Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi dips Kaurvaki fingers in some bowl to heal. How did it happen? Kaurvaki says uptan. Devi wonders if something is wrong with it. She mixes lemon in it and it changes. She is sure someone missed something in it. She recalls seeing Anandini leave from the kitchen. She heads to Anandini’s room determinedly.

Devi comes to Anandini’s room with the uptan which scares Anandini. This isn’t etiquette! Dvei slaps her which angers Anandini. Devi says you will see my daring when I will throw it on you. You will then be punished for your deeds. Anandini covers her face shouting no as Devi acts to throw it on her. Devi says you tried to ruin someone else’s life but dint realise the impact it will cause on Kaurvaki and Ashoka. Ashoka is completely selfless. If you have loved him even a bit then leave this palace asap. Don’t show your face here again. She keeps the bowl in Anandini’s hands and leaves. Anandini cries.

Vit is helping his brother get ready while Ashoka tells him against it. Vit reasons that when Lakshman can serve his elder brother Ram then why cant he. Ashoka gets emotional. Vit teases him. You will get your Sita today. Shyness doesn’t suit you. She looked really beautiful when she went to take bath shyly. I will check her. Ashoka tells him to get ready first. Vit leaves.

Kaurvaki is trying to tie her kamarbandh but is unable to do so because of her fingers. I sent Devi for no reason. I should have taken her help. She shouts in pain when she tries again. Ashoka comes there. He blows at her fingers concerned. It must be paining. She says not now. He makes her turn so he can tie the kamarbandh. She says you shouldn’t have come here. He asks her if he cannot come to meet his would be wife. She points out that she is getting ready. He sweetly replies that I thought we were ready for this moment since childhood only. Kaurvaki turns. They both share a romantic eye lock. Ashoka holds her hand and helps her get ready. He nods at her but she looks emotional. He makes her look at him and ties the kamarbandh. She feels shy. She looks in the mirror when he picks up her chunri. He promises never to hurt her. If I cannot ease it then also I will always be with you. I cannot promise you that we wont have differences but I still promise to love you, come what may. I cannot give you a normal life but I assure you I will trust you every second. I promise that our life will always be complete. I promise to make everything possible till we are together. He makes her sit down and dorns the rest of the jewellery. She closes her eyes in pain as he tries to make her wear the bangle. Vit smiles as he peeks from the door. Devi notices him thus. What is he looking at? She too peeks in and smiles. She covers Vit’s eyes but continues to look herself. Dharma is passing by from the corridor when she notices them thus. She too joins them. She covers Devi’s eyes sweetly. Ashoka makes Kaurvaki wear her anklets. Dharma is really happy. Kaurvaki gets ready with Ashoka’s help. She smiles shyly. He eyes her lovingly and caresses her face. Devi comes in but they are too lost in each other. She coughs to distract them. Ashoka backs off. Devi asks his permission to get Kaurvaki ready too if he is done. He fumbles in his reply and leaves. Ashoka comes out of the room smiling to himself when he notices Vit and his parents there. Bindu remarks that Dharma was right. Our son has indeed understood his responsibilities. Vit nods. he has learnt to take care too. Bindu nods. Dharma tells them to stop teasing her son. she does Ashoka’s aarti. Ashoka seeks her blessings as he is going to enter in another phase of life. She blesses him.

Devi notices Kaurvaki all sad. Are you missing your parents? Kaurvaki replies that she wishes no girl faces this situation. World may think me to be selfish as I gave my wishes importance than theirs. Truth is I want the peace of world more than anything else. It is only Ashoka who can do so. He wont be able to do it alone though. He would need support this is why I took the decision of doing anything to help him in life. I know Ashoka is aggressive. He can be dangerous so my support will be helpful to him. I dint know I will have to pay such a big price to be with him. She gets teary eyed. Girls become parayi for parents when she is born. But parents are never paraye for a girl. they are always her own. Devi wipes her tears. If your mother was here then she would have put kala teeka behind your ears to ward off evil eyes. no one can take a mother’s place but I can do it in her place. She does Kaurvaki’s aarti and also places a kala teeka.

