Chal Wahan Jaate Hain-os on sharman


shr and suman r college mates
sumu likes shr alot but sjr is like that girl or this one no that one
suman hates that thing alot but still loves him like hell shr being unaware of her feelings make her meet his different different girl friends regularly cuz sumu is her friend mtlb best friend
one day suman and shr were watching video of some song there the upcoming video was song”chal wahan jate hain”
suman;i m gonna watch that song
shr;gud but in ur mobile in your home not here for heaven sake
suman;no i will watch it here only do u got that????
shr;no i didnt i will nt
sumu;ok fine u watch this song also i m going
sshe starts going
shr holds her hand;miss blackmailing queen ok fine we will see it ok????
sumu happily;yes ok

they watch that song then the song “chal wahan jate hain” starts
suman had a bright smile watching the song in the beginning
shr;i caant believe this u r smiling seeing the song chaval
sumu;stop it shr just stop it see the song
they see the whole song in the end kriti and tiger dies song finishes
he sees towards suman she was weeping
shr;what the hell y r u weepuing now????
haave u gone mad sumu u chaval stop crying
sumu;sorry shr this is the true love
shr;hahaha true love doesnt exist esa wala to kbhi b nae
sumu;it exist u will seeone day

shr; i hope so chal rona band kr rowani
suman wipes her tear
shr;smile now???
sumu smiles lil
shr;thats gud i m going seea must be waiting[seea-shr new gf]
sumu;yeah she must be ok chal tat
suhr;not tata naw
sumu;oh sorry hum hain rahi pyar ke
shr;phir milen ge chalte chalte
shr leaves
sumu becomes sad
sumu;shr i wish u knew that i love u shr plz stop playing with feelings of mine and other girls
she moves to her house and spends whole night weeping this was like her daily routine weep and sleep,sleep and weep
next morning
shr comes to her
sumu;break up???
shr;haaaaaannnnnnn azadi
sumu;shr when will u stop playibng with girls
shr;excuse me i m not playing with someones feeling every girl knows that i m like this but they like me still thats not my problem or thats not the problem created by me
sumu;shr whe u will find ur true love then u will understand
shr;hahaha is janam ka to no chance yar i dnt want to be bound
suman smiles sadly;its not bounding shr its lyf
shr;u r sayng like u love some one
sumu in thoughts;yeah i do
shr;haaaaiiiiinnnnnn who????
sumu;will u take cffee mr malhotra???
shr;oh yeah btw what u were saying
suman;oh nothing just joking
shr;oh thank god it better be a joke han
sumu;and if it is true
shr;oooooo na kar yar
suman smiles;han bolo to kia krte
shr;i dnt know
sumu;its simple u would have broken my heart like others
shr;no this would have not happen
shr;cuz u r special naw yar
shr;u r my best friend
sumu;to kia shadi kr lete mjh se
shr;pta nae but thank god we r not in this situation hain???
sumu;yeah thank god
shr;we r not naw pakka
suman smiles;yeah pakka
shrohhhhhhhh thank u and thank god for saving me from u
suman hits him play fully
they smile and leave for their class
next day
suman;shr i m going to mumbai for some work
shr;with whom???
suman;with driver
shr;and who else is going

sumu;no one just me
shr;should i come???
sumu;no yar u cant papa wont allow u
shr;phir tu b mt ja
sumu;ku??? i have work yar
shr;no yar i beg u plzzzz dont go
shr;i m getting feeling that something wrong is gonna happen
sumu;hahahahaah u chaval dont believe in allthis it doent happens in real
shr;it happens plz dnt go
sumu hugs him;yar nothing is gonna happen i will be back till evening
shr;still plzzzz
sumu;shr dnt be a kid

shr;u tell me the work i will do it myself u dnt go
sumu;pagala gae ho kya ???/hahahah kuch nae hoga s
hr ur bff will be back
shr;u can go tommorrow bs aj na ja
sumu;again that rubbish shr plzzzz be brave yar will be back asap
shr;u have to call me in every hour
shr;yes promise
sumu;ok fine promise now should i goo
shr;ok fine go take care and ya call me
sumu smiles;ok bye u take care
shr;dnt say bye naw plzzzzzzzzz
sumu;ok fine phir milen ge
shr;chalte chalte
she leaves
shr;god plzzzz be with her and save her from everything
suman calls her in each hopur they talk with eachother now fear os shr was slowly going
suman does her work in mumbai and was coming back from it
the driver was driving very fast very very fast when the truck comes in front of car the car hits the truck and takes two turns
suman shouts shrrrrrrrrr
her head hands were bleeding she was like will die any moment her each and every moment with shr flashes in front of her she smiles for a moment she knew that she is not gonna survive anymore so she decided to reveal her truth in front of shr
she somehow manages to call shr
shr picks up call immediately

