Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka is shocked to know something. Acharya Radha Gupta says we are about to get the first clue of finding the culprit of Acharya Chanakya. Ashoka knows it happened because of the prize money. Radha Gupta agrees. We inspected the weapon with which Acharya was attacked. That particular gunsmith makes such weapons only. Ashoka says we must not delay then.

Siamak meets Helena in jail. He tells her that father trusted his fake tears. He felt guilty. You were right. Helena tells him to always follow her words. You will be safe then. He is worried as Sushim and Charu can do anything if they can team up with a tantric. Ashoka is also my enemy now. I have enemies all around. Helena says I am still alive. I wont die till I make you sit on the throne. One plan failed not I. I have changed my plan. My father will leave thousands of Unani soldiers near the Magadh boundary before heading back. You will have to give him my message (tells in his ears). You will do it alone. She gives him a necklace given to her by her father. They will hear you. My father will then make sure he takes revenge of my insult here. Siamak hides it in his clothes and leaves from there.

Ashoka is all set to go somewhere with a few soldiers. Kaurvaki comes there. She wants to accompany him but he suggests making arrangements for her to visit the state. She refuses to go anywhere alone. Your mother said today only that. Ashoka says I know it already. I am going for an important work. She refuses to let him go anywhere without her. Either I will come along or you also wont go. Acharya Radha Gupta tells Ashoka to give up before a woman. Ashoka agrees. Who can stop a woman when she makes up her mind to do something? Acharya Radha Gupta smiles.

Bindu comes to the room where all the photos of his beloved / brave martyrs have been kept. He recalls the day he was made to sit on the throne. You (Acharya Chanakya) did everything in your power to strengthen Maurya lineage. Your appearance only makes everyone at peace. On the other hand, it’s me, who ashamed his own people. After today, history will always take my name as a weak Samrat. Forget about holding the empire together, I couldn’t even hold my family together. There have been so many issues inside that I couldn’t see. I could not see the enemies who were right inside my family. I kept sheltering the culprits and punishing the innocent people. It proves I got swayed by everyone’s words. I trusted people blindly. My own mother, my brother wanted to kill me! The supposedly ideal family turned into a family against the society today. My son was killed right before my eyes. I was about to kill my innocent son with my own hands. I am a failed son, disciple, father and Raja. I am stain on my family’s name. I don’t know if I will ever be able to change it to good. I still don’t know where I went wrong. He faints.

Ashoka comes to the gunsmith’s place. You made the weapons used to kill Acharya Chanakya? He points at a few daggers. Do you recognize them? The gunsmith accepts making them but has no clue who used them to kill Acharya Chanakya. Ashoka holds his neck while questioning him. Was it someone from the royal family? Acharya Radha Gupta signals Ashoka to stop. Ashoka lets go the guy. The gunsmith says I would have known if it was someone from the royal family. Anyone who comes here hides his identity though. I don’t know who took them but yet, they are made by me only. Ashoka orders the soldiers to arrest him.

Ashoka, Kaurvaki and Acharya Radha Gupta come to the where they see a marriage happening. She wants to see it but Ashoka tells her to come. Acharya Radha Gupta gestures him to let her see it. Ashoka says shall we.

The soldiers pick up Bindu.

Ashoka and kaurvaki are welcomed by the family. They are made to wear a crow made by flowers.

A soldier informs Dharma and Shubhrasi that Bindu is unwell. He is on his deathbed.

Kaurvaki imagines getting married to Ashoka. She smiles shyly but then realises it was her dream. She still looks happy. Ashoka feels restless. It feels as if something wrong is going to happen.

Dharma comes to Bindu’s room. Charu sends the soldier to call Raj vaid. Dharma asks about Ashoka from others.

Kaurvaki asks Ashoka if there is some problem. He shakes his head.

Sushim asks a soldier about Siamak but he has no clue. Where can he go without telling anyone? He notices a branch going down. Why Siamak did ran away like this without telling anyone?

Siamak comes to the camp where the Unani’s are. He shows Helena necklace to a soldier and introduces himself as the grandson of Nicator.

