Tumhe Dillagi Bhul Jaani padegi
Kabhi Dil kisise lagakar tho Dekho
Tumhare khayalo ki duniya yehi hai
Zara meri baho me aakar tho dekho

“Wow yaar Popu it really worked” Laksh placed his hand across Akshat’s neck when they were enjoying the drink at terrace. “He he I told you Laksh. You were only not believing me more precisely yourself” Akshat drooled. “Really yaar popu you are so expert in girl’s case ha?” Laksh smiled with half closed eyes. “Not with all girls Lucky. Only about my Ragzee. I know her so well even more than Janaki maa” Akshat smiled with half closed eyes.

“Waise Popu. Will you clear my one confusion? This question bothers me from years” asked Laksh. “Ask Lucky” said Akshat gulping the next sip. “Why did she become Ragzee from innocent Ragu?” Laksh placed his finger over lips pouting. That horrible incident flashed in Akshat’s mind for a second. “Wo na Lucky.. Wo” he fell unconscious on Laksh’s shoulder. “Popu” he screamed and tried making him sit properly but failed. “Hogaya Talli” Laksh nodded his head gulped the last sip. He looked at the empty glass confused. Then kept it away and helped Akshat to reach his room.
“Good morning” Ragini opened her eyes smiling hearing someone and said “Good morning” She rubbed her eyes and looked at the
window and found Laksh smiling. She rubbed her eyes again to confirm whether it was him only or she is hallucinating. “What the hell HK why have you come here at this early morning” Ragini walked to the window horrified.

“To wish you Good morning Princess” Ragini widened her eyes for his remark. “Chudail se Princess. Sure I’m hallucinating” she pinched herself. “Ouch” she again looked at window. Laksh was still standing and smiling at her. “OMG I’m not hallucinating. You really called me Princess. Moreover you are at my room window. What the hell is going on?” she almost screamed. Laksh leaned to her and closed her mouth. She looked into his eyes and it looked like some magic in that moment that did not wanted to come out of it. It took them a bit of a time to realize the situation. She lowered her gaze and removed his hand.

“Why are you here Laksh?” she walked back to her bed. He jumped inside her room and sat beside her. “I told you na Princess” he took the apple on the side table and bit it. “Ahhhh don’t call me that. And specially princess from your voice that to for me sounds yuck” she hit him on his shoulder. He held her wrist and dragged her close to him. “I will call you this only all my life from today and you have to tolerate it” he winked at her. She lowered her gaze again tucking the hair strand behind her ear and tried to release her hand from his hold and he smiled at her childish behavior. He dragged her more close to him and placed his lips on her forehead and she widened her eyes shocked. “What the hell HK” she pushed him and walked away from the bed.

“What happened Princess?” he walked behind her. “Stop this HK” she turned and showed him her palm. “I don’t like this. And why are you doing all this I’m not understanding” she gave him a confused look. “Oh that’s the problem” he raised his chin a bit. “Actually I…” he paused and looked at Ragini who was giving him a pointed look crossing her arms. “No not like this. I should make it special. Till then Princess do miss me” he back walked and jumped off the window. “Ahhhh” she huffed and looked around to find something to hit him but by the time she picked up the vase he had disappeared. She placed the vase back and closed her eyes taking a deep breath to cool her growing anger and walked to washroom.

“Waah mere sher”Akshat patted his chest when he walked out of the gate. “Tho I’m the Casanova of the town. Anyone can escape me or what. Your Ragzi also cannot escape me” he raised his collar proud. “So tho hai” Akshat laughed and they ran from there holding each other.

Ragini descended the stairs and walked to her dad who was turning the pages sitting on the dining table. “Good morning Popsy” she hugged him and kissed his cheek. “Good morning Bade Papa” she hugged Shekar and then sat on her place. “Today I have made my doll’s favorite French toasts” Sumi walked from kitchen and served Ragini. “Badi maa you are the best” Ragini hugged her smiling. Janaki watched her from the kitchen door. Raghuvendra looked at her and felt bad.

“Arrey Karan beta” Sumi found Karan who was at door watching Janaki smiling with painful eyes. His gaze moved to Sumi and he smiled at her. “Barfi” Ragini turned smiling and held him and dragged inside. “Come beta have breakfast” Shekar called him. “No uncle I finished. I just came to meet Ragzee. We had to go for an internship from today na” he said as he neared them. “Oh which company?” asked Raghuvendra.

“Kapoor Group of companies” Raghuvendra and Shekar looked at each other shocked. “But beta why there? You could have told me I would have arranged something” said Shekar nervously smiling. Karan found it fishy. “No uncle it is decided by the college where we do internship” said Karan nodding his head and smiling. He returned Karan a weak smile and Karan stood thinking.

