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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nicator comes to the jail to meet Helena. She happily hugs him. I knew you would come. Save me. Nicator says Bindu made the biggest mistake by keeping you alive. We will win this time. I will take revenge for every little thing from Maurya. I thought you will make these people your servant. Aren’t you ashamed to lose out to these people time and again? Is this why I accepted Chanakya’s proposal of marriage with Chandragupta Maurya? You could not do anything even after getting too many chances. You lost your chance. It is a shameful thing that my daughter turned out to be like this. What will I be left with if this news gets leaked? I have no option but to free you now. I will have to do it to save my respect. First option is that I will try to take you out

Sushim is not sure if these preps are only to celebrate Holi. My experience tells me that when someone is trying to be overly sweet then there is something wrong for sure. Mahamatya seconds him. I will alert my spies. Sushim wants to do it himself. I get one chance to prove myself before father. Siamak hears them.

Nicator requests Bindu to free Helena. You very well know if this news break out then everyone will look down upon me as a weak Samrat who could not save his daughter. Unani would like me to take Helena to Unan and punish her. Bindu reasons that Helena is his criminal. If I leave her then entire Magadh will think I am a weak king. Nicator says we are bound by relations. I request you to have mercy on Helena. Bindu says be grateful that she is still alive. I regret my decision now. Nicator and Bindu stay put on their words. Nicator’s soldiers walk inside. I know how to make the impossible possible. Bindu gets angry. What do you want to say? Nicator calms himself down. I only came to celebrate and not fight. I dint intend to interfere in your family matters. Forget what I said just now. If you still have some doubts then we will end it on Holi tonight. Bindu asks him how he knows about their festivals so much. Nicator replies that he has come fully prepared this time.

Ashoka wants to go to Takshak’s palace alone but everyone insists upon accompanying him. Kaurvaki too comes there dressed in a similar attire like Ashoka. Ashoka tells her against it. She reasons that she accepted his decision when it was about his motherland. Now it is about my motherland. You will have to allow me to go with you. I inspected the place around the river. There are some points which are in dark. If we enter from the backdoor then no one will be able to see us. I will lead and misguide the crocodiles. You all can follow me and enter inside the palace as and when you see a chance. Maharaj Jagannath looks proudly at her.

Sushim intentionally drops something so he can send the soldiers away. He covers himself well with a shawl and leaves. Siamak follows him.

Kaurvaki throws stones in the river. They wait for the crocodiles’ reaction. The crocodiles finally swim up. Kaurvaki, Ashoka, Maharaj Jagannath, Nayak and Acharya Radha Gupta follow their plan. They keep stabbing the crocodiles with the spear all along. There are some soldiers on the trees too who keep shooting arrows. Kaurvaki loses her balance and falls in the river. Everyone gets worried. Ashoka too jumps so as to save her. Kaurvaki stabs a crocodile even when she is in water. Ashoka helps her.

Takshak tells his servant he does not touch alcohol on the night of Holi. It is the same night when Maurya’s attacked us stealthily. I have to be alert.

Ashoka and his team reach the back door of Takshak’s palace. Ashoka taps at the door. The soldiers are intrigued. They open the door and get beaten up. Ashoka and his enter inside.

Sushim keeps looking back to check if he is being followed. He begins to run so as to divert the person if in case there is someone who is keeping an eye on him. He comes to Nicator’s camp. There are so many soldiers here. Something is wrong. Siamak too comes to the camp site. Where did Sushim go?

One of the soldiers gain conscious. He runs inside to alert everyone.

Sushim has changed into Nicator’s soldier’s attire.

The soldiers surround Ashoka and his people.

Nicator tells the plan to his army. Holika Dahan’s preps will be going on in the palace right now. He tells his commander about the weak point of the palace. You will first catch the queens, then the kids and then Bindu. Sushim is standing there as well. Siamak hits him on his head from behind. Sushim falls unconscious. Nicator demands to know how Sushim reached here. Why dint anyone catch him? What if Siamak had not found him? Take him away.

Takshak comes to meet Ashoka and his group.

Precap: Siamak gives something to the soldiers to drink after which they all fall unconscious. He opens the doors for Unani army to enter inside the palace.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. This kvk always creates problems for Ashoka – fell in water. Susim is better than siyamak, atleast helping bindusara.

    1. This KVK always follows ashoka wherever he goes! Its very irritating! Remember she had followed him to his bathroom! Yuck! She should behave herself. I think it’s only one-sided love from kvk for ashoka.

  2. Anonymus where are u, I have written something for u.
    PLEASE read it.

    1. sushim s supporting bindu nw n he s better dan siamak? both r equally evil sushim tried to KILL bindu for throne, remember???

    2. Hello ! Sorry i was busy wid work …where i can read it ?

    3. Ohh got it thanks fr liking it buddy 🙂

  3. Thanx POOJA for the fast update. I opened this site just after 9:30 and I got this update. You are really very fast. You are fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pooja

      Anytime 😀

  4. I came to know that ashoka fought two wars with khalinga…
    I very much excited about the couple of episodes

  5. why dont they give videos in you tube ?????????

