Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashok brings Siamak in tent, Siamak says first time i tired to cheat and this happened, God always with cheaters, AShok says it maybe that God doesnt want you to cheat, he ties cloth on his wound, soldier says i will inform Acharya, Siamak says i have not accepted my defeat, Subaho says how can you fight in this state? siamak says i cant break my mother’s trust, no wound can break it, Ashok says you will fulfill that promise, he goes to bring some medicine for Siamak. he comes out and is sad for Siamak, he cries, Sushim comes there and says great, what a friendship, one is in pain and other is crying, one’s leg is broken and other is shaking, Ashok gets angry.
Prime minister Khalatak to Bindu that Sushim lost his two team members but Siamak lost only one, Bindu says Sushim is great but the way siamak have passed fog area is great, Chanakya says Ashok helped them, he used his mind, made them drink water, and made them go out of that fog area, Bindu says you are right, in Vann Ashok told me about different things, Chanakya says AShok and Siamak have become friends too, Bindu says AShok have calmness which my both sons lack, Siamak will learn alot from him, they will give competition to Sushim, i want to see who wins this time, Chanakya thinks that only Ashok will win and then i will have to tell you that Ashok is your son. Bindu ask Khalatak about marriage preparations, he says today there is some ceremony.

Scene 2
Helena says to Ahenkara that there ceremony bride gives her toys to younger sister and takes jewelry from groom side telling the world that now she is ready to become women from girl, this marriage is combination two different nations, today there is bridal shower Agnishika.
Charu says to dasi that all queens will apply Ubtaan to bride. Dharma is making Ubtaan for Subhrasi, Subhrasi says comes and says by applying ubtana, we bless bride, Dharma says all rituals means to bless bride and groom to have happy married life, Subhrasi says you have great thoughts, i will gift you something, Dharma says i dont need anything.
Noor’s dasi has made poisonous ubtaan, Noor says the much pain you have given me Agni, i will give more pain than that.
Agni comes in venue, all smiles at her, Helena ask her to sit.
Subaho and Danda says that you are now baggage for our team, they leave., Siamak says to Ashok only you can win over Sushim, you cant lose just to help me, go forward, leave me, AShok says dont say like this, winning is important for me but not that much that i leave my friend here, we will go together, lets leave. Siamak tries to move but shouts in pain, Ashok gets tensed.
Helena ask Charu to apply ubtaan to her first, charu applies ubtaan to Agni, she blesses her, then Helena ask noor to apply, Noor brings Ubtaan, she smirks at Agni, Agni says if by Noor’s ubtaan, i get a little beauty like Noor then Justin will not look away from me for a second, Noor says you have already trapped him, you dont need any Ubtaan, i am just doing formality, Noor applies Ubtaan on her hands and face, then Subhrasi comes with Dharma, she applies Ubtaan on her body, Subhrasi blesses her, Agni starts feeling itchy, she shouts, she says something is wrong with this ubtaan, i feel like my body is burning, Noor ask what happened, Helena ask to call doctor, Susbhrasi says how can we call male here when Agni is in this state, Helena says to Noor that you must have mixed something, Noor says how can you blame me, Charu and Subhrasi also applied ubtaan to her, Dharma thinks that her skin get become worse, i have to help her, Noor thinks i have peace seeing you in so much pain, Ahenkara tries to pour water on her body but dharma stops her and says water will worse her situation, only milk can lessen her pain, Noor ask how can you see, Dharma says trust me, she will get peace, Subhrasi says i trust her, let her do what she is doing, Helena ask dharma to do what you want, Dharma brings milk and pours on her body, she ask Ahenkara to pour it on her body, she makes some cream with herbal medicines meanwhile, she comes and applies it on Agni’s body, Agni feels peace, Helena ask if its less now? Agni says yes, i am feel less pain now, Helena says to Noor that you have done this, what you mixed it, Noor says i doubt this dasi (dharma), how she made her pain less in seconds, it means she knew what was mixed in ubtaan and how to less its effect, Dharma nods in no.

PRECAP- Acharaya Shrist says this competition is about intelligence and hardwork, the alliance between Siamak and Ashok is example of it. Ashok has Siamak on his back and running, he gets tired and puts Siamak down for a while, Siamak rings bell pointing that he resigns from compeition, Ashok is shocked and says why you did it, Siamak says promise me you will win over Sushim, Ashok hugs him and says i will do it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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