in that state.In his closed eyes,eyeballs are moving to and fro.In no time,an acute painful expression covers his face like eclipse covers sun.Shivaay opens his eyes,finally.On opening eyes he stumbles and goes backward unable to stand straight.His back touches the car.Then,sliding by the car,Shivaay falls down on the ground.Heavy burst of tears come down from his eyes like two separate river.He is crying vehemently without anyone near him to console.Soon his crying turns into shouting.Looking upward,Shivaay Singh Oberoi shouts alarming the surrounding while that echoed.Resting the head on the car,he closes his eyes.Tears are unstoppable.

Song Plays

“Tum Milo Roz Hi
Magar Hai Yeh Baat Bhi
Mere Hona Aahista Aahista
Mere Hona Aahista Aahista
Tum Mere Ho Rahe….
Ya Ho Gaye
Ya Hai Faasla
Puche Dil Toh Kahun Main Kya Bhala
Dil Sawaalon Se Hi Na De Rula
Hota Kya Hai Aahista Aahista
Hona Kya Hai Aahista Aahista………”

The great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi,mighty,powerful SSO is feeling vulnerable beyond any limit.What is happening inside his heart,no-one will be able to explain.In life,sometimes such moments arrive when a person feels weak despite having all the reasons of staying rock-solid,strong.Why this thing happens?Maybe there is answer,maybe not………..

Sunflower Petals
Anika is reading magazine sitting in the hall.Suddenly she trembles and magazine falls from her hand on the floor.Her breathing turns quick.Anika says in her mind-

“What has happened to me?Why my heart is beating so fast?(She places her hand on her chest)
Why I am feeling something very bad happened?What it can be?I am all okay.” Anika recalls something then says standing up-

Has something happened to Shivaay?He was looking lost,disturbed in the morning.Does he……No,no,what I am thinking?Shivaay is absolutely fine.Yes,I am overthinking.Relax Anika,Shivaay is well and good,yes.She tries to convince herself-No,my heart is saying something is not okay.I need to find out.Where,where is my mobile?Picking up the phone she calls Shivaay.Her hand is trembling.But Shivaay is not picking up.Anika gets worried………

There Shivaay’s car stops coming at somewhere else.So many people are around him.Men,women,little children,teenagers,a lot of people,coming and going.Shivaay gets down the car.People are passing by his car.He is standing in front of Delhi’s famous Lotus Temple.
Shivaay starts moving ahead with other people.Reaching inside he occupies a seat.He is calm and sober.People are praying around him.Shivaay closes his eyes,once again.

Flashback Plays
Shivaay says cupping Anika’s face-You are mad Anika! Totally mad!
Anika:For whom?
Shivaay:How do I know?
Anika:You know everything but not this?But I can tell you.Will tell later.
Shivaay:Why not now?
Anika:My wish!
Shivaay:Okay Ma’m.
Anika:But I am not okay.
Anika:Wait,I will show you.

Saying that Anika takes away her dupatta and throws it in the air.Shivaay looks up.That pearl-white dupatta of Anika falls on Shivaay and Anika who are sitting face to face,covering them completely.They go silent.

Song Plays

:Chupke Se,Chupke Se,Raat Ki Chaadar Tale
Chaand Ki Bhi Aahat Na Ho,Baadal Ke Peeche Chale……..”

Song finishes Shivaay imagining getting close to Anika,very intimately.Right at the moment of culmination,Anika snaps out and asks-

Anika:What are you thinking?You got into thinking mode once again?What I will do with you?
Shivaay goes totally blank.He says in his mind-

“What I was imagining?How could I?What had happened to me?It is me who is not in sense not Anika.O God,how could I let my thinking getting so wild,for Anika?No,this is just not done.”

Shivaay is perspiring heavily despite being in a room which is fully air-conditioned.He is feeling temperature is very high in that pearl-white dupatta covered “Small” place,between his Anika’s.
Anika waves her hand in front of Shivaay’s eyes who is sitting silent.

Anika:Are you okay?Why are you so adamant on becoming some dhyaani Baba?Listen to me.I will tell you a story.Saying that Anika hugs Shivaay side-way-You know when I was a little girl,I used to make tent in the middle of my bed and played with my dolls.I lightened candles inside the tent.One day my tent caught fire.Mom and Dad came running hearing my scream and put it off somehow.Mom scolded me like anything while I was in Dad’s arm who was trying to protect me from Mom’s scolding.Then Mom snatched away all my dolls and all those which I loved to play with.I cried a lot.(Shivaay was disturbed for his increased Hormones still trying to listen to Anika)
You know what happened after that?Dad could not stand my crying.He made me a separate doll house and brought glass secured candles.I was so happy that day.Shivaay tries to smile pushing aside all his thoughts.

Then Anika gets close to Shivaay.Cupping his face she makes their foreheads touch,together.Shivaay’s fear returns and his heart start pounding,faster than ever.Anika says-

Anika:You know Shivaay,the way you take care of me,protects me,fulfill my wishes,remind me of my Dad and his love for me.He loves me a lot and fulfills all my wishes and makes me khidkitode happy.She leaves Shivaay-But,sometimes don’t know why you refuse to accept my words.Why?She hits Shivaay on his shoulder.Shivaay tries to say something but Anika says before him-

Anika:Idea! I will lit candle here too and play with dolls with you.Let me get candles.
Saying that Anika removes the dupatta covering and frees herself and Shivaay.But getting down the bed she enters into pool balcony instead of getting candles! She goes to the pool garden,running.Shivaay too runs behind her.Moonlight is spreading in the surrounding.Its reflection is seen in the pool water.Pointing that Anika asks Shivaay who is right behind her-

Anika:Shivaay,why moon has come here?It should be in the sky na?Why it does not want to stay there?I won’t let it break rules.I will fix it.

Pushing aside Shivaay Anika steps in the stone made path that connects pool garden to balcony then room……..

Precap:Shivaay and Anika are in the pool!

Sorry Note:
My Dearest Readers,
I am extremely sorry on such unforeseen delay in posting next part.The truth is I was very very much excited to post the next part but some Man-Made disaster fell on me and I was busy handling that.That’s why I was away from TU.I am hoping my readers will not take offence and consider the situation,kindly.
Wishing my all beautiful,amazing readers “Happy New Year 2019”
May this new year bring love,happiness,peace-everything of best in abundance,for everyone.Love you.

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    Belated happy new year Apu?
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    1. Luthfa

      Hi Noushin,
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