Chanda does puja. Bless me so I can fulfil all my responsibilities as a wife and live up to my husband’s expectations. Bless me that I can keep him happy. Kaurvaki says what about your happiness. Chanda replies that it isn’t different than his. Kaurvaki says I know you love Sushim a lot but you don’t know him well. I came here to alert you. he isn’t a good guy. You may not believe it but the truth it. Chanda already knows Sushim was earlier attracted to Kaurvaki and wanted to marry her. I came here after knowing everything about Sushim. I loved him then only. Kaurvaki reasons that you cannot pray to devil. Chanda is sure only his thoughts are wrong. He is a good person. Good guidance can turn him back on the right path. Kaurvaki says I know him since childhood. No one can save him. Neither your puja nor your attitude. Why are you destroying your life by loving him? Chanda only smiles in reply. Love changes one for good. I have dedicated myself and my life to Sushim. Kaurvaki tries to say something but Chanda cuts her mid sentence. One worries for those who have lost their path, including God. Maybe that is why I was chosen for Sushim by God. Ashoka can get many Kaurvaki’s but there is only one Chanda for SUshim. Giving your everything to someone is love. I have nothing now that I can call my own. Take your example. You left your parents for your love. come now. Destiny has planned our paths already.

Everyone is gathered in the courtoom. Chanda walks in with her parents. Sushim looks at her sweetly. Kaurvaki comes with Daasi’s. Kaurvaki looks a little lost. Chanda greets everyone by folding her hands. Ashoka and Kaurvaki look at each other.

Precap: Jagannath comes just when Ashoka and Kaurvaki are about to be engaged.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. ashoka samrat

    thnx a ton pooja di. this update helps me a lot to understand this story.

  2. nice work pooja..

  3. ashoka samrat

    totally a love story. director had changed the history before also so let him do it today also.
    EG: 1. made Helena a bad person bt in history she is a good one.
    2. ashok should marry his first wife devi in 18yrs bt in CAS, still he hasn’t married and now he is 25yrs.
    3. as per serial ashok married kvk in 15yrs bt its totally different in history.
    4. ashok is a big lover in this serial bt in history he is not such a lover.
    5. in CAS ashok banished bt in past he had never been banished.
    6. as per history ashok marry devi in uchain and doesn’t have such a relationship before marriage bt in CAS it is totally different.
    7. shows devi as kvk’s hand maiden bt it’s totally wrong.

    these are some few changes that director had done 4 history. he had done more than this. shows kvk most of the time. so he might hv changed the name of the serial as RANI KAURWAKI / ASHWAKI. not as chakravartin ashok samrat.
    as per this changes let director make kvk ashok’s first wife. he might do this even, cuz he is mentally upset. I think writer is going to insult our great king ashok. we are the mad viewers who are watching this stupid serial. we cant change this director by scolding day by day. no use of doing that. so the last thing I can say in ENJOY THE SERIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Devi

      All of what u say is true… except that Ashok actually has been banished in history…he was banished to kalinga becuz Sushim convinced Bindusaar to do it. There Ashok met KvK.

    2. Rajmata Helena

      the way story is moving, seems kalinga war will never happen. Ashok will marry to KvK, they will live happily in magadh, and then the serial will turn into a saas bahu ki kahani

    3. Abhishek Maurya

      this stupid writer/director has failed in all aspects.

    4. Tiyasa

      Yah most of ur points r correct …….

  4. Tqu pooja di.chanda is avery good girl,her love is very precious.what will be the reaction of jaggu.waiting for that.

  5. Thanks Di for your update…But I am fed up of this nonsense track…I guess it will take 10 years to Kalinga War..Really they are shoeing nonsense..

