Can we get our lost love back? RiKara AvNeil SS Part 3

Can we get our lost love back? Part 3

ย Omkara was standing near the river side and painting.

Gauri who was watching him from the other side was lost in him.

Gauri:Why I can’t take my eyes off him?

Gauri walked looking at him.Her foot stepped on a stone and she slipped only to be fallen in the river.

She screamed:Help me.

Omkara turned back hearing her scream.He saw Gauri drowning.He ran towards the river and jumped into it.He carried Gauri in his arms and came out of the river.Then he made her stand.

Gauri:Thank you for saving my life.

Omkara:It’s ok.Since you live here,I thought you know swimming.But…

Gauri felt embarrassed.

Omkara walked towards his canvas.


Gauri continued loving him secretly.


Once Gauri saw Omkara painting.She went near him.

Gauri:You know only to paint scenery?In my opinion,only the painters who can draw human beings can be considered as artists.

Omkara:No.I can draw human beings also.

Gauri:I won’t believe it.You are lying.

Omkara got irritated:I am not lying.

Gauri:Then prove it to me by making my painting.

Omkara:Ok.Challenge is accepted.

She smirked.


Gauri lay on the couch.

Looking at her,Omkara started painting.

As time passed,Omkara started getting attracted to Gauri.Unknowingly he went near her with a peacock feather

and caressed her face sensually with it.Gauri was lost in him.

Suddenly Omkara came back to senses.

Omkara:I am sorry.

Gauri was silent.

Omkara could not face Gauri after what he did.So he wanted Gauri to leave.

Omkara:Sorry,I can’t paint anymore.

Gauri:What about your challenge?

Omkara:Maybe I failed.

Gauri:You accepted your failure so fast.

Omkara did not say anything.

Gauri left the room silently.

Omkara:Oh no…what would she be thinking about me?

Gauri was thinking about Omkara caressing her face with the peacock feather.

Gauri:Why did I feel that he also has feelings for me like I have for him?The way he touched..I felt pure love instead of lust.I have to get an answer to clear my doubt.


Gauri went to the outhouse.She could hear shower sound.

Gauri thought:Omkaraji is bathing in the bathroom.

She saw an area covered by curtain.She moved the curtain to a side.She could not believe her eyes.All the paintings were on her.

She smiled emotionally.

Gauri:It means he also loves me.

Suddenly she thought:I have to leave before Omkara catches me redhanded.

She left the outhouse before Omkara came out of the bathroom after hiding the paintings with the curtain.


Makar sankranti festival….

Kite flying competition…

Gauri smirked at Omkara.

Gauri:You are my competitor.But I will not let you win.Gauri Sharma will win.It’s my challenge.

Omkara smiled:Ok..let’s see who will win.


They started flying kites.Omkara’s kite flew away and Gauri was declared as the winner.

Omkara went near her and congratulated her:Congrats Gauri.

Gauri:Don’t congratulate me.Congratulation to you Omkaraji.

Omkara:Why are you congratulating me?

Gauri:Because you are the winner,not me.I saw you purposefully letting the kite fly away.Why did you do that?Is it to make me win?

Omkara looked at her deeply with a smile.

Gauri:Why did you make me win?

Omkara:Because when the person we love wins,it’s our victory too.Your victory made me very happy Gauri,because it’s my victory too.

Gauri smiled.

Gauri:Why does my victory make you happy?

Omkara cupped her face in his hands and looked at her romantically.

Omkara:Because I love you Gauri.I don’t know how…gradually I fell in love with you.

Gauri smiled.

Gauri:I know that you love me.I had seen my paintings in your room.

Omkara was surprised.

Gauri:Well…you can paint human beings beautifully.That shows that you are a fantastic painter.

Omkara smiled.

Omkara:But you did’nt tell me whether you love me or not.For me,that is more important than getting compliments on my paintings.

Gauri blushed.

Gauri:I have been loving you since the moment I saw you Omkaraji.

He was surprised and very happy.In that excitement he pecked her cheek.She was pleasantly surprised.

Gauri and Omkara embraced each other happily.

Suddenly Gauri moved backward.

Omkara:What happened Gauri?

Gauri’s eyes were full of tears.

Gauri:Forget whatever happened between us Omkara.I did a big mistake by forgetting everything.I can’t do cheating anymore.

