Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Charu says to Sushim that this is not competition, this is way to throne, Sushim is not listening and just loking at Ahenkara who is standing behind Charu, Charu says to Sushim that you dont have choice but to win, Sushim says i make it mine what i like.
Noor says to Siamak that you have to win at any cost, you have to prove you are good than Sushim, you have to make me proud, Khurasan comes and says Siamak will do everything good, he says its my dream to see you sitting on throne, remember dont do mistake(taunting Noor).
Bindu ask Prime minister that what Ashok have done that he will run after one hour of competition? minister says this is decision of Acharayas and even if he runs at same time even then cant beat Siamak and Sushim. Bindu says its not about winning or losing, Ashok is intelligent, he is dedicated, his love for land, i have not seen all this in my sons, minister says but one bad thing can destroy all good things in you, and AShok that fault, he doesnt follow rules, the rules which have made us all disciplined, AShok is always given punishment for not following rules, Chanakya comes and ask prime minister Khalatak how many people you know, accept their punishment and rectify their mistakes? wyou are prime minister and you cant have biased approach, it doesnt suite you, let competition end then you will see why Bindy trust Ashok so much, Bindu agrees.
Chanakya comes in his room, Radhagupt ask what are you thinking? Chanakya says if AShok wins this competition then i will have to tell Bindu that AShok is son and heir, Radha says this is good think but why are you tensed? Chanakya says i am thinking about Vrahmir (hobbit guy), he says years back Dhananand this Vrahmir to make secret palace where he used to hide his wealth, this Vrahmir is expert of architecture, he design complex structures, he was there on Justin’s palace site this means some secret ways are surely made in that palace, i want you to spy on Vrahmir, Radha agrees and goes.
Justin says to Raj why didnt you tell this, why secret ways are being mae from my palace’s room, you are deceiving my mother, Raj puts sword on his neck and says i am not servant but ujjain’s king, you cant question me, Helena comes there and says you have done mistake and i can give you death penalty Raj, Raj says Justin was rude to me, Helena tell Justin that other exit is being made from your palace so in problem, we have to way go out, Justin says why i was not told about it? Helena says i thought its not much important to tell, Nicator comes and says you should not doubt your mother, Justin says i trust her but this is not first time she had not informed me about thing, he leaves, Raj says Justin’s anger can destroy us all, Helena says dont worry.

Scene 2
Aakramak says to students that both teams have to run and pass the track and they have to reach to stuffs(water and food), the team which will reach first will get stuff and all but they can leave stuff of other team and can take their stuff only, Aakramak says to Siamak’s team that you guys are weak as your one team member will start running after one hour of competition, till sun sets down, all have to reach the first stage of track, he gives them whistle and says if some student want to leave competition, he can use this whistle to call us, in night all students have to be with their teams only and i any student break rules then he will be discarded from competition.
All students are ready to run. Aakramak waves the flag, all students start running, AShok is waiting to pass one hour. all students are stuck in swamp (marsh), they cant move, Siamak holds stick and starts moving with help of it, Ashok is noticing all this, one Subaho falls in swampy water, he ask Sushim to help him but Sushim doesnt help and says you are from different team so not my friend, if you want to save yourself then leave competition, soldier save you, Subaho is drowning, AShok is about to go to save him, Aakramak says you cant go, Ashok says there is time for me start competition but i have to save Subaho at any cost, he runs, he comes to subaho and says i will help ypu, Shubaho says how, Ashok dont worry, AShok holds stick, enter swamp, he gives stick to Subaho and ask him to hold it, Subaho holds, AShok pushes stick from other end, and brings Subaho out, he as Subaho to go, Subaho leaves, Ashok himself get stuck in swamp, aakramak comes and ask why did you save Subaho? Ashok says i have learnt from my mother that between life and death, one should choose life and saved a life, aakramak brings him out of swamp and ask him to start his competition, Ashok says but there is time to complete my punishment, aakramak says you did great act by saving Subaho, its reward for that, run, Asho thanks him and starts running.
Ashok and other students are running. Sushim’s team reaches to stuff tent first, he ask students to take everything, there are fruits, water and food, they pack everything, Sushim says this is start of competition and they all seem tired, his team leaves from there. Siamak’s team comes to stuff tent and find everything missing, Siamak’s team stuff is also takes by Sushim, Siamak says Sushim took our stuff too, Ashok says now i will tell Sushim that not beast but Vanraj rules Vann.

PRECAP- Ashok is in jungle to collect something to eat. sushim is hiding behind tree and puts poison on arrow, he points arrow towards Ashok and says this poisonous arrow will hit you and you die in seconds, otherside Dharma worries for Ashok.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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