Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 19

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Continuation from Episode 18:

Anika is beaming ear to ear watching her new home.Gauri comes and asks-
Gauri:Di,how are you feeling now?All good?
Anika:Of course Chutki.I am khidkitode happy.
Om:We were waiting for you both since long.
Shivaay:Delhi traffic.

They all engage into conversation.Now here comes the description of Sunflower Petals,Delhi guest house of the Oberois.It is a two storeyed building surrounded by a oval shaped pool from behind,secured by tall bushy boundary.It has a huge lawn from the front side with two separate garden divided by long paved road till the house entrance.The huge gate lies at the end from the opposite.Four bed rooms,two on the ground floor,other two on the upper side.One gym and kitchen are also available.

Shivaay takes Anika to show “Their” room.The room he has chosen for Anika is on the ground floor.Shivaay opens the door for Anika and she enters.The moment she enters,rose petals starts falling on her.The room is lavishly decorated according to the standards of the Oberois.All the items,furniture are imported and exclusive in design.There is a big picture of Shivaay which is hanging from behind the bed as a background.On the right side of the room there is a long glass made wall veiled with curtains.Shivaay opens it using remote.Pool is seen.From the room there starts a balcony.From balcony goes a stone made path which finishes coming at a round shaped garden in the middle of the pool.Different flower plants are there and a swing too.Anika gets mesmerized watching the beauty of the pool garden overall entire room.Shivaay asks Anika-

Shivaay:Did you like the room?
Anika:Like?I just loved it like anything.I can’t believe this is my home which looks like heaven.She gets excited.Anika comes in front of Shivaay who is smiling.She looks at Shivaay making her face straight.Watching Anika’s sudden change of expression Shivaay gets worried.He has no idea what Anika will do now.He says-
Shivaay:Anika what….!Anika puts her finger on Shivaay’s lips-
Anika:Shhh……You have said enough.Now I will tell.She takes Shivaay’s hands into her hands.Observing their entangled hands she looks at Shivaay.Anika starts saying with a little shaking tone-

Anika:”I am told that I have forgotten a big portion of my life,that I spent with you.Our memories,memories of our togetherness is all blank to me(tears roll down from her eyes).Don’t know how precious those memories were!What I am saying?Of course they are precious and priceless.From the moment I have opened my eyes,have been seeing your restlessness,tormented glances,silent pleadings yet your smile!Now I have realized how difficult it must be for you to accept that I had forgotten you,our relation,every single memory of our togetherness!(Shivaay tries to tell something but Anika stops him).Plz,don’t stop me today.Let me speak my heart out.Just want to tell you though I can’t remember a thing,I am promising you today that-together we will create our lost memories once again.Whatever memory had left us,we would bring it back in our life.Would you help me Shivaay,one more time?”

When Anika was going all emotional,Shivaay stood totally motionless in front of Anika.He was feeling a strange sensation,a rush of unknown emotions inside his body.He could not figure out what was that.He was hearing what Anika was saying still he was lost.Not in Anika’s words but in his own feelings!Anika continues-

“You have suffered a lot for me till now.But not anymore.I am back now.Your Anika is back.She won’t leave you,never ever!”

Telling those Anika hugs Shivaay which startles Shivaay all of a sudden.He goes numb at the gravity of the situation.On the other hand Anika is crying in his embrace.Shivaay gets his senses back hearing Anika’s crying.He tries to hug her but this time he could not bring himself to do that.How strange!Was that happened because of Anika’s words?Shivaay starts thinking……!!!

Half Hour Later:Kitchen
Shivaay is preparing for making lunch.Anika and Gauri are busy gossiping.Shivaay is cutting vegetables but his focus is somewhere else.Om comes in and notices that.
Om:What are you thinking now?I am sure you have told me that you have done enough thinking.Anyway,what is it bothering you now?
Shivaay:Nothing Om.I am just….
Om:I know you since childhood.Have grown up with you.Can read your those blue eyes very well.There is something which is disturbing you and it’s not about Anika,right?Shivaay looks painfully at Om.He puts his hands on Shivaay’s shoulder then says-
Om:What is it Shivaay?
Shivaay:Yes,you caught it right.But I won’t be able to tell you anything now.But will tell you sooner or later.I have to.
Om:Will be waiting bro.Shivaay smiles.Let me see what are you cooking for lunch.I am hungry.Rudra was telling…….Two brothers start talking over food later both the girls join them.

After finishing eating lunch,everyone gathers in the hall.They are talking about Sunflower Petals.Gauri praises a lot about everything and suggests few changes as well.Shivaay agrees to do smiling.Om gets a call and leaves to take it.Coming back he says-

Om:Shivaay,I have to go back to Mumbai.I completely forgot about my pending project.Deadline is within two days.I have to leave now.Everyone stands up.Shivaay says-
Shivaay:Then you must go.Work comes first.Take our private jet.