    1. Colors ppl have launched a new app like hotstar

    2. Sme prblm here.wht cn we do nw???

  6. I guess one of the 3 unanis is gonna die in this war. I hope its siamak as hes the only hope of the unanis. But the question is how’s Ashok gonna reach pataliputra so soon? Because its not possible reach there in 1 day. I’m so curious to know what’s gonna happen next.

    1. Ashok gonna reach patiliputra As bindusar reached takshashila during takshashila adhyay

  7. Thnx miss pooja for the every superfast update till date!

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome 🙂

  8. Now Ashok has to fight Takshak and also unanis how ??? And funny to see Magad army going with Ashok just 10 people , are the going for war or picnic , and showing Ashok to be stupid enough to get caught every time is he really Ashoka the great

  9. I think now all the servents whom ashoka helped will some how help in this war either by taxes or by man power…

    1. Nice guess anonymous

  10. For once Sushim is helping magadh. hay i want to ask you guys do anyone of you know something about Bindusar’s real mother Durdhara ? we all know that Chandragupt married Nicator’s daughter for love but what about his first wife. some says she was the daughter of Dhana Nanda and Chardagupt won her in war some says she was a comnoner? do anyone know something about her

    1. Yes its true that she was the daughter of dhana nand but she helped chankya and chandragupt in the war against dhana nand because she was dedicated towards her motherland she fell in love with chandragupta n lived evry moment of her life dedicated towards him they got married after he won over magadh n other 2 mahajanpads n she bore him 3 children keshnak the eldest son …2 was a daughter n 3rd was bindusar she died giving birth to him cause she ate the toxic food which was given to chandragupta by chanakya to increase his immunity and that was the end of her life before dying she requested chankya to save the future of magadh which was in her womb he operated her abdonen n took out bindusar the poison had made a dot on the babies fore head so he was named bindusar !

    2. N chandragupta never married nicators daughter for love she was married to him just to form a political alliance his soul love was durdhara n only durdhra !

  11. Durdhara was the daughter of Selucus…

    1. No buddy she wasnt all historic sourses mention her as dhana nands daughter !

    2. If u read greek refrences then selucus had 7 children his 4th daughter cathrine or helen (the names not clear its diffrent in many sources) married androcottus (thats what greek called chandragupta ) and lived in india..she was married to him after the selucid -mauryan war ….after this war chandragupta gifted selucus wid war elephants which won him many wars durdhara was not his daughter .

    3. I had seen the serial of Chandragupta Maurya on imagine tv. Do u remember it?

    4. @ history yeah it was nice and much historic !

  12. Pradeep Krishna

    Durdara is the daughter of dhananand who helps chandragupta maurya. She is his first wife


    NOW THIS SHOW IS GETTING INTERESTING! ! SUSIM IS DOING A GREAT JOB !! And the precap is very interesting !! Looking forward to seeing the next EPISODE OF CHAKRAVARTIN ASHOKA SAMRAT! !

  14. chakravartin ashoka samrat

  15. Ashoka samrat

  16. Hay Anonymus your research about Durdhara is really good. maurayan history is very interesting. but there aren’t much imformation about mauryans.

    1. Thank you Priya . there are sources if u wanna read about mauryas refer texts like puranas divyavandana mahavasma etc though these books are not so easily available but u can read in the books written by historians my favorite is ” the ancient india ” its a great book read it if ua intrested n if can get then read those texts too its really awesome ! 🙂

    2. Yes , I am reading “Asoka- the great compassionate king”

  17. pta nhi kuch logo ko kaurwaki se itni chidd kyun ho rhi h , jbki ahnkara ka to history me koi namonishaan nhi h …..WO to itna chipkti thi , hmesha ashok ke a as pass rhti thi , WO thik tha kya ?……..jbki kaurwaki to ashok ki 2 nd wife thi

    1. Ahankara was fictional, but her story was different. She was totally alone in that palace. No-one was there to support her. Here kvk has her father.She has her own motives in life. And she is a guest. So she should not cross her limits. That’s it.

    2. I really agree with u @history
      This kvk is too much ahenkara ashok se chep nhi hoti thi itna she was helpless n alone but still she never ran behind ashok all the time atleast she gave him space y kvk to na hi bechari h or na hi alone so she should get back to kalinga.. Behaving as if she has become ashok’s wife

  18. Get ur all doubts clear about Asoka’s life in the given link below…

  19. Things i feel about Ahenkara’s character. Ahenkara was alone is magadha after her father’s death. she was abandoned and betrayed by Sushim. who she loved . later she become Ashoka’s friend and started to fall for him. but i never felt ashok feel the same for her. that mean Ahenkara’s love for Ashok was one side. also at start Ahenkara’s character remineds me of Sansa Stark from GOT

  20. kvki ashok ki wife thi …….so Jo bhi ashok – kvki beech dikhaya ja rha h , mujhe nhi lgta issme kuch glt h ………aur dono ( ahenkara , kaurwaki )ke saath ashok ko one side love ki trh dikhaya ja rha h, mtlub devi ko aage Chl kr ashok ke true love ki trh dikhya jayega … I m happy

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