“Okay bye Popsy.. Bye Bade papa bye Badi maa” Ragini walked taking Karan from there as she finished breakfast. Janaki looked at her and walked inside the kitchen. “I don’t know when she will be normal with Janaki” Sumi bowed her head as sitting on the chair. Shekar placed his hand on her shoulder. “She will” he gave her a smile. She nodded her head. “Jaanu. You heard na your daughter enjoyed the sandwich today with full heart what you made” Sumi spoke when Janaki sat beside Raghuvendra. “You made it?” asked he surprised. She nodded her head smiling.

“Aap yeh sab karna kab band karengi?” Janaki was pulled up by Ragini. Her eyes were red and she locked her eyes with Janaki’s. “Beta….” “Beti nai hu mai aapki” she screamed as she jerked her hand and back walked. Janaki looked at her painfully. “If I was your kid you wouldn’t have done that to me. You wouldn’t have. You would have stand by me” she held her paining throat controlling her cry.

“He escaped due to you. I’m in this guilt that I did not see him repenting for his deeds is also due to you mo…” she paused. “Mrs Janaki Raghuvendra Rathore. Only because of you” she collapsed on her knees. Karan rushed to her and she hugged him and sobbed. Janaki was ready to approach her but Raghuvendra stopped her. Ragini hiccuped and collapsed in Karan’s arms.

“Ragzee…. Ragzee….” he patted her cheeks. He lifted her and walked to her room and placed her on the bed. Laksh who was at door followed him. He looked at everyone confused. “What was she talking? Who escaped? Again the same panic attack. So much hatred for Janaki aunty” he looked at Janaki who was sobbing in Rathore’s arms.

“I will call Sanky bhai” Laksh said and ran to his house to bring Sanskar.

“Ragu bacha” Swara sat beside Ragini holding her hand as Sanskar injected her the injection controlling his tears. Karan stood numb not reacting. Laksh was finding it kind of a puzzle. Next Akshat rushed inside and sat beside her and looked at her painfully. “All these days she was recovering due to Karan but now again this attack” Swara’s words made Laksh more confused. Karan sat in front of Swara and said “I’m there na Bhabi. I will not let anything happened to her. She will surely recover completely” She smiled at him nodding her head. “That means Karan knows” he thought in his mind. He closed his fist and walked from there furious. Akshat observed him and walked behind him.

“Lucky… Lucky” finally he caught hold of Laksh and turned him. “What’s it Akshat. Why nobody wants me to know about it. What happened to Ragu? Why this panic attacks” he screamed holding Akshat from his shoulder. His eyes were emitting fire. “Lucky wo…” Akshat tried avoiding the topic. “Don’t have the right to know Popu. Why are you people are isolating me and only me from the truth?” his voice choked. “No Lucky it isn’t like that” Akshat tried consoling him. “Then how is it Popu tell me. Even Karan knows about it and I don’t. What sense that makes tell me” he jerked his hands and turned angry.

“I cannot tell you Lucky” Akshat looked at him nervous. “Why?” roared he turning again jerking Akshat. “Because only she has the right to share it anyone Laksh. Suji maa made a promise. Unless she feels that someone should know about it that person will not know about it” he looked at Laksh with tears in his eyes. “Stop talking in puzzles Popu for god sake. And I feel I’m making fool of myself with your words that she loves me not Karan, If she doesn’t love him then why did she share it with him. That means she loves him na. I like a fool believed you” he closed his eyes.

“She is just comfortable with Karan Lucky. You never gave her that confidence that you will stand by her. Always scolding her and behaving rude with her. You never tried understanding her behavior. You just acted so rude with her. She is very sensitive to such things. And Karan had the patience to know about her and so she felt comfortable with him to share her worries and her dark past..” Akshat paused. “Dark past?” Laksh looked at him confused. “She went through something?” asked Laksh. “You got to find it out from her only Lucky. I cannot tell you” Akshat walked away from there.

Laksh stumbled and held himself. “Dark past” his heart raced due Akshat’s words. Her behavior around men and the Party night when all misunderstood Karan and his changed behavior towards Ragini flashed in front of Laksh’s eyes. He remembered how Karan used to be calm always around her and very careful. “Haven’t I told you to be careful around her?” Sanskar’s rage filled voice flashed in his mind. “I will know it Ragu. I will know about it. How my Ragu became Ragzee I will surely know. Maa has taken promise from everyone but I’m sure someone will be there who will tell me this. If not I will find it out from you only” he thought determined.

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