To my Caramel Vishkanya(Cariño 5 (KKB))

Dear frndzz,I just made the prev as KKB bcoz Abhi n Pragya comes 1st….The Story just started in 1st epi itself..I’m Sorry for tat..I’ll added tat here..
Loc:Frm ArunachalPradesh,in a bus..
“முதலான எனக்கு முற்றும் தெரியாதா? (“I’m ur 1st..I know the end”)Mohan thinks n takes his diary …
He writes tat by his left n reput it in his jerkin,he wear..Apu watched tiz..
The diary disappears frm his jerkin..
Mohan smiles by seeing Apu..The whole bus sleeps except Mohan..n Apu
Mohan gets up frm his seat n sits in the 1st step near the seats n disappears after Apu also sleeps..
Seeing the stars,he made the hunter constellation n make the hunter’s aim to his centre of O made by his right hand..
Aftr hitting O,Mohan made the constellation disappear n strts to listen the sound of Apu’s heartbeat..whether it is Real or not..Bt he doesnt find his Raag..Again,he listen to recheck whether it is dream or not..
Loc: frm TharDesert,In a car..
Malay feels something newly added in his jerkin because of its weight..
He checked ..n gets Mohan’s diary..
At opening by its thread,he sees the line,Mohan writes..
Malay thinks What ‘ll be the next n do What nxt..
Loc:Abi’s house
Abhi asked Pragya”Shall we eat?”
Pragya enters Abhi’s body n strts eating..
Also see Tom&Jerry her favourite show…
Abhi’s hand takes the food to his Senora
,n thinks”For her eating,finally I strts watching cartoons..One-day I ‘ll make her like tiz Jerry running”
Pragya smiles n said”I catch Ur mindvoice”n make him taking chilli n eat..
Abhi’s eyes tears bt he controls n thinks”Fatty,I’ll kill U”
Pragya Smiles..

Hope U like tiz frndzz

Tanq for reading frndzz..Kindly write ur comments aftr reading..Tanq..

  1. Hahaha…..nice pay back for abhi by making him eat chilli……more comedy scenes will b better…..loved it……update lyk this with more humors

    1. Sure..Tanq Varsha..I’ll try to add more romedy with suspense

  2. Very nice keep going

    1. Tanq Dimple..Sure

  3. Oh funny abhigaya moments…?? luv the episode … Keep writing… Eagerly for the next episod…

    1. Tanq kathy..Maybe missed n a change in my writing styl in the past a new strt by Abhigya..

  4. ohh so this has more supernatural elements….loved that “wireless transmission” between mohan and malay…make more supernatural elements like this

    1. S Shai..Nxt will be meet of MM..

  5. well thank you for your sunggestions of stories…i have already watched feriha…it’s really a nice story…only i missed the season 3 of it…
    do give me more suggestions time to time 🙂

    1. Sure Shai..If U interested in detective,watch Elementary based on Sherlock n also the same SherlockHolmes directly r read “SherlockHolmes” stories ☺

    2. oh i like sherlock home stories…detective genre is one of my favourite

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