shr;thk hai tu????
suman smiles
sumu;shr listen i wanna tell u something
shr;no first tell me u r fine naw????
sumu;i love you
shr was like what
shr;yeah i love u too now tell me u r fyn
suman smiles again;shr i truly madly deeply compeletely love u like a womwn loves a man
shr;what???/ but u said it was a joke
suman;cuz i dnt want u to make joke of my love
shr;ok fyn we will talk about it later tell me where u have reached
suman;shr this was my truth which i hid from everyone but today i told u cuz i knopw that u will not tell anyone and i will not have to face u as well u were asking where i m????
shr;will u plzzz stop this for sometime sumu beleive me we will talk about it tonight when u reach home and with full attention explanation but plz just say me where r u??? and r u fyn
sumu;shr i m not fyn since i have met u and i m in the last stage of my lyf
shr;what do u mean???? sumu kahan ha tu??? i m asking u damn it where r u
sumu;i love u shr bye
she cuts the call
shr;hello hello
shr was hell worriedhe again dials the number no response his eyes starts flowing
shr;sumu plzzzzz pick up the phone
shr sits on the bed very worried
on tghe other side sumu fades someone takes her hospital
shr again calls sumu
person picks up the call
shr;heloo sumu how r u ????? u know how much worried i was
man;heloo the lady”s phone witjh me
shr;and where is the lady
man;he is in operartion theatre in hospital xxxxx she has met with a serious axccident and she is very critical
shr collapses on the floor
shr;no no no thats impossible she cant do it no no god u cant do this with me noooooooooooooo
shr remembers her last word;CUZ I KNOW THAT I M NOT GONNA FACE U AGAIN AS WELL
suddenly he stands up and rushes to the hospiyal
he reaches outside operation theatre
shr;doctor how is she????
doctor;very critical chances of her survival are like nill
shr holds his collar;how dare u say that han how dare u she cant leave me she loves me so how could she
dr releases himself;plzzz control and pray dr leaves
man;so she loves u????
shr;yeah she said she loves me
man; do u love her????
shr gets into thinking
man pats his shoulder;may be her love was not enough for u
shr;no its not that she loved me alot

man;yeah but u dnt naw
shr;no i do i love her alot
man;but u r late my son
shr weeps;but that doesnt mean she will do that with me
man;god may blesss you my son
he leaves\first tym in his lyf shr realized that he loved sumu alot or more than alot she was the most important person of lyf always but he never knew it was love may be he never want to
dr comes out of ot
shr rushes to him;how is she??????
dr;we r sorry
shr;what do u mean by u r sorry she is fine naw???
dr;she is in comma now
shr;what???? thk ho jae i naw
dr;dnt know
he leaves
shr goes to sumu
shr;u said that u will be back u promised me u said that u will not leave me easily than y r u doing this han??? u r joking haina???uth ja sumu ek bar plzzzzz i promise i will give u each and every happiness we will live together laugh together plzzzzzz wake up yar u know what i love u i love u more than u love me u can bet on it with me chal uth nawuth ja sumu

he was crying soooooo much
suman parents reach there preety was also wirth them
shr;preety see i said ur sisi to wake plzzz usay naw
preety was weeping
shr;u know i love her alot say her that say her naw
preety;shr bht dair kr di apne
shr;nae naw u ask her to wake koi deer nae hoi i will fulfil her all wishes if she fulfils her promise
preety weeps;my sister had no wish except

preety;except being ur soulmate this was her only wish she wanted to live with u as ur wife she wanted to be mrs shr malhotra but u were not intersted in her she knew
shr;she knew??? no she didnt
shr leaves
preety weeps
a small tear flows from sumu eyes
shr comes back with vermalion and mangal sutra
preety;whats that????
shr;i m gonna fulfil ur sisi wish
preety;shr no
preety;no plzzzzz
shr ;yes
he moves and puts vermillion and mangal sutra
and says in her ear;now i have fulfilled ur wish ab uth ja rone ki barri tere h
preety weeps;dii plzzz uth jao naw
but no movement
shr cries hard
days passes weeks passes years passes but noi moment now the doctor was also hopeless but there wa a hope in sdhr
sumn moves her lil finger seen by nurse sloly she moves her hand than opens her eyes with the first word on her lips;shrrr
nurse informs shr
shr was like hell ghappy he rushes from his office buys flower
preety reaches first hud=gssumu and cries
sumu;rowani rona band kar
preety;i missed u alot di 6 years yar 6 years i m soooo happy that u r fyn
sumu;han han rowani happy h phr b ro rae h
preety;sorry lets take a selfie mom ko bhejon gi to un hen yaqeen aae ga
she takes selfie
sumu;show me selfie
she sees the vermilion and mangalsutra
sumu;ye kia h????
preety smiles
sumu;chaval whats this????

