Chaahatein (Kundali Bhagya ff) Chapter 7

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Rishabh saw Preeta leaving so he followed her.


Preeta ji ! He called her


She turns and he ran towards her to cover the distance between them.


Rishabh: Preeta ji I know you are angry. You are not wrong but Preeta ji I wa..


Preeta cuts him in between

Preeta: I m not angry Rishabh ji .


Rishabh:- what? Then why you ignored me inside


Preeta:- Actually I … I m sorry . I behaved so badly with you yesterday n today morning. I was unable to face you that’s why I ignored you.


Rishabh :- what are you saying… I m sorry… I did wrong 


Preeta:- Rishabh ji… I know you were disturbed by Rakhi Aunty’s condition in the hospital. I should understand… I m really sorry.

He joined her hands 


Rishabh:- Preeta ji… Please don’t say sorry…


He hold her hands and the amazing bgm plays…


Rishabh’s phone rings n they both leave the hands….Rishabh pick up the call


Rishabh :- yes Dadi…


Dadi :- Rishabh Preeta’s phone is switched off. I called her several times … Is she there with you?


Rishabh:- yes.


Dadi:- Give her the phone


Rishabh:- one second…. Preeta ji dadi wants to talk to you.


Preeta took  the. Phone 

Preeta:- Dadi…


Dadi:- preeta… How are you ?


Preeta:- I m fine… 


Dadi:- so why didn’t you came to treat me.


Preeta:- dadi vo… Actually 


Dadi:- puttr I know… Because of Sherlyn…. But why are you punishing me.


Preeta:- no dadi…dad asked me not to go to Luthra Mansion again …I m sorry dadi


Rishabh looked at preeta


Dadi:- I don’t know anything… You have to come tomorrow. 


Dadi cuts the call..m


Preeta:- but … Hello …hello


Preeta:- cut kr dia…


Preeta gives the phone back to Rishabh


Rishabh:- So you will never come to our house…?


Preeta lowers her gaze…. 


Rishabh:- Don’t you forgive us?


Preeta:- Rishabh ji …I m going back to Singapore with mom . Dad will handle the projects here.


Rishabh:- You are going… Why?


Preeta:- yes… 


Rishabh:- I don’t know I have the right to stop you or not Preeta ji… But still Preeta ji don’t go … Don’t leave me….I mean us


Rishabh leaves ….


Preeta looks on




Dadi:- My legs are paining very badly…. I just want Preeta…. I don’t know anything … 


Rishabh:- Dadi its 10:30 we can’t call her now…. At least


Karan:- leave it one me….


Karan leaves


Sarla’s house


Preeta:- itni raat ko …kaun hai


She opens the door n finds Karan standing there.


Preeta:- Tum??

Karan:- ohooo…. Looking cute in these two pony tails… N in this cute night suit…


Preeta:- You came to say this?

Karan:- Dadi needs you…


Preeta:- what happened?


Karan:- Her legs n knees are paining badly. So let’s go… Nandini Aunty don’t worry… I will drop her back safely  …. 


Nandini:- Ok

Preeta:-  I can’t come with you….


Karan:- why?


Preeta:- I promised dad not to go there…


Karan:- what? Shutup let’s go


Preeta:- no..


Karan:- I m asking last time…


Preeta:- Karan… I can’t 


Karan:- fine


Karan lifts preeta…. 


Nandini:- karan…


Karan:- don’t worry aunty… 


He leaves….


Karan stop his car….m and ask preeta to come fast but preeta is angry on him…


Preeta:- i disnt changed my clothes….double donkey


he lift her again n entered the mansion.


Karan:- Mom…. I bring preeta..


All come to the hall 


Rakhi:- karan… Leave her…. What are you doing?


Karan:- Oh god… I m tired … Lifting this fatty girl.

Preeta:- what?


Rishabh:- karan…. Stop it… Preeta ji please check dadi….


Rishabh:- karan… Is this the way to behave? 


Karan:- Chill bro…. Kareli go n check


Preeta went upstairs.


Precap:- Preeta slept on Rishabh’s shoulder.




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  1. The chapter was too cute . Karan’s antics . He is so unpredictable. Preeran’s chemistry was awesome . I loved this scene . Please tell me one thing are you a preeran or a rishta girl?
    Please update soon .
    By the way is your name Malika?
    Keep smiling

  2. Loved it
    Karan is awesome
    Precap…again it is so interesting
    Post soon
    Love u ❤❤

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