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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Soldier tells Charu that Samrat is calling for her and Sushim. She dismisses him. Sushim is still not back. I cooked up a story yesterday. Mahamatya comes there. He too has no clue about Sushim. She is panicked. My son isn’t back since yesterday. He took such a big risk. Mahamatya tells her to be patient. He will not let this chance go out of his hand at any cost which is why he is takniig so much time. She nods but still feels

Sushim says Unani’s don’t know what they are landing themselves into. Father wont spare anyone. Open my hands and I will show you. The commander slaps him. Nicator says Bindu only did one good thing. He became Ashoka’s father. I can kill you in no time. Sushim calls him a coward. It is you who came here to attack on them stealthily. Nicator keeps his sword near Sushim’s neck. I wont kill you so easily. I will first kill your father to empty the throne. Later I will kill every single person from the Maurya lineage so no one is left who can challenge me tomorrow. At the end, I will make him sit on the throne who actually deserves it. I will snatch everything from you right before your eyes. I will kill you when you will be completely broken. He tells his commander to keep a tight vigil on Sushim. He leaves. Sushim looks at him.

Kevalnath make Jagannath Maharaj again before the citizens of Kalinga. Everyone cheer for Maharaj Jagannath. Kaurvaki smiles looking at Ashoka. Jagannath says I always say if it is not perfect (or happy) then its not the end. My presence here proves it right. It is like a dream. I would have thought of it to be a dream only but dreams are not this beautiful. Entire credit goes to Kaurvaki whose bravery, skilfulness saved me from Takshshila. Everyone is taken aback. Nayak looks angry. Citizens cheer for Kaurvaki. Ashoka notices her sad face. He too cheers in her name just to cheer her up. Nayak says I agree Kaurvaki played a major role. But it will be a cheating to Yuvraaj if Maharaj says that it was only Kaurvaki who rescued him from there. Acharya Radha Gupta stops him. this isn’t the right time. We have become friends with Kalinga after long. We need to be patient and build faith. The relations can become tricky if something goes wrong. Jagannath and his wife apply colour on each other’s face. Ashoka misses his parents. Kaurvaki notices him touching his bracelets. She applies colour on his face wishing him Happy Holi. Her parents look unhappy. She runs away when Ashoka picks up colours too. He chases her.

Dharma imagines playing Holi with Ashoka. It turns out to be Siamak. He says I miss Ashoka Bhaiya. I wouldn’t have spared him if he was here today. He would have been my first target. He smirks.

Kevalnath remarks that kids looked happy in this palace after years. He notices his brother looking upset. What happened? Jagannath orders to make preps for Ashoka’s return asap. Kevalnath smirks.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki apply colour on each other. She takes him with her as she wants to tell him something. Jagannath looks at them from far.

Nicator gives a potli to Siamak. It is time to do what we wanted to do since years. This has every solution to our problems. It tastes sweet but anyone who tastes it loses conscious. Make the soldiers drink it. open the back door as soon as it happens. Mir and I trust you a lot. If anything goes wrong then you cannot imagine what the consequences will be. You will have to make use of everyone’s trust.

Kaurvaki brings Ashoka to Shiva temple. They coincidentally ring the temple bell together and smile. She looks at the box kept before the idol. This was the gift to our first generation. I want to give it to you as a thank you gift. He reasons that this belongs to her family. How can you give it to me? He agrees. A family member will have to make me wear it. She dons the necklace around his neck. Jagannath is upset. What did my daughter do? How can she dare to love an enemy? Magadh and Kalinga cannot be friends. I can never accept it. people do many things when helpless. This is why I accepted Bindu’s invitation. I lived in the palace where Maurya’s live. I can never forget that I was insulted and thrown out of my empire because of the very same Maurya’s. I can never forget it!

Siamak gives the intoxicated drink to soldiers after which they all fall unconscious. He opens the back door for Unani army to enter inside the palace. Unani army comes out of their hiding place when they get his signal. A servant brings more thandai for the soldiers when he notices them all lying unconscious. Dharma is passing by from there. She notices the Unani army and is shocked. Ashoka is also not here. What will happen!

Ashoka feels restless. It happens when Ma is some problem. Kaurvaki says past day have been too painful for you, especially between you and your father. you lived up to his promise. You won this war without killing anyone. he will be proud to know about it. It will impress everyone including your father.

Dharma tells Bindu about Unani army attacking on the palace. He deduces that Nicator cheated them. It was his plan to attack us. I wont leave anyone today. He asks her to inform Mahamatya. Take all the queens and kids to a safe room.

Bindu kills the Unani soldiers.

Dharma informs Mahamatya about the attack. Mahamatya leaves with a group of soldiers to help Bindu. Dharma wonders where Ashoka must be.

Precap: Nicator comes face to face with Bindu. I want to see fear of death in your eyes this time. Bindu says Unani are the ones who fear. I wont make the mistake to forgive you this time. On the other hand, Ashoka is doing sword fighting with someone when his sword breaks. Jagannath vows to make him pay for loving his daughter.