preety;ye sindoor h r ye mangal sutra
sumu;shahbash thank u for telling
preety smiles
sumu;ghuma k maron gi thapar r hansna band kr
preety stops smiling
shr opens the door;sumu
preety ;i will be back she leaves
sumu’idhar aa oy
shr was shocked with the first sentence
sumu;mahraj idhar aayn ge|???/
shr goes towards her gives her flower she puts it aside
shr;i m veryyyyyy happpppyyyyyy today that u r fyn now
sumu;ye kia h????
shr;kia kya h????
sumu;ye??? she shows her mangalsutra

shr;mangalsutra h
sumu;shahbash thanks for telling
shr;ur welcome
sumu;ghuma k maron gi thaspar i know its maangalsutra but what it is doing in my neck
shr;oh ho yar it is indicatig u r married
sumu;oyyyyy ruk what do u mean by i m married
shr;u r martried mean u r married
sumu;oh god shr uuuuuuuuuuu……….. annn control control whom i m married with
shr;ammm tha ek pagal js ko tjh se achanak pyaer hogaya to maine us se kaha chal bhai is se shadi kr le uth gae to no chance so he married u
sumu smiles;very well done mr malhotra very well done
she takes the fruit knife from fruit basket
sumu;aj to mar gaya mere hathon se tu ruk
shr;hahahaha fruit knife se kn marta h chaval
sumu;she holds her collar;how could u ask someone to marry me in my unconsiousness
shr;i just simply asked her to marry him he did
sumu;shrrrrrr how dare u knowing that i………
sumu;nothing forget it will u plzzz get out
sumu;out shr
shr;nae ja raha how i dare knowing that u……….love me right
suman in anger;yes how dare u??/
shr;yar simple apne jaan bachane ke liye

sumu eyes flow ;main wese b tmse shadi nae krne wali thi cuz i know that u dnt love me
shr sits with her;so u know that???
sumu;ya i know
shr;acha mjh se shadi nae krti to kis se krti???
sumu;kisi se nae
shr;thats un fair
sumu;rehne do jao tm
shr;chala jaun???
sumu;yes plzzzzz
shr;ku tjhe rona h….mere samne ro le
sumu;shr plzzz go
shr;acha ro hi rahe h to ek r bt b bta dn tmheein

shr;i have got married
sumu;what????? when???
shr;kafi arsa hogaya 6 years
dumu smiles sadly;congrats
shr;thanks chal ab ro le
sumu;tu to ja
shr ;hahahaha nae i m not going preety told me that u often weep silently when u prayed for me so i wanna see u weeping silently
sumu;preety told u??
sumu;is ki to main
shr;preety told me ur wish too
sumu;what????????? bera gharq sshe covers her face ;so what u did hearing my wish broke mirror or broke phone
shr moves closer to her;what i did was….
sumu uncovers her face was??????
shr;i fulkfiled ur wish
sumu;what do u mean???? is ka mtlb yte???
shr;yup i have made u mrs suman shr malhotra
she was on cloud nine but again becomes sad
sumu;but i know u dnt love me
shr;i know u r my angel but that doesnt mean u know everything
shr;oh god finaally gonna say it
ok so mrs suman shr malhotra i love u
i love u more than anything in this world
suman hugs him tihtly;i love u too

shr;i love u infinite
suman;agar main na bachti to???
shr;to main b na bachta r tmhare pass ajata
suman;ohoooo so u remembered that song but u said that doesnt happen in real
shr;but now i have experienced me it happens in real
sumu; to phr chal wahan jate hain
shr;ok pyar krne chalo hm wahan jate hain
he plate sthe kiss on her forhead
after suman recovery both gt officially married and live happily after


heloooooooo guys it took 3 hours for me to write it hope u guys like it
tell me via comment i will bw waiting
love u guys
and sorry kafi barra hogaya

  1. U know what it was amazing year,such an awsm story I mean I feeled it completely.

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u soooo much jyoti
      i didnt knew k ye post hogaya kunke net issues aa rahe the
      thanks sweetu
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  2. Nikita

    It wass amazingg ufi di!
    I’m actually speechlesss
    Shravan being that stud and Sumo being that true love wali bandii <3
    Your concept was amazing!
    No wonder you took 3 hours for this! You're sooo dedicated dii!
    The confession was so good..
    You got married, I got married..
    I lovveedd it..