The couple meets Ashoka and Kaurvaki. Ashoka wants to go as he cannot see anyone parting from their parents. Kaurvaki calls it tradition. The couple look so happy together. A guy comes there just then asking the bride to come with him. Your father took loan from me. You will have to stay with me like my Daasi till it is repaid. He is taken aback to see Ashoka. The family has been serving them since 40 years already. Kaurvaki says they have been working without any question to pay back a small amount. Ashoka calls it abuse. You have to pay them now. I free this girl right now from you. She is free. The guy calls it injustice but Ashoka asks him to pay money to the girl now or he will be jailed for 18 years now. The guy says you have been appointed a Yuvraaj just now. You should consult your father. Ashoka agrees but he also knows that is father would think the same. The guy leaves calling it injustice. Many people share a similar problem with Ashoka. No one helped us till now. We have seen a ray of hope in you. Kaurvaki tells him to talk to Samrat to free everyone.

Siamak gives the necklace to the soldier to show to Nicator. The soldier goes inside. Siamak decides to find a perfect solution for Ashoka now.

Precap: Mahamatya tells the citizens that justice will happen. Father is unwell right now. The citizens are upset as Das tradition will leave them with nothing. Sushim talks to Charu about Ashoka misusing his rights. Charu tells him to do something. If your father dies then Ashoka will do anything. Dharma tells Bindu to rest. It isn’t right for you to get up. He tells her to make her son understand this.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Very irritating – Ashoka and Kvk marriage. Kaurvaki is too much, thiking too much. Ashoka is not so much bothered about her but she is too much.

    1. She is his wife in real life if u luk at the history .
      And she ashok’s favorite wife too

    2. But she was her 2nd wife and Ashoka married Devi at the age of 18 or 19. That means he married kvk at least after 20, then why thinking from now. Yes she was his favorite wife, but she wouldn’t if Devi would come back with him to pataliputra. Thats why it is too much.

    3. Correct! And I don’t know if anyone has observed or not but kvk was not trusting ashoka at all before! Some scenes like, she thought he has stolen her necklace, when she falls down from the cliff she asks him that will he come to save her or not & lastly the letter scene! Don’t u think so?

    4. Sry I wanted to reply u ! By mistake I wrote it for Saalini. But I am with u! Plz read the reply given to Saalini , actually that’s for you.

    5. Correct tiyasa!

    6. Thank u for supporting me.

    7. in real life…. ashoka married kaurwaki as first wife but in exile… and about it no body knew…. after coming from exile he left kaurwaki in exile only but in patliputra he married to devi but in front of everyone….. but someone told him that kaurwaki is died coz someone killed her…. ashoka felt very sad and except devi as 1st queen..
      but ashoka somehow felt that kaurwaki is alive so he came back at exile that is ujaiin.. but in that he didnt saw her… and after that he attacked on kaling where only kaurwaki was alive none other … and he afterwards brought her from there and once again married in front of everyone and he except her as 2nd queen..

    8. Although some people say that Ashoka met kvk, first he married Devi first when he was viceroy of Ujjain! He married kvk later…

  2. Poor bindusara, he is so much depressed. Feeling bad for him.

  3. Ashoka’s decision is correct.

  4. ANONYMOS What do u want to know ? I am ready to share info with u. How I can refreash u?

    1. I was askin about bindusar u wrote there thats y i thoght u knw smthing extra about him thats y i asked 🙂

    2. What do you want to know about bindusara ?

      Yah! u know why he was named bindusara?
      Chandragupta Maurya and acharya Chanakya dono hi apne khane me vish milakar khate the taki dushman unke khane me vish milay to bhi wo nehi marenge. Ek din pregnant Durdhara ( Mother of Bindusara) aur Chandragupta ek sath kha rehe the aur durdhara ko vish khane ki adaat nehi thi to wo jhat se mar gaya. Tab Acharya Chanakya ne Uske womb se bachche ko nikala. Bachche ke mathe par vish ka ek bindu ka nishan tha to tab Acharya Chanakya ne uska naam bindusar(bindu sar(head) par) rakh diya .