Om takes everyone’s leave even Gauri too,surprisingly!Shivaay And Anika bid them farewell coming outside.Om and Gauri get in the car and leave.Car is moving ahead smoothly.Om is silent.Suddenly Gauri asks-
Gauri:You know you don’t look like a businessman from outside.To be honest,I am getting curious to know what you do.Have got to know everything about your other family members leaving only you.
Om:Well,even I can say that for you too.
Gauri:Okay,let me start.Hi,I am Gauri Kumari Trivedi,second daughter of Harshvardhan Trivedi and Vasundhara Trivedi.I have two sisters and one brother.I live with my family in Delhi.A student of archeology.My age …can’t tell that.Saying all those at a stretch,Gauri stops.
Om:Very good.I am impressed!But why did you leave the age part?Om chuckles.Gauri tells angrily-
Gauri:My wish!
Om:Her highness seems angry!
Gauri:Should not I?
Om:I was just kidding.Okay,I am sorry if you got offended.
Gauri:Why would I take your sorry?
Om:You won’t?
Gauri:Stop the car.
Gauri:I have reached.
Om stops the car.The moment he does that Gauri gets down.Without looking back even for once,she vanishes through the entrance door.Om comes out of the car hurriedly and calls back Gauri but she is already disappeared.Om says looking at the entrance door-
Om:Ms.Trivedi,you are just too much!
He nods his head in utter amusement.Then he is about to move but his eyes fall on a shining thing in sun light.He bends and takes it in his hand.Looking closely he says-
Om:This is Gauri’s payal/anklet!Om laughs bit more then goes back to his car.Getting in the car he heads for helipad to fly back to Mumbai.On the entire journey he thinks about Ms.Gauri Kumari Trivedi and her antics!

Night Time
9:15 p.m.

Anika is seen sitting silent on the king size bed in her new bed room.Shivaay comes there with her medicine for the night.He comes at Anika’s side.Before he can manage to tell anything,Anika says-
Anika:Shivaay,are you hiding something from me?He gets shocked!
Anika:Why are you looking shocked?That means you are definitely hiding something from me.She looks away.
Shivaay:I..I am sorry Anika.Actually….Shivaay fumbles with words.Watching that anika starts giggling.Now Shivaay is really surprised-You almost gave me heart attack!What?Why are you laughing?And what I am hiding from you?
Anika:Dadi had called you.You were not present so i picked up.We talked a lot.She says all smiling.
Shivaay:My phone….
Anika.Here,take your life.Dadi told me how come you were away without your phone?She asked me to be careful about my sautan,your phone!She breaks into laughter once again.
Shivaay mutters under his breath-Dadi is impossible!
Anika:What happened?
Shivaay:Nothing.What else Dadi told huh?
Anika:Well,how I am,if you are taking care of me or not,when we will return Oberoi Mansion etc.By the way Shivaay,when we will move back to Mumbai?
Shivaay:Doctor has told me it’s not safe for you to go for long journey.Until he permits,we can’t take on any type of long journey.
Anika:I am missing our family.
Shivaay:Me too but we will handle okay?Anika nods.Okay,now it’s time for your medicine.I have forgotten to bring water.You stay here,I am coming.He leaves.The moment Shivaay goes out of her sight,Anika’s smiles vanishes from her lips.

Here is the little Twist:

Dadi indeed talked to Anika but it was Pinky Singh Oberoi who phoned at first place.When Anika received after three time’s ringing,Pinky started telling her story like how Anika was making Shivaay dance in her tune.Anika gets shocked to the core hearing all those.But before she could make further damage by disclosing the truth,Dadi snatched the mobile from Pinky and managed the situation.Anika told half truth to Shivaay.Now sitting alone in the room,she started thinking Pinky’s words!

Precap:Anika wakes up watching nightmare from the sleep.Opening eyes she finds that Shivaay is not beside her on the bed!

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  1. ShivikaSCNM

    Good imagination of entire house lu……
    Does gowri has 2 sisters one is Anika and other one???? Is it a suspense.
    Good one lu…..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Shivika,
      No dear there is no suspense.Other sister is Soumya which I wrote previously.She will be paired against Rudra.Thank you soooooo…very much for the compliment.Love you???

  2. Aniriya

    Amazing angel
    Beautiful description of home
    This pinky will never improve always badmouthing anika. Hoping to have big omm of pinky by all ob family.
    Haha i guess gauri is dabangi type girl loved the attitude she showed to om
    Another sis….. suspense whether it will be somya or bhavya no prob love both
    Bye keep writing keep smiling and have a happy saturday

  3. Luthfa

    Hi Medh,
    PSO is one of the part of Shivaay’s mental and psychological NKK for this FF.So she will bother time and again.After all she is mighty mother of SSO.Soumya will pair against Rudra.I don’t have much liking for Bhavya.Original cast is my favourite.Thank you sooooooo…very much for your love???

  4. Hi luthfa, description about the house was amazingly wonderful i know it was nt easy writing all dis becos on-screen it looks so short, i realised 2da dat d written aspect of it is really lenghty nd to be honest u are an amazing writer, really love ur work.

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jann,
      You are absolutely right.All those descriptions are little difficult to portray but I tried my level best.Now I am very happy to know that you liked it.Thank you soooooooooooo…..very much for your love dear.Love you???

  5. ItsmePrabha

    darling..i want to live in such house..i am loving it…oh god!! it’s so beautiful especially that pool side..amazing chappy darlos..that shivika part where anudi’ monologue is, is just marvelous…kitchen mein joh shivom scen hai na reminded me of obros moment ofcourse rud boy missing hai..then rikara car ride is cute..then again shivika scene is nice..par that light twist is indeed great..pinky wala..excited for the it asap..Love you..

    1. Luthfa

      May God fulfill your wish Sweetheart.It’s my dream house.Wish to make for myself,one day.I am really happy that I am entertaining you.And don’t miss Rudra much.He will be joining soon.Thank you soooooooo…very much for your love.Will try to post.Love you???

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear.. The room description is amazing

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