Chahatt Khanna on her relationship with Rohan Gandotra

There have been rumors about Chahatt Khanna dating Rohan Gandotra. Right from posting mushy pictures on social media to giving each other nicknames, the duo is exhibiting all the symptoms of seeing each other. Amidst all this, Chahatt still insists that they are just good friends.

In a recent interview with BT, the actress talked about it and shared, “I met Rohan a year ago for a project. Then we did three more projects together. Amid all this, the two of us found a good friend in each other and thus we continued our work relationship. Today we are best friends. I am an entrepreneur also and it’s been a year since he is a part of the business too. I have very few friends in the industry and he is one of them. Since we work together we are often seen hanging out with each other.”

Chahatt recently wished Rohan on his birthday and called him ‘Bobo’. Ask her about that, she says, “It is something in general that I use. I address my daughter and my pet dog also as Bobo sometimes. So it wasn’t a special name for Rohan.”

Chahatt also talks about her daughters Zohar and Amaira and shares that they are both fond of Rohan, she says, “Both my girls are well acquainted with him and he is like a friend to them. He visits them often and if there are times when he is not able to meet them for a long time, they actually start asking me about him. It is good that they gel well with him.”

She concludes by saying, “I am a single mother and I have been through a rough patch both personally and professionally. The tremendous support that I have got from my friends is something which is not only important for me, but it’s also much needed.”

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