    3. Nice ! I have read this anyways thank u buddy 🙂

  5. i really dont want this leap to happen.gonna miss u sid in cas very badly .u r a fab actor really.
    i also like your jodi with reem.she soo cute.anyway this has to be happen .will see u in jalak 9 tc

  6. Tiyasa can u shut up. I am irritated by ur comments. ashok and kaurvaki are good together and bindu should die so ashok can be samrat. Bindu qualities of being a samrat. He is weak and count give death to his mother now helena will make all these plans. This Sushim is too much. By the way in history ashok kills all his brothers to sit on the throne

    1. You may not like my comments but I will tell now also that aswaki is worse than Ashoka-Devi jodi. I want to see Ashoka-Devi jodi not aswaki.

    2. Agreed. I also feel unpleasent for kaurwaki. But she supports him when his own family not trust him.and it is not a reason for kvk to close him. Ashok is soo smart and lovely than kvk so much.

    3. Then also they showed kvk very early. Rishu do u like kvk and reem’s acting or u want to see DEVI ?

    4. Tiyasa even I m eagerly waiting for Devi …BTW, somewhere I read that ashoka left Devi in Ceylon but my mom told me that she read Devi’s children sanghmitira n mahindera helped ashoka in spreading Buddhism ..then how come he left Devi n then took help from her children..
      It’s quite confusing.. Can u pls clarify this?

    5. I had read somewhere that, Asoka introduced Devi as his wife in PP, but she was not accepted by his except dharma. One jyotish then told bindu, that, the children born from Devi’s womb will conquer Lanka. So she was then accepted by bindu. Later, Because of constant abuse of Devi by Asoka’s family : calling her as not a perfect match for Asoka, and other things which were against her thoughts of ahimsa, she made a decision of living in Ujjain itself with her children. She herself wanted to keep her children away from PP family.

  7. Grown up askok character is not good its the one who plays mahadev. I want arjun in mahabharat or karn to play ashoka. Going to miss sid

    1. ya. cant imagine anyone else in ashoka s role. Sid is so perfect. He will be missed.

    2. Agreed.Miss siddharth bhaiya.

  8. Sidd n reem gonna miss u bth. Sooooo sad

  9. Luv u siddarth nigam???
    U r best?

  10. Is leap going to take place by next week ?

    1. Last shooting date is 4th April for Sid.

    2. How did u know ? Are u somehow related to the production house ?

      No, I am just asking u, pls don’t be angry.

    3. No, I am not associated with production house I had read it in an article… And I never become angry, so chill! ?

    4. Thank You for reply. But I would like to know the name of that magazine or newspaper. Its very sad know ?

    5. How do you put those stickers?

  11. Who z going to play d grown up character of samrat ashok ???

    1. I think MOHIT, who played the role of shiva in devo ke dev mahadev.

  12. That kaurwaki is too much. But i think ashoka’s true love was devi.she is a commoner and also a buddhist. So i think bindusar and other family members were not easily accept her as ashoka’s first wife. After reading some websites i gt to knw the story of ashoka and his first wife devi, the only buddhist empress of india,not only reflects their personal life, their constant clashes and love for each other,but also reflects Devi’s influence on two ost important historical events in india, the kalinga war and ashoka’s conversion to buddhism.Although their love did nt break due to clash of ideals or even seperation.she died leaving ashoka greif stricken. Ashoka build the sanchi stupa at her birth place as a some kind of tajmahal as i think.

    1. I support u.

    2. Correct rishu! I am also waiting for Devi

    3. Ofcourse devi is very important but ashokas favorite was kaurwaki ….n plz dnt compare them both had diffrent parts n both were important so enjoy their respective parts 🙂

    4. I completely agree with u anonymous …guys both are ashoka’s dearest wives they both are just like DHARMA so pls don’t compare both of them…..

    5. @Ashoka the great ..thanks for the support buddy 🙂

    6. Ashoka the great

      Why thx whatever u told was absolutely true……anyways u r most welcomed…..dear:))))

    7. Even I read this that sachi ka stupa was made by ashoka in the name of devi

  13. Its very good for us know about our history thanks to showing this, But it has little iretation when Bindusaar is angery to ashok as so for Bindusaar is so much love to ashoka so plz not irritating more then this ashoke was a brave sinch childhood so plz show him compatition with shyamak and sushim its real

    Thankins you

  14. Bindusar has not good personality.he loves ashok but always misunderstands him. He trusts siamak and sushim blindly at sometimes over ashok.

