Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agni says to Jastin this wedding is happening for the society. you can give me respect of a wife. He says i love noor, since the day i saw her. Bindu married her but doesn’t love her. I am doing this wedding for my mom. I can’t forget noor. i will give you respect and right of a wife. She extends her and says promise me Rajkumar? he takes her hand. he says i promise you. He leaves. She says in heart i know that after some days noor wont be alive but still i hate it to see jastin’s. Only i should have right on him.

Helena comes out. The guy says the news about ashok will leave you shocked. she says tell me what is it? someone kills him from the back.

Ashok wakes up on the stone. He says i stayed for rest and slept for so long. Where am i? He sees a small house there. ashok goes in there. an old lady comes and says your mom was the most beautiful woman here. And they looked so good together. Ashok says did you know my dad? Ashok says how does she know my mom? She touches him and says you are here. He says i am her son Ashok. She says you have grown old you are like your dad.

Agni says to helena a spy died last night in backyard? Do you know who was he? helena says no i don’t know. its greek food. She greets the guests. Agni says what did she say? helena says she said you are beautiful. We expect you to give birth to a son of justin. noor sees them and says she will never go near to justin as i am. Agni says what will happen today? helena says its a greek ritual.
helena says to dharma call ashok some how i want to meet him.

bindu says according to my mom’s will justin will get married to agni in all greek rituals. Sushim says i am sorry to disturb you. if you allow me i want to go something, you were right i did a sin, Sushim says i am such a sinner that i should not at this place i acknowledge my sin. i request you to give me strongest punishment. he says in heart the day i become samrat you will know what humiliation feels like. Chanakya says acknowledging your mistake is half of the repent. Rest is that you have to show it. I give you the punishment that will wash your sins and you will have to do it. That is when you will learn the reality of life. I was you to serve the rogis, no matter what they ask you to. if you dont do this i can give you another punishment, Sushim says i would do this one. Bindu says Sushim your apology will be accepted when he is satisfied.

Old lady says your mom never returned here. i understand what happened to her, she had to go from here. She has come here, i can’t see but i can feel her here. She touches him and says i saw you in childhood, he says you saw my dad? He says your mom was the most beautiful woman, she had everything. They looked so good together, he says you know who was he? she says yes i know. He says tall, good looking active, and he was not as beautiful as your mom. He says what was his name? she says whose name? He says my dad’s. She says who are you? he says me? She says i have to go to my daughter’s place. A man says she doesn’t know what she talks about? He says is there anyone else who knows about my mom? the man says no she is the only one from that time.

Precap-The old woman says when you were in her womb some people came to look for her. They killed your granddad. He says who were they?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. why r u leaving all colors serial updates half????? do u hv ny sort f disease f doin it????

  2. what is this folishnessssssss……story……

  3. this is no foolish story. its india’s history,not any made up silly story like other tv serials.

  4. Again dragged up episode . seriously guys this is really tooo much

  5. Have patience guys…

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