Chahat (Ragsan ff) Pt 9 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Both RagSan comes out of the airport…

San looks around…he sees a guy…
He waves his hand to him…
And the guy sees him and he goes to him and gives the keys and then goes…

San looks at Ragini who was lost in something..
He looks at the direction and sees a couple.. Who were hvng a sweet talks

He didn’t knew how to call her….
He scratches his head

kaise kahen kya hai sitam, sochate hai abb yeh hum

(how to say what kind of injustice is there, i am thinking about this now)

koyi kaise kahen woh hai ya nahee humaare

(can anybody tell me whether he/she is mine or not)


She wasn’t looking at him


She was still lost and wasn’t looking at him ?

San clears his throat…bt still it isn’t working

He fake coughs…

Bechaara??? still she didn’t look at him

He moves his hand to pat her….
Before he could touch her… Rag turns…

He immediately takes his hand back and brushes his hair

He all of a sudden gets choked and coughs…now the real one?(if you r confused how he choked…then author’s wink?)

Rag looks at him… Then takes water bottle from her bag and gives it to him

San takes it and drinks
He while drinking water looks at her
Who was already looking at him with a concern

karte toh hai saath safar, faasale hain phir bhi magar

(we are travelling together, but still there is distance between us)

jaise milte nahee kisi dariya ke do kinaare

(like the two sides of river never meets)

He then gives back the bottle


Rag nods

They moves to the car…

San himself: should i open the door for her ?

He slowly goes behind her

Rag moves front

San his his head ? himself: coughing won’t work… is…

She turns…

He opens the door for her

Rag sits in the car…

Her shawl was out of the car..san takes it and keeps in her lap…she looks at him

For a moment he was lost in hypnotising eyes wch only shows the pain

paas hain phir bhi paas nahee, humko yeh gum raas nahee

(we are together but not actually together, this grief is not acceptable by me)

seeshe ki ik diwaar hai jaise darmiyaan

(there is a wall of glass between us)

Rag looks other side..

San closes the door
He moves to other side

San himself:tu baar kho kyu jaata hai?? why it’s so tough to face her and talk ?

San then sits in the driving seat and then drives…

And finally reach near the big beautiful villa

Rag gets down the car….

San this time without delaying goes and opens the door?

And he sees Ragini was looking at the villa

And then she comes…

And both together enters the home…

Rag looks at the house

And san goes near a door and opens it..

San nervous:u sleep..(he mentally slaps himself) i mean you change…i mean……

Rag enters the room

She admires the room

San keeps the bags…

And the time passes it was night…

Sanskar comes to room and knocks

Rag sees him

San: dinner!

Now both sitting in the dinner

saare sehme najaare hain, soye soye waqt ke dhaare hain

(all the sights are in fear, and the time is like slept)

aur dil mein koyi khoyi si baten hain

(and there are some lost things in the heart)

Both are hvng dinner… And it was full of silence

After the dinner….

Rag was abt to wash the plates

San:ji nai….woh..i will do it…

Rag ignores him and washes her plate and takes his plate from him and washes it…

Rag then goes to the room

San falls on the sofa…and within no time he sleeps….

Rag was just remembering her life wch is moving in an unexpected route’s

Next morning…

Sanskar wakes…

He moves to the room hesitant

And ragini wasn’t in the room

And he fastly goes and freshens and comes

And then he moves to kitchen

And he sees the breakfast was prepared and kept in the table…

He smiles widely seeing butter kulcha and a butter chicken

He smiles widely…

San himself: did she do this?

And he sees his PA there

San:Robin you here…

Robin:sir…as you joining the work again so Richard sir told to do so!and sir your wife makes an amazing food

San: she made this…

Robin: yes sir..i only brought the required ingredients wch mam asked me to help her by bringing this..

San smiles widely…. He was feeling an unknown happiness
kehne ko jashn-e-bahaara hai, ishq yeh dekhke hairan hai

(there is blossom in the environment just to say, but love is wondering after seeing this)

phul se khusbu khafa khafa hai gulshan mein

(that the fragrance is displeased with flowers in the garden)

Rag was sitting in the swing upstairs

Here San eats the breakfast… He enjoys while eating bcs its really tasty

He thinks to go to sees a stich note and writes something and sticks it in fridge

Later robin goes to her and tells her that sanskar is leaving for office and gives her a phone

Rag looks at him

Robin: sir’s number is saved in it…if you need anything u can call him anytime..and a maid will join today

He smiles

And then goes

Rag sees the mobile…

She stands and sees Sanskar sitting in the car..
He looks at her and gives her a smile

Rag had no expressions

chupa hai koyi ranj fija ki chilman mein

(there is some grief hidden in the environmant)

San himself: did i do something wrong? Oh god plz don’t let her think the opposite..

Later he leaves

To be continued…

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