    1. It is right.

  15. Sometimes i think, that syamak knows he isn’t bindusar’s son. his personality is very much like his mother treacherous and good actor. i’m to miss sid too but leap is important. waiting for Devi’s character too.

    1. Why do u think that leap is imp? I think u will not miss siddharth.

    2. Why leap isn’t important?
      How many days will they drag this?
      They have to get back into the story.Otherwise,their TRP will fall down.So, leap is very important.

    3. And about missing Sid…..It’s one’s personal choice.Not everyone likes sid.

  16. CAS will be a boring show after siddharth’s quit.

  17. I want to see devi TIYASA.. Bindusar has 4 wives but he loves one knows hw real ashok’s feelings were. He is a very lovely character to his own people in the seriel .so he should love one girl and i like and hope its Devi !!!

    1. Mohit will also look dashing as samrat ashoka remember his chandrashekya attiere in maha dev ? He will some what look like that and i am sure it would suit him a lot …he can act both as a ruthless warrior and a kind hearted emporer n thats what Samrat ashoka was !…

    2. Ashoka the great

      I am once again with u since mohith’s Devon ka dev mahadev serial made a great hit in colors and it also made few trp records so many ppl r waiting for his comeback in the small screen.So I request ppl to welcome him with good feelings….

    3. Yeah u r right history I think u no need to worry about it ashoka has not married kvk yet and im sure cas ppl will make ashoka mary devi first before kvk so just relax and enjoy the show buddy…. :))

    4. Rishu pls stop this devi vs kvk competation and start enjoying the serial reem is not that bad on acting Ofcourse she cannot reach the level of thunisha but she also cute and a gud actress and what proves u that ashoka loved only devi and not kvk..pls tell me

    5. Both were very imp in Ashok’s life! The only difference is, that Devi was his first wife n kvk second.

    6. @ history ua right but he met kvk first ! But married devi first and married kvk after the war !

  18. Ashok had one sister called Sanghamitra who prompted Ashok for Buddhism. When she was born. There is no reference so far.Interestingly, some times back Director showed that Dharma was carrying when Ashok was moving to Takshshila.There seems some loose ends.

    1. Hey KBS NEGI U CAN SPEAK ABOUT HISTORY ONLY IF U KNOW ABOUT IT PLS DON’T MISLEAD OTHERS.Ashoka don’t have a sister and sanghamitra was ashoka’s daughter and not sister yes u r right some historians say that even his own beloved daughter feared for ashoka which was one of the reason for his conversion to Buddhism and the unborn child in the womb of DHARMA is none other than vittashoka …and not his sis…

    2. wellwisher (ww) zaya fan

      Agree…. ashoka had only daughter…. n yes the one in dharma’s womb is ashoka’s bro…..

  19. ALL info are from wikipedia….im not claiming its what the historians are claiming…Many people are giving wrong information regarding Ashok…sanghamitra was ashok’s daughter from Devi along with mahendra.. Devi was ashok’s first wife when he was a governor of ujjain.. kuarvaki was hopefully the daughter of a fisherman and she was ashok’s second wife….favourite of dharma as she was a buddhist…though it was not suitable for a prince of the most powerful states of india (magadh) to marry a merchant’s daughter. he agreed to marry Asandhimitra. Asandhimitra was probably the princess of a little kingdom in what is now East Haryana north of Delhi….and she being a princess she had the most influence on ashok till her death….after that ashok married two more Rani Padmavati (she died soon after giving birth to Kunala), Tishyaraksha….
    so on total he had FIVE WIVES.. ashok had one brother of his own Vitashoka (mother was dharma only)…..

  20. ahankara to wife hi nhi thi ashok ki , phirr bhi uska love relationship with ashok na jane kyun pasand kiya gya…… yha to kaurwaki ashok ki 2 and wife thi , aur WO pyaar bhi krti thi to Jo ho rha h …usme Sb ko kaurwaki se problem kyu ho rhi h

    1. B’coz vo kvk ko zada importance de rahe h hadd se zada it seems kuch dino baad serial ka naam Chakravartin ashok samrat se rajkumari kaurwaki mahaan ho jaega n they should 1st show Devi esilie log itna disappointed h
      My opinion sorry if I had hurt anyone☺

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