Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Helena says to Bindu that what are you saying, Bindu says this is suitable for situation, this will my respect to her and my throne is coming inbetween then i will leave my throne for one day to give Agni to Subhadrangi so nobody has problem with my decision, he stands up, takes off his crown, puts it on throne, Chanakya smiles, bindu leaves the court.
khurasan comes to Chanakya, he says just for a common women, Chanakya is trying so much, i cant believe this, chanakya says cant a common women get respect? khurasan says the way you protect her and her son, i doubt if she is common or not, Chanakya says she saved Samrat’s life so she is not common, Khurasan says you forced Samrat to give Agni to her deadbody, this is not good, Chanakya says she died for protecting Samrat that is not good too, Khurasan says it was unfortunate incident that wild animal attacked her but you are forcing all to believe that it was murder, Chanakya says that innocent women got killed and you people are trying to imply that it was simple death, why? Khurasan doesnt answer and leaves.

Scene 2
Noor says to Helena that how can Samrat do this for a dasi, has Samrat forgotten that only son, father or husband can give Agni to body of women, this is against rules, Charu says Ashok is breaking rules but Samrat is not doing anything, are you not worried about your Son’s respect, only you can stop Samrat, other wife says that we all know Subhadrangi’s work for Samrt but we cant break society rules, we should make Ashok understand his duty, Noor says to helena that Samrat listens to you, you can stop him, you are queen, Helena says i maybe queen but i am women and women have to listen man and the person in question is non other than Samrat, we cant question his decisions.
one kid comes to Bal and says that Ashok’s mother has died, you dont know her mother was Subhadrangi, the one who used to treat people, Ashok is not able to accept this fact, he thinks that his mother is alive, all thinks, even Chanakya thinks that she was killed by enemies, kid ask him to come and make Ashok understand that he should do funeral, Bal is shocked and doesnt go with him, kid leaves, Bal recalls how Helena freed Bal by giving him gold coins, he brings out that gold coins and imagines blood on it, he recalls how he told Helena about Subhadrangi being Ashok’s mother, he says i am responsible for his mother’s death, i cant do that.
Charu comes to Bindu and says cant i say anything to you? you dont take our suggestions, you dont give me love, respect, i bear all this but i cant bear you giving Agni to some other women, you didnt even think if it will hurt me or not, i cant understand my place in your life, Bindu folds his hand and says i am sorry for hurting you, you are my wife and i never snatched your rights from me but as Samrat i have some duties and its your duty to give me confidence, i ask you if follow my heart thing is wrong? the women whose Funeral i am going to not only saved me twice but it was my duty to protect her but i didnt, i feel guilty myself and giving Agni to her body will lessen it only, will you stop me from doing this? Charu leaves from there.

Scene 3
AShok is still standing on one feet in Mandir, he is reciting holy lines. otherside all are ready for last ceremony of Subhadrangi. kids come to Ashok and ask him to come and see his mother’s face last time but Ashok doesnt listen to them, kids leave. Funeral starts, Chanakya, Bindu and Radhgupt comes there with deadbody with Bindu giving shoudler to deadbody, Bindu recalls how Subhadnrangi said that it was her duty and reward that she was able to save him, he thinks that i will not let Ashok feel that he is an orphan now. The body is placed on wooden sticks, Bindu puts last stick on body, Chanakya says this was fate of Dharma, she always craved for love and respect of Bindu in her life and she got it after her death only. Samrat Bindu is ready to give Agni to Subhadrangi’s body, Otherside Ashok falls from one feet.

PRECAP- Ashok beats chanakya’s soldiers. Ashok says to Chanakya that dont stop me today else i will forget my limits, i am leaving from your Patliputra and you cant stop me, one soldier puts sword on Ashok’s neck, Ashok ask Chanakya to order your soldier to kill me else i will leave from here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Confusing

  3. does dharma really died or its just a confusion and what ashoka thinks her mother is alive is true

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