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    Thanx for ur super fast update mam………


      what the hell? jeganath also against ashoka………. but its okay…… i know he s smart enough to win over his heart……

  2. OMG……where is this this going?

  3. 09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 06 Apr Set Alert
    Nicator falls down and experiences an immense amount of pain. But Bindusara finds it very difficult to fight as the Greek army is comparatively stronger and larger.
    Episode – 311
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 07 Apr Set Alert
    Dharma decides to use oil and chilli to get rid of the soldiers. Soon, Sushim is injured because of an arrow. Bindusara fights alone subsequently.
    Episode – 312
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 08 Apr Set Alert
    Jagannath is shocked when he realises that Kaurwaki has left wearing a traditional dress to meet Ashoka. Kaurwaki makes Ashoka perform all the rituals.
    Episode – 313
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 11 Apr Set Alert
    Jagannath decides to provoke Ashoka so that Kaurwaki sees how violent he is. He chooses to refer to Ashoka as ‘daasi putra’ and grabs his heck.

    1. Hey sai from where do you get the spoilers??
      Good n thanks….

    2. Time of india dude

    3. Bro, keep posting the spoliers 🙂 WE love them.

  4. Now the serial seems historic kalinga always dared to chalange the might of Mauryas n especially of Samrat Ashok definitly the paid for it

  5. Its not good that Jagannath did not took the name of ashoka…
    He only help him to become maharaja and still he taking him as an enemy… How foolish is he

    1. Jagganath is not foolish.. He just thinks that he lost his throne and had to bear a lot of pain like leaving away from his family for years just because he trusted mauryas and that’s y he hates them and doesn’t dare to repeat the mistake again by trusting them.. But yes he should not have done that and it will obviously take time to end the enemity which is continuing for generations…

  6. Nice episode!

  7. Jagganath should have also taken ashok’s name…not only kaurwakis…. Why can’t he realize that Magadh and Kalinga can be friends

  8. And I am sure this kevalnath must be instigating jagganath against ASHOK…

  9. Jagannath has started showing his real face. Ashok did so much for kalinga, fought wars with takshashila and kalinga. But what did jagannath do? Back stabbed him? How can he still consider Ashok his enemy after all this? He deserves to be imprisoned forever. And what’s wrong with 11th April’s episode? Are they going to show Ashok and karuvaki’s marriage now?

  10. nice episode… specially ashwaki scene

  11. I wonder many times… why people talk about the episodes as this is some fantassy or write-up!! It is just a dramatisation of what happened around 2300 years ago!! The story is already has happened.. The serial team has researched the story and showing what has happened 😀 😛

    1. Different from the movie

  12. aditya..
    I agree with you..
    just enjoy the show na…

  13. Well, I am just guessing: Ashoka will be sent to PP. Meanwhile jaggu will give kvk some punishment. Something will happen in the leap -(1) memory loss (2) she would be saved by a fisherman while drowning in the sea. By which she will consider herself a fisherman’s daughter. I don’t think they will give much importance to Devi. They are showing all the possibilities between ashwaki. That’s not fair.

    1. hey come on is this the end of CAS why do u even think so? devi will come but not in the pre leap thats all
      …………guys just enjoy the show ashwaki relationship is sooo nice reem and sid r really gud pairs

    2. History yaar just chill they will show devi don’t u worry?
      Seems like u r a big fan of devi as u keep asking about her n ASHOK’s relationship…
      Acc. To wiki Devi’s entry will be after a long time for that you just have to keep patience dear n trust the director…

  14. According to ur Odisha’s history, Ashoka first met Kaurwaki during 319-320b.c after his victory over Taxila!

  15. Oops! It was between 290-289bc and he married Devi in 286-285bc! so he might have married Kaurwaki first! Nobody knows what happened during his exile in kalinga!

  16. History is taught so that we learn from the past weather it be mistakes or good deeds .Time and again such heros were born to this soil who actually taught us the importance of united india but from the ancient times to modern world we were always busy critisizing our own people our own land evn the britishers who made us their slaves knew the importance of united india but we never realised it now the time has come that we should learn from our history and take an oath that no state no languageor religion shall divide us our first identity should b of an indians…Then a day would come when we will be at the top once again …then the prosperity of akhand bharat could be achived again …its a national blog and i felt that few of my words would cherished by a percentage of youth of this country thank you 🙂 Jai hind jai akhand bharat 🙂

  17. Jagannath is so foolish evn aftr seeing tat ashok struggled to get him back the throne he thinks tat maurya s his enemy he must b imprisoned forever

  18. the show shouldn’t give importence to only Kaurvaki’s character. i hope after leap they would should other queens of Ashoka as well like Asandhmitra, Devi etc.
    Asandhimitra who was Ashoka’s queen concort. should be a proper royal woman. who knows everything about rajneeti
    Devi should be a gentle and kindhearted queen and Kauravaki should be a warrior princess who eventually marry Ashok. i hope ki show mein bake female characters ke bare mein bhi dikhaye.

    1. Agreed

    2. Truly said…
      Me too agree

    3. But ASHOK seems to have been very lucky to have all the types of nature of women as his wife in those days…
      Ha ha just kidding…

  19. thats true….. bt lets see wat happens next!!!!….

  20. kya bakawas he ye?

  21. Hey yar just chill i hope some fishy in the show befor leap

  22. Ya leap ka date fix nahii horaha haiii

  23. And I think ahenkara n ASHOK will just be good close friends and devi n ASHOK’s love story must be 1 sided n kaurvaki n ASHOK’s love story must be both sided full of hurdles so the director is focusing on them to get a fictional story line so dat he can get good trip..

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