Chaahatein (Kundali Bhagya ff) Episode 16


Hello everyone!

Srishti enters in Preeta’s room

Srishti:- Good morning Di….Di what happened? Why are you sitting on the floor

Preeta was numb!

Srishti noticed the news….

Srishti:- The big business tychoon ‘s accident. Rishabh Luthra ‘s accident

Srishti:- Di…ye …ye to

Preeta:- mere Rishabh ko kuch nhi hoga na?

Srishti:- Nhi… Di I will ask Karan sir about it.

Preeta gets up and run outside followed by srishti

Nandini noticed them and asked what happened

Srishti:- maasi… Rishabh ji ka accident hogya.

Nandini:- what?

She leaves

Preeta takes her car …. Srishti sits in another car asked the driver to follow Preeta’s car.


The entire Luthra family was present there. Preeta reached there….


Preeta saw the news and calls Karan to ask about Rishabh

Karan:- Bhai is admit in City hospital… His condition is very serious.

The phone slips from her hand and she falls on the floor

Flashback ends

Preeta:- Karan …Rishabh ji…ki condition kesi hai?

Karan:- abhi b critical hai bahut .

Srishti reached there.

All were waiting outside the ICU

Karan was standing in front of Ganpati Bappa’s idol and praying for his brother.

Preeta:- Unko kuch nhi hoga.

Karan turns

Karan:- Preeta…

Preeta:- He will be fine…. I know.

Karan hugs preeta and cry.

Nandini and Sarla comes with a helper with food.

Rakhi:- nandini ji aapko inti takleef lenee ki kya…

Nandini:- nhi nhi…aap ye sab mtmt sochiye…please

After sometime

Inspector arrives and informed all that the truck which hits Rishabh’s car while he was returning from the airport is now in their custody and they are handling the driver as they have a doubt that this incident is planned by someone.

All were shocked…..

Doctor came out of the ICU and informed that Rishabh is out of danger now

Karan:- Dr. Can we meet him?

Doc:- One 2-3 at a time…. He need rest so…

Mahesh …rakhi …karan and Preeta went inside

After the maa- beta and brothers milaap

Mahesh:- Karan …beta Apni mom ko le jao… Rakhi ji ab aap kuch khalo….

Rakhi:- PR.?

  • Karan:- Mom chalo….

Karan n rakhi leaves.

Doc comes and ask Mahesh to sign some papers….and now RishTa is alone in the room

Preeta was dying to hug Rishabh but controlling her emotions…

She turns to leave but Rishabh holds her hand

Rishabh:- Rukogi nhi?… Preeta

Preeta turns and hug him tightly and cry a lot….

Rishabh is having mixed feeling…. He is happy as Preeta is in his arms and he is sad as she is crying.

Rishabh:- shhhh…. Please don’t cry…

Preeta:- I was so scared….I don’t want to loose you….

Rishabh:- You never called me since I went abroad…. You didn’t miss me ….

Preeta:- What? I didn’t miss you? Aapko kisne kaha…? Since you have gone I was feeling as if…

Before she could complete her sentence ….someone else complete the sentence

As if she loose her soul….

Rishabh and preeta look at the door and found srishti there….

Preeta and Rishabh broke the hug and Preeta gets up….

Srishti:- areee areeee… Ye kya di… Keep sitting…. In his arms…. Rishabh ji ki bahon me to aapko sukoon mila hai…kyu?

Preeta:- kya …bakwas or rhi hai….?

Srishti:- rhne do rhne do…..mjhe sab pata hai….. But guys apne emotions ko control kro…. Ye hospital hai…. Rishabh ji aapke liye n Di k liye ek achhi Di date plan krdungi…. BT abhi control.

Srishti leaves ….

Preeta:- Ye… Kuch b bolti hai….

Preeta too leaves …..

Rishabh:- Aaj b dil ki baat nhi kh paaya….!


  1. Jasminerahul

    Glad that rishab is out of danger.waiting to know who planned his accident. Rishta scene was so emotional and romantic. Hope there will be a rishta date on the way

    1. Mystery

      Thanks a lot❤

  2. Dii awesome Thank you so much
    Will be waiting for next update
    Update soon di

  3. Thank you di
    Will be waiting for next update
    Update it soon di

  4. Awesome
    Loved it ??
    Glad that rishab is out of danger
    Rishta’s hug??
    Waiting for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

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