    Finally that you're back, I wantt more OSs fromm you!
    Love you loads,

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooo much yar
      thanks yar
      i m glad u liked it
      i will try to write more sweety
      love u

  3. Diya

    Its more than awesome di !!! Loved it !!!

    1. Ufaaq

      hey sonai dude whats ur age????
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    2. Diya

      I’m 14 yrs and I’m from West Bengal, India

    3. Ufaaq

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  4. Beas

    It was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing di!!!!!!!!!
    Such a nice concept ?!! Fantabulous ?!!!!! You always make entry with brilliant ideas. Post more like this ?

    1. Ufaaq

      thaaaaaaank u soooooo much sweetie
      i will try to post asap
      u take care

  5. Prettypreeti

    Ufftuuu I know it was u.
    It was awesomee like u.just took good.
    Preety was tooo goooddd just loved it.
    It was sweet like me and u
    Too good

    How r u
    Love u
    Ur bhangra girl

    1. Ufaaq

      awwwwww glad tjhe pata chala aj maine title pr nam b jan bojh k nae dala tha wanna see who recognise me from start wah yar wah tu tu cha gae
      thank u soooooo much
      hahaha ya she was amzng
      u r veeeeeeeery sweet
      i m gud alhamdolilah and u????
      love u too

  6. Sami

    awesome uffi

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u soooooo much sami
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  7. Hey! Ufaaq, you made me speechless I can’t say how it is? It’s just tooooooooooooooooooooooo tooooooooooooo goood……

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  8. _pari_alisha

    Ohhhhh uffi yar it had been ages that i read ur cute and amazing write upsss….

    And today it feels soooooo good and morever os name is enough to kill me like that song is my mostttttttttttt fv8 and ur concept was just bliss…… Ur imaginations are so unique and cute love u….

    Acha how r u how is everyone at home and studies how are they going?????

    Love u take care…..

    1. Ufaaq

      becuase u were gum naw
      first of all congratulations yar for ur admission sooooooooooooo happy to know that
      self p hoa ya merit p????
      thank u soooooo much me too like song alot
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    2. _pari_alisha

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      And about treat i,m ready ajao yhn :p

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  9. Alina

    Hey Ufaaq, how r u??
    I was really wishing to read some os n u wrote this.. it’s outstanding,superb u rocked girl ?????? keep writing beautiful stuffs..
    Looking forward for your wonderful stories..
    love u..
    Urs Alina dii
    Bye tc..

    1. Ufaaq

      hey di i m gud alhamdolilah and u?????
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    2. Alina

      I’m also fine dear!!

    3. Ufaaq

      happpy to know that di

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey ufaq loved this one shot a lot
    Chal Wahan jate hain i love that song a lot ??? it’s so touching
    And so is ur ff
    OMG Shravan a flirt and sumo loves him secretly and they both r bffs brilliant idea
    And the accident part was very emotional especially when sumo called him ?
    Shravan married sumo when she was in coma ??
    And then after 6 years finally she woke up ?
    And they lived happily ever after
    So much in love with this story ???
    Keep it up dear ?

    1. Ufaaq

      tank u soooooo much di
      me too love that song
      there was no scene after accident i had decided a sad end but my foolish czn said if u r writing sad end then i will not let u post soo i wrote happy end to make her happy
      thanks yar
      take care

  11. hey uffaq it was such a grate one yaar..
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    you wrote so well. I just love your writing…
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    1. Ufaaq

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    Btw this OS was super duper hit .. pata nae itna acha kese likh leti hy tu .. great yar .. u r awesome ..
    Take care ..

    1. Ufaaq

      nothing special mere friend ka phone band h so pehle worried now ghussa
      main thk thak alhamdolilah mjhe kia hona h??/ han han tu na mar m zinda hn
      tu ghr jo bhag gae the phr phone b off kr dia gandiiiiii
      thqank u soooooo much fati ki bachi tu late h
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    2. Fatimagulesarfraz

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  13. This was so cute. Loved it sooo much ?

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