Celebration day with friends goes wrong? Episode 1

Hey, first of all THANK YOU all of you for all the responses on my first post. You all made my day. Thank you so much for your support❤. Hey Lilz I’m working on your suggestion will try to post soon. And yeah don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Sorry I don’t know what title I give to this😂

It’s starts from;
A teenage girl in baby pink midi dress getting ready or you can say struggling with the eyeliner to put on(the thing I hate most😂), after so many trials she asked another girl on the same room who’s laughing at her seeing the struggles.

Girl:(suppressing her laughter) Keep trying Riddhima you can do it.
Riddhima: come on Di if you are not going to help me it’s fine atleast don’t laugh at me(irritated)
Siya(Riddhima’s sister): ok come I’ll do it.

Riddhima’s POV,
Hey I’m Riddhima, and I’m doing the thing which I hate most is getting ready. Yeah I’m getting ready because the Hitler’s of my life who I love most had ordered me to get ready and come to XYZ CAFÈ, where we usually hang out. Putting kajal and high pony and a nice midi dress is enough for me, Ok now I’m getting late my brother is waiting for me if I’ll not reach him in a minute he’ll not let me go to meet the Hitler’s. I’ll tell you about them in way till we reach to them. They’ll be waiting for me because I’m the only one in group who reach late ever time we meet. So let me tell you about my friends. Ok so we are 6 people in our group and we are together almost 10 years and we always used to do mischief, we were the most mischievous girls of our class actually not only in our class but whole from all the batch till 9th standard. In 10th standard we got apart…., apart means from all 6 of us my class got changed most painful day for all of us, my crybaby(sejal) she was crying for me isn’t it cute? And got angry from me, and for the first time we didn’t talk with each other for 1 week. In that week I tried a lot to pacify her with the help of others at last she got pacified..ahh what a relief I had that day. Here we go I reached, get ready riddhima for getting good scolding from these devil’s/Hitler’s.

Sejal: wth,where were you. We were waiting from last half hour😤

Me: (Here it’s started) (thinking)

Gayatri: we asked you to come at 5:00 pm and it’s 5:30. How could you come this much late on this day.😡

Me: (This day? What this day? I’m gone only god can save me😟) (thinking)

Sejal: do you even remember what are we here for?

Me: ofcourse my crybaby how can I forget this day(I’m good at lying😉)

Gayatri: really?!🤔

Me:(I’m gonna kill her😠)ofcourse, why do you think that I’ll forget this day(actually I forget, short time memory🤦‍♀️)

Gayatri: and can you tell me for what we are Here?

Me: (this witch, sometime I think she get her soul exchanged with some witch) of course we are here like always we come and meet.

Sejal: really this is the only reason?

Gayatri: see haven’t I told you she’ll forgot.

Me: what is in your hand witch(gayatri)?
(I think I had putted hand on wrong nerves. God please save me)

To be continued…

Hi guys, hope you like this one if not then do tell me. And please guide me I’m very bad at writing.

What do you think what will they do with riddhima?

At last again thank you all of you❤❤ and yeah please give me some title for this one🙄 I’m very bad at this things😂

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