Omkara:But why should I forget our beautiful journey of love?What cheating are you talking about?

Gauri burst into tears.

Gauri:My marriage was fixed in my childhood itself.My father is thinking of getting me married to that person soon.But I forgot that because of my blind love for you.I cheated both my father and my fiance.

Omkara was shattered.His tears rolled down his cheeks.

Gauri:Sorry for breaking your heart Omkara.It’s all my fault.I know that you can’t forgive me.But please don’t curse me Omkara.

Omkara wept:I can never curse you Gauri.I wish you all the happiness from the bottom of my heart.But Ican never be happy without you.

Gauri became upset.

Gauri:Our life may not always move according to our wish.But at one point of time,our life will be according to our wish. But that time our priorities may change.Maybe when your life moves according to your wish,your priority maybe someone else.

Omkara:My priority will be always you Gauri.

Gauri ran away crying.



Ali:So Gauri married that person.

Agni:No.A twist happened.The boy with whom Gauri’s marriage was fixed did’nt come for the wedding.He did’nt care about the promise given by his father to Gauri’s father in childhood.He had fallen in love with a girl.He eloped with her on the wedding day.But the narrow minded villagers taunted Gauri that because of her bad luck only her bride groom left her on the wedding day.


Flash back…

Harshwardhan was shattered as the bride groom did not come and the villagers taunted Gauri.

Gauri was weeping.

Omkara lost his control and yelled at them:Not even a word against this innocent girl.If the boy did’nt come for the wedding,it’s completely his fault.He is the one who cheated this innocent family who believed him.Then why this poor girl is blamed?

Gauri looked at Omkara painfully.

Somebody said:Whatever,the bride groom must have left the bride for her defect.Now who will marry the bride who is dumped by her bride groom?

Omkara could not tolerate it anymore.

Omkara:She does’nt need your blo*dy fake sympathy.Because she will not be known as a dumped bride.Her wedding will happen this moment.

Harsh and Gauri looked at Omkara in disbelief.

Harsh:How is it possible Omkara beta?

Omkara:Will you please let me marry your daughter?

Harshwardhan and Gauri were surprised.

Harsh nodded his head emotionally.Omkara-Gauri smiled emotionally.

Omkara bought a mangalsuthra and came.He carried Gauri in his hands and took saath phere before everyone.

Omkara-Gauri looked at each other emotionally.

He tied the mangalsuthra around her neck.He filled her hair partition with vermilion.

Omkara-Gauri got blessed by Harshwardhan.

Gauri’s friend said:Gauri,you are lucky to have a husband like Omkara.He proved that he is your real hero.

Gauri smiled:You are right.Omkaraji is my real hero.

Omkara smiled.

Gauri:Omkaraji,you married me without your parents’ knowledge.Will they accept me as their daughter in law?I am worried about that.

Omkara:Definitely Gauri.My parents understand me very well.

Gauri smiled.

Omkara held her hand:Today we will go to my house together..I mean to our house.My parents will be happy to see you.

Gauri smiled.


Ali was shocked.

Ali:What?Omkara and Gauri got married too.Then what happened?Did they get divorced?

Agni:On the way to Omkara’s place,they met with an accident.For more than a month,Omkara was in coma.When he recovered from coma,he was dying to see Gauri.But he realized that Gauri had died in the accident.In that shock,her father had heart attack and he too died.

Ali was shocked.

Agni:Omkara is not able to move on as still he can’t believe that Gauri is no more.

Ali:Sad that like Avni,Omkara is also having a traumatic past.What will be stored in for Avni and Omkara?

Suddenly they saw Avni watching them tearfully.

Avni:Poor Omkara.I can relate to him as I am also undergoing what he is undergoing now.

Ali-Agni became upset.


The next day,Omkara dropped Avni to her house.

Avni:I realized that you are not arrogant like I thought.You are just a living body with pain like me.

Omkara was stunned.

Avni:I came to know about Gauri.

Omkara was silent.

Avni:We both know that we can never love each other.But can we be atleast good friends?

Omkara nodded with a smile.

Omkara:We will make great friends as we can relate to each other because of the similar past.

Avni smiled.Omkara-Avni shook hands.Seeing that Ashish smiled.

Ashish:Like I expected the trip worked for both of them and they started liking each other.

