Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindu says to Chanakya that i am sorry on my son’s behalf, its a sin to insult teacher and it happened infront of me, i am really ashamed, Chanakya ask what are you doing? Bindu says this is to show people that no one have right to insult you when Samrat of Magdh bow down to you.
Prime minister comes to Charu and says what happened today, Bindu is angry with that, we have to calm him down, Sushim have to rebuild his image infront of Bindu, Charu says you are right Sushim have to say sorry to Chanakya infront of all, i will decide time but first i have to pacify Bindu, Sushim says i will do what you want, Charu says whenever you go against me, you destroy yourself, she ask him to control your anger, i will see to it that nobody should become Heir.
Bindu says to Chanakya that i could have done huge mistake by making Sushim heir, i now even doubt if Sushim will change in future too or not, Chanakya says if such huge decision got stopped today then there must be some reason behind it, you will definitely have a son who will take Maurya dynasty forward, he will write history, i think we should concentrate on one more thing, whoever becomes heir, he will need a strong army head so we should announce army head right now so we can start working on him, Bindu sys i have one kid in my mind and you will agree to it too, Bindu says Ashok can become army head, Ashok is stunned, Bindu ask dont you agree to me? Ashok says i cant take decision in haste, give me some time, Bindu says you take your time but if you dont agree to me then it will hurt me, Dharma listens all this.

Scene 2
Ashok is going, Chanakya comes and ask whom you are finding? Ashok says i am thinking about offer of Bindu, should i become army head or not? Chanykya says i pray that you get what you want, Ashok says Siamak did great by telling truth about Sushim to you and you on right time, stopped wrong decision, and gave Siamak’s name as heir, i believe Siamak will be great king, chanakya not me, but Magdh’s fate will decide who will be Bindu’s heir, whatever will happen in future will have reason behind it, Ashok says what you wanna say that there is someone else too who can be Bindu’s heir? Chanakya says i just want to think about being army head, Ashok says i have so much injustice in palace that i doubt if it will be useful to get any title or not, Chanakya says Bindu lives in palace too, he never did any injustice, in all these tricks, traps around him, he never surrendered to anyone, was it easy for him? but he never compromised, if you think about yourself then you will run away from here but if you wanna do something for your land then you are getting chance to remove enemies from this land, its on your what option you choose, dont forget that by becoming army head, you will be able to protect your mother and yourself, did you talk to your mother?
Dharma thinks that AShok did great work in competition and i didnt even congratulate him, i will go tonight to him. Subhrasi says that Charu must be sad right now, Agni says Chanakya was right, Bindu should not hurry in selecting heir, she smirks, she thinks that after some days there will be no Maurya dynasty, Helena says all decisions are in favor of magdh, Helena ask Dharma what are you doing here, Dharma says just standing, Helena says we will have marriage function Pratelia in which bride gives her some dresses to Greece’s God, you go with Agni to bring her dresses, dharma agrees, she says you will go tonight, Dharma says what? Helena says you have some work? Dharma says no, i wil go with her.
Chanakya ask Ashok dont you wanna talk to her? Ashok says i am punishing myself, i will not go to her till i dont become something, Chanakya says Bindu chose only you to become army head, isnt it enough? go and meet her.
Subhrasi finds Dharma tensed, she ask Helena can i stop Dharm here for a while, she will make Drupat eat, Helena says why not, Helena and Agni leaves, Subhrasi ask Dharma, you wanna go somewhere? she finds Dharma tensed, she ask her what pain you have in heart, i feel you are hiding a big thing from me, i just wanna say that if you want then you can share anything with me and even if you dont trust me, i am fine with it, Dharma says its not like that, 15 years back i got married to a man whom i loved, Subhrasi ask then what happened? Dharma recalls how Khurasan came and burned her house, she starts crying, Subhrasi says i will not ask anything, she says you can go to do Pooja.

Scene 3
Student ask Chanakya why you gave Siamak’s name as heir? Chanakya says its not time to announce Ashok’s name but i had to stop Bindu making Sushim his heir so i gave Siamak’s name.
Khurasan comes to Siamak and says Chanakya have given your name as heir but as much as i know him, he will not allow you to become king, Siamak ask why?
Chanakya says Siamak have Khurasani blood, he will sit on throne but Khurasan and Noor will rule it, then they will rule like others.
Khurasan says to Siamak that become so much strong that even Chanakya cant play with you, he cut his hand and says this wound will keep reminding you what i said.
Helena says to Bindu that new palace is about to complete, we should reward workers of Ujjain so we can start marriage preparations. Charu comes there and says to Bindu that you seem to be still angry with Sushim, Bindu says i am angry with you more, you have not taught him how to behave, Charu says Sushim was doing suicide when i stopped him, he said he will not come infront of you till he doesnt say sorry to Chanakya from heart, Bindu says i will see that. Khurasan ask Siamakt sit beside Bindu, siamak goes and sit beside him, Charu thinks all can play their but only my son will become heir, for that i have to lessen Bindu’s anger at night.
Ashok recalls how Bindu offered him to become army head, he says how can i take decision without asking Dharma but Dharma must busy in palace, he turns to see Dharma coming, he says Maa.. both are emotional seeing each other, Dharma cries.

PRECAP- Dharma says to Chanakya that Ashok is living in place where his father’s enemies are close to him, i am afraid when all will get to know the real identity of Ashok, Chanakya says the one who will attack Ashok, will see Ashok’s valor too so they will also get to know that Ashok’s father is here in Patliputra only, Ashok listens all this hiding behind bushes, he says my father is here?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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