    1. Rajmata Helena

      the way story is mving, alinga war may not happen at all. All sons will get maried, and live happily, and then saas bahhu ki kahani will follow

  6. Very swift update pooja. Thank u

  7. This seril will plese change name for sasural kvk ka it is a gooooooooood

    1. Rajmata Helena

      good one… i think kalinga war etc will not happen at all. The way story is moving, ashok will marry kvk, they will live happily in magadh, and then saas, bahu, devar, bhabi, sassur drama will happen…

  8. Well said Ashok Samrat……

    cant reverse the series now. Hopefully Kvk marries Ashok and brings a new story in the series….

  9. Devi

    Thx for the update Pooja!:)

  10. Biswadeep Acharya

    I am confused but yes what i can see its more closer to matsya purana as Foundation and ashokavedana as a main narration.
    Other small cameo episodes they have considered from other ashoka related novels

  11. I dont kno wic story the director is following..he completely messed up,they are showing their story of ashoka!!…they are changing the history…fed up watching ashok n kvk love story…n devi is shown as kvk’s servant..ashok the samrat now here is ashok the lover of kvk. Lol

    1. Rajmata Helena

      really irritating to see KvK face and dumb expressions all the time…

  12. The director and writers think people are fool and they’ll believe everything they’re showing in this show. Don’t disrespect a great ruler by showing these nonsense.

  13. Sad director is fully taking liberties with historical facts and reducing it to soap operas

  14. Sad director is fully taking liberties with historical facts and reducing it to soap operasthanks [email protected]

  15. Thanks Pooja for quick update

  16. Angelk1

    People should stop complaining and wait and see what happens next. If you don’t like how things are going why watch?, besides I think jaga will oppose of the wedding. Leading to Devi marrying ashoke in her place. Jaga will probably cause a scene and start a war. Either bindu plan this or sushim. Did

    1. may be u r right but then still isme history ko tor marorke fictional saga bana dia hai…..devi kabhi bhi ek maid nahi thi….
      too irritating….
      .kal in log ne 4 baar coming up mein dikhaya ki Jagannath aa gaya par last mein use precap bana dia…god knows when will he actually reach…
      srsly dragging a lot…..

  17. aaplog ko wait karna chayie es tarha ka comment nhi dena chayie…plz stop bakwas comment.

    1. Rajmata Helena

      if u r ashok fan, u can very well understand the story is a piece of garbage

  18. S.Ravi Prakash

    Thanks pooja di, only after going through your written update, I am able to understand / enjoy the episodes to full extent. The love ❤ story of kvk/Ashoka is boring. Hope the story moves a little fast forward to making of Ashoka the great!

  19. Typo mistake delete [email protected]

  20. Tiyasa

    Thanks Pooja di for the update but there are many spelling mistakes……. pls take care and how r u ?????

    1. Pooja

      Hey Tiyasa…sorry dear was a bit unwell so might have made a few. will take care in future..

    2. Tiyasa

      Its Ok it can happen, no problem………….

  21. Tiyasa

    I am a big fan of CAS but it has totally become fictional, only ASWAKI scenes…..
    ASVI scenes should have been shown first but here is something else only………. Devi was Ashoka’s 1st love and wife but here she is shown as kvk’s hand maiden………. What is this ??????

  22. He wht happen to u dhananjaya ??ur nt cmenting frm last few days?

  23. Did any one knw wht happen to our everyday cmentor Dhananjaya?????????

  24. Wowwwww!!! They are seriously Killing Indian history …are they mad!!
    Adhoka chakra…Indian emblem with four lions…establisher of Buddhism…and what not!!
    Can’t they take a little care in taking d history of such an emperor…are they kidding us showing us nonsense!
    What’s this rani karuwaki…she was neither a princess before marriage nor was she a rani after marrying adhoka…asandhimitra was ashokas queen …idiotic ppl…adhoka ko trps ke liye upyog karte hai…thoda tho sharm karlo…Indian history ko aisa mat bano…logon ko ullu mat karna…!!!

  25. Maharani advaita


  26. Maharani advaita

    No d order is devi , korvaki, padmavati, asandhimitra,tishyaraksha

  27. Felt soooo happy when Devi slapped anandini. And Devi is not Kaurwaki’s handmaiden, she is only helping out with evrything.

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