Avni was in her room.Suddenly she saw herself and Neil on the wall.

Neil:Can I go?

Avni:Neil can’t go anywhere even for a few days without his Avni.

Neil and Avni looked at each other romantically.

Neil:You really understand me Avni.

She smiled.

Avni:Yes.I understand you completely.

Neil gave her a flying kiss with lots of love.

Avni gave him a flying kiss back.

Suddenly Neil and Avni vanished from the all.

Avni became upset.

Avni:How did I go wrong in understanding you Neil?I thought you can’t stay without you.But you left me.Even though you left me,why do you keeping visiting me in my dreams and imaginations?I know that you left me only for your father.But still how could you leave your Avni and give her place to another girl ?

Suddenly Avni got depressed and burst into tears.

Avni:No,it can’t be true.My Neil cannot cheat me.He loves me a lot.

Avni kept crying.


Omkara-Avni became good friends.They kept meeting each other.But their families misunderstood their relationship.


One day Omkara and Avni were chatting.

Omkara:Can I ask you something?I hope you don’t feel bad.


Omkara:Gauri is my wife and destiny only separated us.But your situation is different.You were betrayed by Neil.Then why are you not moving on?

Avni became upset.

Avni’s eyes became teary.

Avni:Neil might have married someone else.But I don’t know why.I still can’t believe that Neil cheated me by marrying someone else.I am sure that Neil did’nt want to cheat me.He married someone else due to pressure like I got engaged to you for my dad.

Omkara looked at her emotionally.

Omkara:Neil lost someone who loved him unconditionally.

Avni became upset.

Suddenly Omkara’s eyes fell on Avni’s phone screen.It had Neil and Avni’s picture.

Omkara:This picture?

Avni replied emotionally:This is Neil.

Omkara was shocked.

  1. Nice ff. Waiting for avneil to reunite

  2. Revu

    Rikara story was so beautiful and interesting. I loved when Gauri thought Om doesn’t feels lust when he touched her with peacock feather, that was his depiction of feelings. The kite scene, Rikara expressing love was so beautiful and romantic. But sad as Gauri alliance was already fixed. Later as situation changed Om asking can he marry Gauri to her dad was so touching. What happened to Gauri at tha accident? Avneil scene was so cute. Avni and Om friendship is so wonderful. Both share their pain. Last part is suspense . Good one

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

  3. Ishana_stories

    Rikara scene was so beautiful, their confession was really cute and the marriage was awesome. Sad to know that Omkara thinks Gauri died. Maybe she’s alive? Om-Avni friendship is really good. Last part was a suspense, eager to know what happens next!!

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  4. Aldy

    Rikara scenes were awesome..loved omkaras brave for marrying Gouri..did omkar know neil

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

  5. Kifu

    Awesome episode ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚. Omkara’s past was so nice.. gauri falling for omkara at first was nice๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š. Omkara’s paintings were nice. Gauri and omkara challenging was funny and cute..โค๏ธ. Omkara painting gauri exactly was nice and he romancing in between forgetting himself was romanctic ๐Ÿ’–. But he felt bad when he realised was sad. Gauri going to outhouse to meet omkara and she seeing her paintings everywhere was suprising and nice..โค๏ธ. Suprised tht omkara too loved her secretly. Rikara challenging each other in kite competition was nice..omkara giving up for gauri was awesome ๐Ÿ˜˜. Both proposing was awesome ๐Ÿ˜˜. But sad that gauri’s father decided to get married her to someone which was decided in childhood atself..๐Ÿ˜Ÿ. Both parting was so emotional ๐Ÿฅบ. Shocked that groom left gauri in mandap and people taunting gauri was sad. Omkara Saving the situation and he marrying gauri was superbb..โ˜บ๏ธ. Their marriage was cute and romantic. Shocked that Gauri died in an accident..๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ. It was really painful.. and shocked that Avni heared it but happy that omkara and Avni became friends..โ˜บ๏ธ. Avni seeing her and Niel romance in wall was nice and it was sad too as it’s just her imagination..๐Ÿ˜Ÿ. Sad that their families are misunderstanding their bond..๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ. Omkara getting shocked seeing niel’s photo is really shocking.. does he know Niel already? Awesome episode.. waiting eagerly for next episode..

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

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