Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashoka coming back home and calling out to his mother. He says that she should have been home by now. She left long ago. He thinks that she will be somewhere waiting for him. He will look out. Outside his home, he runs into his old friends who say that the village was dead without Samrat Vanraj. Ashoka says that no issues, I am home now. And my mother is home too. She left for the forest with Bindusara but left for home before he did. She should have been back home by now. His friends say that something is wrong. What if something happened to her. Ashoka yells at them saying that nothing has happened to her. She is fine! The body that was cremated by the king was not my mother. His friends ask him to spill the details.

Bindusara takes blessings from Helena. Helena blesses him with health and success and wishes that he might succeed. Bindusara takes his blessings and makes a move. He addresses Mahamatya saying that should there be any problem governing the empire on my behalf, please take help from Chanakya. Chanakya assures him that the kingdom will be absolutely safe in his absence. The entire empire sees him off.

Late that night, Ashoka is sleeping in his hut when he hears Dharma calling out to him. He wakes up with a jerk and looks around as if searching for his mom. He walks or as he dreams of dharma standing at the door. Dharma disappears as he reaches her. He makes the futile attempt to reunite with his mother but each time she disappears as soon as Ashoka comes closer. At last Ashoka wakes up all alone in his hut. He shouts for his mother.

Helena reaches the balcony of the room and sees some movements. She exclaims that they are here. It’s finally time. Justin reaches the room of Queen Noor. She is resting when he comes near. Noor exclaims that Justin’s emotions take a huge turn every time Bindusara is out on a mission. Justin smiles to her. Suddenly, Noor feels pain in her stomach. She cries. The other queen of doing magic with voodoo. She says that both Sushim and Siamak are inconsequential to the King because of her, she can suffer. Justin freaks out and runs to arrange for a doctor for Noor. One of Chanakya’s men inform him that some movement was observed last night. Chanakya fears that Helena might be behind this.

Helena welcomes the guests to get room. It is her father Seleucus. Helena says that they need to get hold of the empires soon. The Ujjaini kingdom is in desperate need of help. We can get Justin marry the princess and take over the empire. Chanakya reaches Helena’s room but is denied entry. He senses something is wrong.

PRECAP: Bindusara tries to explain Ashoka that his mother is dead. The idol that he is considering his mother is just a piece of stone. Bindusara breaks the idol. Ashoka infuriates. Chanakya comes to know of a mysterious woman. He sees a woman running away. She is none other than she Dharma.

Update Credit to: Temptations

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