Chaahe tujhko rabb bula le — 1

she saw om having a good time with her family from a distance upstairs. tears fell through her cheeks.
voice: gauri?
yes the ‘she’ is gauri. gauri turned to see anika smiling.
gauri: arre bhoojal, how are you?
anika: good thanks. you going down to the party?
gauri: yes bass ek minute.
anika smiles and nods. she goes down and everyone starts to compliment her. basically all the guests and family members crowded around her. including om. gauri’s so called husband.

she saw his smile again and wished that just once he could smile……. in front of her at least. not always the dull and angry face.
he forced himself on gauri making her pregnant with a child he refuses to accept along with gauri. still family told gauri to stay and against his wishes, she agreed. she would listen to every insult like it was a knife stabbing her heart. whenever he accused of something, it was poison being given to her.

she never had a good start in life. she is the illegitimate daughter of aadila khan and ranvider singh. her parents never married. her father was murdered on the day he was suppose to marry her mother. she was 5 then. she remembered seeing her mother crying and being insulted everyday after her father’s death. her mother left her when gauri was 12 because she died in a car crash and ever since then she has been living with her chacha and chachi who did nothing but torture her and used the fact she was born from a wedlock as an advantage.
they sold her to kaali thakur. om thought she was trapping him. but that night before the marriage, om’s one mistake led to the child she was carrying in her womb the last 8 months. she felt a tear rolling down her cheek thinking all this.

just then shivru saw gauri all alone upstairs and signed her to come downstairs. slowly and slowly she started to walk. however as she was going down…….
voice: OMKARA!
it was riddhima who enetered O.M.
om: what do you want now? you left me 8 months ago!!
riddhima: i still love you omkara but you married that gold digger. that f**king sl*t!!!
she points to gauri on the stairs.

riddhima: she is a gold digger omkara! she trapped you! i bet they child she is carrying isn’t even yours!
om: SHUT UP!
he slapped her. riddhima was shocked and angry.
riddhima: because of a cheap girl, you slapped me! now see!
she goes to the stairs and shivomru and aniya tried to stop her but too late. she tossed gauri who was crying off the stairs.

that was what she said before her eyes shut down and she was bleeding into a pool of blood. om’s heart stopped pounding. he was shocked but got back to his senses. he rushed to gauri who was bleeding and lifted her up in bridal style. though her eyes was closed, she still managed to whisper something.
gauri: omk…. omkaraji, bac…. baccha….
om: shh gauri! don’t talk.
shes topped talking as the bleeding was such, she fell unconscious. they were already in the car and shivay was driving full speed.

they reached the hospital and gauri was quickly taken to the ICU. whilst the doctors were taking her there, om was holding one of gauri’s hands very tightly but had to let go when the doctors reached the ICU room.
om sat on a chair, blood stains on his kurta, guilt written on his face…..
precap: memories. 
how was this?
do not worry everything will be fine soon. i promise. and if we want to make that bit a promise, then promise me that my medical knowledge won’t be criticize because it is really really……………………………….. bad!

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