I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 46

Very late I know… sorry… busy with puja shopping. Here I go with the 46th part of my ff…. dear friends the TU are labelling my episodes wrong so plzzzz don’t get confused.

Recap: Pavitra makes Aaroo the servant of the house.
Aaba’s mansion:
Aaroo enters the house with the utensils and places them in the kitchen and arranges them accordingly. Pavitra enters the kitchen.
Aaroo: aayi…. I have done the work…
Pavitra: don’t call me aayi… is tht clear!!!!
Aaroo: I know tht u r angry with me… but wht will I call u if not aayi…
Pavitra: don’t call me anything… I don’t want to hear ur voice ever in this house or in my life… go away frm here and frm my son’s life…

Aaroo (smiles): I cant do tht… I have promised to be with him till death keeping the fire as witness and I never break my promise…
Pavitra: then stay here and face the tortures… I will also see how long u can stay strong…
Aaroo: till I have an aayii like u… I will never fall week aayii….
Pavitra stands there shocked. Aaroo leaves frm there. Pavitra comes till the door and turns around again.
Pavitra: wht is she made up of???? No I will not lose in front of this girl… I will not… nakku….
Kumudini’s house:
Tulsi is making cakes when she remembers how aaroo used to love eating cakes made by her.
Tulsi: I will send some for aaroo also… she will feel happy…. Only deva knows how is my child in tht house where she has only enemies… deav Krishna plzzz protect my child frm all the evil eyes…
Kumudini is standing outside the door.
Kumudini: when I am there…. How can any other person cast an evil eye on tht girl… I will make sure tht she is xtremely happy….
She smriks and leaves.

Yashwant is sitting outside the factory gate waiting for Aryan who is bust inside. Banwari comes there.
Banwari: yes wht do u want????
Yashwant: I am waiting for Aryan….
Banwari: Aryan baba… y?????
Yashwant: I want to talk to him….
Banwari: y???
Yashwant: wht is ur problem???

Banwari (moving his shoulder): u have to take appointment frm me before meeting him….
Aryan comes there just then: who made this rule now munim kaka… I did not make it… and neither I think aaba has made it… frm when did u started making rules in my work…
Banwari: areeyyyy… Aryan baabbaaaa…. Actually….
Aryan: u better go and see if all the accounts r perfect or not…. Go…
Banwari leaves frm there.
Aryan: baba plzzz not again….
Yashwant: no… I have not come here to disturb u again with my nagging… here I have brought a gift for Aaroo… plzzz give it to her frm my side…. And don’t open it ok… it is a surpride for u both …. Bye…. Stay happy always
Aryan: so u r running away….
Yashwant: no… I am returning after getting defeated….
Aryan: the war has not started yet baba… there is a lot to come and a lot for all of us to face….
Yashwant: wht???
Aryan: u have to stay here baba… for ur Aaroo… she has to face a lot of trouble frm this marriage… I know it and I feel tht she will need u soon…. Ur presence will work more thn ur blessings… so stay back…
Yashwant: but Tulsi will not like it…
Aryan: I will handle her…. And take this gift I want u to give this ur her with ur own hands… bye… I need to go back home… Aaroo is alone there….
Yashwant nods and Aryan leaves.
Yashwant: I will fight for my daughter and will never let her lose any war…. This is my promise Aryan…
Aaba’s mansion:
Aaroo is sitting in her room when nakku calls her downstairs. Aaroo rushes downstairs. Pavira is standing there.
Aaroo: u called me…

Pavitra: yeah… go and clean the store room… it is not cleaned since the last Diwali… I want it to be cleaned in just half and hour… ok…
Aaroo: ok…aay….
Pavitra: don’t call me tht….
Aaroo: hands her head and leaves frm there.
Pavitra: nakku…. I remember na wht u have to do…
Nakku: yes sunbai….
Pavitra: I will also see how this girl will fight with us once Aryan leaves her side. Go….
Nakku leaves frm there.

Aaroo enters the room and sees it in all mess.
Aaroo: deva… where to start frm… it is soo dirty here…
She goes frm one end to the other looking for an appropriate position to start her work…
Aaroo: yeah I will start with this almirah…
She takes the duster and starts dusting the almirah. She opens it and cleans it all tidy. She is busy in her work when Nakku peeps in the room and finds her working. Then she slowly closes the door frm outside and locks it frm outside. Aaroo is oblivious of it and keeps cleaning.
Aryan is seen entering the house. Pavitra sees him frm the balcony and gets tensed.
Pavitra: he returned so fast… I have so much left in my plan….
Aryan is seen walking up the staircase when he collides with pavitra….
Aryan: aayii… careful… u will get hurt…
Pavitra: hmmm… as is u care for me…
Aryan: of course I care for u aayii…. U r my aayiii… u come first to me than the rest…
Pavitra: hmm….
Aryan: wht hmmm… u don’t believe me….
Pavitra: Aryan I have work… ur Aaroo is so busy with her own world tht she has no time for me….
Aryan: Aaroo????… why wht she did????
Pavitra: I know tht she is frm Pune and has her own life as well… but how can she insult me… I am like her aayii na….
Aryan: wht she did aayii… tell me clearly…
Pavitra: today morning she was asking if she can do any work… so I asked her to wash the utensils as the servant is absent… she got angry at this and started shouting at me….
Aryan: wait aayii… I know tht u hate Aaradhya… but I know hervery well… she will never insult u… u r like her ayiii…
Pavitra: ok fine don’t believe… go and ask her only wht did she doo all the day when she returns….
Aryan: returns???? Where is she????

Pavitra: she went out with a friend of her…a boy came and took her…
Aryan looks at her disturbed and turns and leaves. Pavitra smriks.
Pavitra: I know u Aryan… this news will keep u wake all the night… but Aaroo will not come to u tonight… she is locked in the store room….
She leaves frm there.

Precap: aaroo finds the door closed frm outside and falls asleep in the storeroom only. Next morning Nakku opens the door and Aaroo rushes to her room and finds Aryan sleeping. She then slowly slipes into her bed and acts to fall asleep. Aryan opens his eyes and looks at her angrily.

  1. Rhimjim..thankz dea for the update.?.Itz too awsm..Precape z so sad..?Really, tody am gonna miss the real kd..Nw am trying imagine every moment as fantasy..?Thankz dea for the update..And dont left ua ff..

    1. Rhimjhim

      thanks a lot dear… and yeah i will also miss Kd a lot…. i was literally crying yesterday night and my father was laughing looking who silly i am….:-D

  2. Nitha

    Hii rhimjhim hw r u?afr a longtime.. Epi was superb yaar..it rembrd me aara scen in store rum??gonna miss dem badly frm tdy no kd n aara ??.can’t belv dis. ..precap ??yaar I don’t want ary to doubt aru plzz.

  3. Why u posted so late… anyways… from now can u post early as KD had came to an end so.. these ff’s are only our last hope… n d episode was gud but precap is quite sad.. feeling bad for aaru..

  4. the episode is good

  5. Manya

    Sorry for being late was busy with the wedding?
    Epi was superbbbbbbb❤️❤️?❣❣???

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