Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashok says to Radha that i know who can make him fine, Radha says you are right, bring your mother, only she can make chanakya fine, Ashok leaves.
Ahenkara ties blindfold on Sushim’s eyes, Sushim says if i win then you have to do what i want, ahenkara says lets see, he pulls her closer and says i never lose, whats the game? she says i will make you eat different things and you have to tell what is it, he says easy game, she makes him eat different fruits, he guesses them right, she smirks and makes him eat green chilli, he shouts, open his blindfold, she laughs on him, sushim gets angry and say i dont like this game at all, he coughs, Ahenkara becomes serious, offers him water, he throws glass away, angrily looks at her, he pulls her closer and says you have lit

this fire and i will extinguish it in my way, he tries to kiss her but she runs away, he smiles.
Dharma is running from Khurasan, she hides behind pillar, Khurasan is comes there but someone pulls Dharma from there before Khurasan can see her, its Ashok, he ask Dharma why you are tensed? dharma says huge problem is going on, Ashok says you are right and you can stop all this, he takes her.
Helena comes in room, soldier informs her that chanakya is missing from room, dont know who took him away, Helena sys if he reaches Bindu then we all will be gone, i cant see my plan failing, she ask soldier to find him and kill him, the one who have freed Chanakya, must be with him, kill him too, soldier leaves, Helena says i have to hide this news from Raj and Justin else they can get panicked.

Scene 2
dharma comes to chanakya, Dharma ask who did this to Chanakya? Ashok says this can be answered by Chanakya only, you have to treat him.
Helena says to Raj that we cant wait now, we have to stick to plan, Raj says but i have to find Ahenkara, she doesnt even know that this palace is going to burn down, Ahenkara listens all this and is shocked, Raj says nothing will happen with some delay, he ask soldier to find ahenkara and send her to safe place before attack, nothing should happen to her in this Maurya killing, Ahenkara says this means Sushim will be killed too? she gets tensed and leaves from there, Raj finds Sushim in corridor and ask about Ahenkara, he says dont know where is she, Raj takes him in ceremony.
Dharma is treating Chanakya, Dharma says i have to burn herbs, it will be good for Chanakya, ashok says we cant lit fire in this palace, Dharma says then bring oil, she says that oil is present in Agni’s room, she ask Ashok to go and bring it.
Ahenkara thinks that father was making this plan and nobody knows it, i have to tell this to Agni, only she can stop Raj, soldier tries to stop her but she attacks him and runs to meet Agni.
Helena says to soldiers that time has come, after Agni and Justin’s marriage, i will ring bell, lit fire and this whole palace will burn down, nobody should remain alive, not elders, not kids and not that Ashok, kill everyone, soldiers nod.

Scene 3
Charu and Subhrasi comes to Agni and says we have come to take you for last ceremony, Agni says but i am waiting for Ahenkara, Charu says your marriage is happening, till when you will keep sticking to your sister, Justin is waiting for you come, they leave, Ashok comes in Agni’s room, he finds oil there and leaves.
Siamak is shouting to open door of room, Noor is crying, Siamak tries to break lock of door, he gets hurt by stone, he says this stone is weird, Noor sees it and says its flammable stone, this means whole palace is made from it, Justin wanted to save us but that soldier cheated him, we have to run from here.
Marriage is about to happen, Justin looks at Agni and thinks that to spend life with Noor and Siamak, i have to get rid of Agni, Agni thinks i will take revenge from Maruyas now.
Subaho opens door and frees Noor and Siamak, he tells Siamak that there is conspiracy of attack in this palace.
Ceremony starts. Dharma says Chanakya have always protected my son, me and my husband and now its my turn to save him, Ashok comes with oil, he gives it dharma, she starts treatment, Ashok says my land needs Chanakya, he prays to Lord to make him fine, Chanakya doesnt respond to treatment, he hand falls down, Dharma starts crying, Ashok says no, you have to try something, he says to chanakya that you cant leave us and magdh in this hour of need, you have to become conscious, you ave served magdh whole life, you cant ditch it now, you have promised to protect us, get up, open eyes, i promise i will listen to everything you say but just get up, chanakya moves his hands, he open eyes, dharma, Ashok and Radha gets happy, Ashok ask Chanakya when will attack happen? Chanakya says it will happen now only, Ashok is shocked.

PRECAP- Helena says its impossible to stop this attack now. Helena’s soldiers lits fire on arrows and throws it on palace, chaos is created in palace, Bindu is confused, prime minister says seems like all gates are closed, soldier says we will get burned here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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