Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is gathered in the court. Sushim says Rajmata just got arrested and now we have received Nicator’s message. Does that hint at something inauspicious coming our way? Siamak says how would Nicator know what happened here. Bindu asks the messenger to come in. The messenger says that Nicator wants to meet Bindu personally. He wants him to allow a part of his soldiers to allow them inside the palace. Bindu allows him. Mahamatya and Sushim question Bindu. We did not even ask why he is coming here. Is he coming here to take revenge for Rajmata’s arrest? Siamak repeats that this news has been kept a secret already. How would Nicator know of Rajmata’s arrest? Charu says maybe Ashoka sent a message to Nicator. Dharma says why he will do so. Charu replies that Ashoka never asks anyone before doing something. Bindu tells them to calm down. Even I have doubt on Nicator’s intentions but he would have come with a bigger army if he had come with an intention to attack us. Make preps to welcome him.

Kaurvaki makes Ashoka drink water from the pot and even gives him her Chunri to wipe his hands too. Maharaj Jagnnath looks at them. This isn’t the time to rest. My brothr (Kevalnath) is very strong. He himself is not a good warrior but he has a grand army. He tells Ashoka about his brother’s army.

Nicator says we will attack from inside. This army will be right outside the palace. Bindu is opening the doors for us after all.

Maharaj Jagannath shares that only the person who has lived inside the palace can tell us how to enter there.

Nicator says SIamak knows the palace inside out. He will guide us. Chanakya said that you shouldn’t worry about the consequences of the war if you know your enemy well.

Ashoka says the same thing. There will be a weakness at which we can hit and win. If there is someone without whom Jagannath’s brother cannot imagine winning. Kaurvaki takes Takshak’s name. His army has made a trap which could not be broken till date. Ashoka decides to play Holi with Takshak first of all.

Nicator hopes to accomplish today what Sikander too couldn’t do. This will be my victory over India.

Ashoka wants to put the first milestone in his journey of fulfilling his Acharya’s dream. Maharaj Jagnnath seconds Ashoka’s idea. You will be wrong if you underestimate Takshak. Whoever challenges him is sure to die. Ashoka looks at him.

Someone (Takshak probably) stands before all the attacks and loses to Takshak. Kevalnath likes it. Whoever tries to go against me will meet the same feet. Takshak is unconquerable. No harm can come on me till Takshak is there.

Maharaj Jagannath says it is useless to think to fight with Takshak. He has never tasted defeat. We should drop the idea. Ashoka reasons that it was equally impossible to win over Kichak and get Takshshila back. I would have lost if I had thought that way. This attack can be used to our benefit. We will kill the enemy from inside only.

Nicator comes in the courtroom. He extends his arms to greet Bindu. Bindu hugs him. Nicator says a while ago I felt like I will leave this world before seeing you. I got lucky though. I have come to celebrate Holi with all of you this time, only if you allow. Forgive me, I was in a rush to come here and had no idea what was to be brought along as gifts. I brought what is gifted in Unan. I have brought Helena’s favourite fruit fig. I wonder if she likes it still or not. She has turned into a Maurya over all the years because of the love and respect you gave her here. I am thankful to you for it. Where is Helena? And Ashoka or Shubhrasi or Drupad? Is everything alright? Siamak tells him everything. Nicator acts to be shocked and hurt. Siamak says this is the punishment that traitors get. She tried to get father killed. Drupad lost his life in the process. Nicator says something is wrong. This cannot be true. Siamak shares that Rajmata accepted her crime.

Maharaj Jagganth shows Takshak’s palace to Ashoka. Ashoka says you can either swim to that place or take a boat. Jagganth points out that soldiers will get to know if we take a boat. There are crocodiles in this river. They get active whenever some disturbance happens in water. They only understand Takshak’s words.

Takshak whistles to call out his crocodiles. They all come as if in a queue.

Ashoka refuses to back down. I have promised father. I will live up to my word.

Siamak says she not just plotted against Ashoka but used me as well. She has cheated all of us. Nicator is in disbelief. I thought I will spend some quality time with my daughter and family but there is mourning here because of her. Why did she do it? She is a mother. She should have given her life for her family. She has not just ashamed you but us too. She is not just your but my culprit too. we cannot get back what we have lost but accept the apologizes of a helpless father if you can. Bindu stops him from folding his hands or bowing down before him. Nicator says a father’s head bends down in shame when his kid does something wrong. Bindu says I understand that feeling very well. Nicator wishes to meet Helena to know why she did all this.

Ashoka says Chanakya used to say that we should kill fear as soon as it looks at you. Takshak must have a weakness. Jagannath shares that Takshak drinks alcohol every night so he can sleep. Ashoka says alcohol makes our brain weak. It will take him to his death tonight.

Precap: Helena hugs her father. I knew you would come. Save me. Nicator says Bindu made the biggest mistake by keeping you alive. Ashoka and Takshak challenge each other for a fiht. Whoever makes the other rub his nose on earth first wins! They engage in a sword fight.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Good epi. How con crocodiles be so much trained ?

    1. Sorry its How can

  2. Ahat the f**k is going on?

    1. Gaali mat dena.

  3. Anonymus and history, pls write something interesting. I like ur comments.

    Pls tell me how to put those smilee stickers ?

    1. Thanx for liking our comments tiyasa! Well, I still have a doubt that, was there any friendship between Magadha and Kalinga ever? I mean, since Chandragupta’s rule no one was able to capture Kalinga except Ashoka and that war was the first and last (I suppose)

    2. They are showing the wrong thing. There was no friendship between them.

    3. Yes it was his last war but not the 1st war.

    4. I mean to say 1st n last war with only Kalinga

    5. And if u want any info about Devi, I will surely post it!
      Btw, the stickers are posted with the help of keyboard from which we type. If u have emoticons included in it, then u can post them! Thank you.

    6. That means u are typing with the help of mobile ?

  4. Bindu is a stupid samrat, or this serail is stupid….none of the samrat is dumb as Bindu..!!

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  6. niceeeee show …..waiting 4 kl ka episode

  7. Ok ep… Could have been better

  8. I think the crocodiles are fake because crocodiles are such dangerous animals that they kill human beings how can they understand takshaks words may be takshak has kept fake crocodiles so that no one is able to reach him

  9. U see search internet for how crocodile can be trained…
    My dear if lion can be then why can’t crocodiles be ???

    Recently there was news in The tribune newspaper that there is a person in Chandigarh zoo who when makes certain sounds all crocodiles gather in one line…???

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  13. In Chota Bheem episodes, the King can not think on his own and heavily depends on Bheem. Here King Bindusar is depicted as dumb fellow and believes every body except Dharma and Ashoka. He has no security or intelligence wing of his own, how it is possible.

  14. Pooja, keep it up. Many make spelling mistakes while writing but u don’t. GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanx for ur fast update.

    1. Pooja

      Thanks dear…and anytime 🙂 Glad to know you guys like it.

    2. Your welcome.

  15. director saab, Plz get the stupid king killed soon. He has no wisdom ,is so naive and gullible .he admits that he believes what others present before him but keep on doing it . He does not deserve to be a samrat.

  16. Nagaih ,your analogy with chota bheem is quite apt.

  17. I hope we are not going to have Kichak type of storyline again

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  19. Sarbeswar Bag

    We have stopped watching Ashoka as it is showing wrong thing and also Charumitra and Sushim are doing evils but nobody is able to cut them red handed.

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