Can u give me one more chance?? (SwaSan an OS) {modified version} By Rithika

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Hi peeps I’m Rithika

I’m back with a modified version of my OS ‘Can u give me one more chance??’ I hope this will have better comments. And ya most parts will be same…


Swara was walking through the gates of her new college. Nervousness took over her mind, she wasn’t concentrating on her movement and the result was dashing into Sanskar. As a result Swara fell on top of Sanskar

Swara : (comes to her senses) Uh….sorry…

She said got up from him and went while Sanskar was captivated by her beauty

Sanskar : (monologue) First time in my life I’ve seen God’s perfect creation

He smiles to himself and goes. Soon it was their break time Swara was sitting on the table eating her food while Sanskar came there and sat near her

Sanskar : Can I?

Swara : Hmm

Sanskar : Ur new here?

Swara : Ya. By the way I’m Swara….Swara Bose

Sanskar : Hi, nice to meet u, I’m Sanskar…Sanskar Maheshwari

They shake hands while he was again lost in her. Many days passed by they both realized their love for each other but were scared to confess. Swara was stuck in the conflict of her mind and heart

Mind : Oh shut up u pest, how can our Swara trust this Sanskar, don’t u know many people like this Sanskar use girls like Swara only to satisfy their desires ok

Heart : Oh u shut up u practical rodent, I need a rodenticide over here….can’t u see Sanskar’s love for Swara his eyes huh! Practical idiot!

Mind : Ay u soft hearted idiot….

Heart : (cuts off) For ur information I’m a heart if u don’t know hahaha u need to check ur eyes and get spectacles then u’ll be the first ‘Chashmish Brain’ Hahaha

The heart keeps laughing

Mind : Hey u shut up

Heart : U pant down

Finally Swara gets irritated by their conflict

Swara : Shut up both now!!!!

They both keep quiet. While on the other side Sanskar was thinking how to propose her

Sanskar : (monologue) Hmm I must think of a beautiful way to propose her….such a way that she’ll…..she’ll fall for me. I can’t wait any more if that Sahil proposes her before me I won’t be able to live

He thinks for a while then jumps up in happiness

Sanskar : Yes!!! Yes…yes…yes…..I got an idea! I got an idea!

He dances in joy and then goes to prepare somethings. Next day in the evening Sanskar messages Swara

Sanskar : (message) Hey Swara…Can u please come to meet me now at my home…urgent!

On the other side Swara’s phone buzzes and she reads the message

Swara : What urgent work he has…let’s see

She goes to his house

Swara : What happened Sanskar y u called me so urgently haan?

Sanskar : One minute

He takes out a cloth and covers her eyes with it

Swara : (feels the cloth) Sanskar what happened y…

Sanskar cuts her off by carrying her

Swara : Sanskar what r u doing

Sanskar : Can’t u feel or what? I haven’t covered ur feeling cells ur asking ‘What r u doing’ I’m carrying u because u can’t see anything and I’ve covered ur eyes because I have a surprise for u

Swara : Hmm u carried me but don’t drop me I’m heavy

He nodes and goes on. After walking for quite some time he kept her down and opened the cloth. She was awestruck seeing the decoration. They were under the starry sky with a lot of trees near by decorated with red and white balloons. She was even surprised when Sanskar kneels down in front of her

Sanskar : Swara I know ur surprised but saying this is important. Swara from the day I saw u I fell for u, we then became friends I came more closer to u, asking this important, I love u, do u love me? Will u allow me to be the father of our children? Will u allow me to grow old with u?

Swara was numb hearing this while her heart and minds conflict started again

Heart : Swara accept it don’t listen to this pest…practical idiot! Huh!

Mind : Please Swara try and understand he’s not right listen to me not this emotional fool

Heart : (loud) Ay!!

Mind : (louder) Ay!!!!

Swara again got irritated

Swara : Shut up!

Sanskar was baffled seeing her silence

Sanskar : Swara please answer

Swara : Yes Sanskar, I love u too!!!

He gets overwhelmed hearing her answer and hugs her tightly planting a kiss on her fore head. While they don’t know someone saw them and burned with jealousy, it was Kavitha (cheapdy?)

Kavitha : No Sanskar…u can’t be anyone else’s till I’m there…ur mine only mine!

2 years passed SwaSan were married happily, until one day…

Kavitha : (she comes to Sanskar’s mansion) Sanskar where r u??

She calls him and he comes from upstairs

Sanskar : Now what??

Kavitha : Swara is not there right!

Sanskar : No she’s in office..

Kavitha : Look at this

She opens an envelope and takes out Swara’s picture with Sahil..1 with Sahil carrying her and the second with Sahil kissing her on her forehead, as expected Sanskar got angry and went out of there while Kavitha smirked

Kavitha : Yes! As expected now Swara will be out and Kavitha will be in

She happily went out from there while Sanskar reached Swara’s office and barged in her cabin

Swara : (happily) Sanskar!! U here….y r u angry haan! I already gave u good morning kiss then what u want!!

Sanskar doesn’t pay a heed to her words and shows her the pictures

Sanskar : Swara what is this? Just tell me once these pictures are fake, then that Kavitha will be gone, please tell me once

Swara : (shocked) Sanskar where did u get these pictures from, yes they r real but..

Sanskar : (cuts off) Enough! What I thought about u what u became as. U know what go and stay with Sahil itself..

He says this and leaves her shattered

Swara : Sanskar listen..

She starts crying and remembers how this happened


2 years ago in SwaSan’s college. Swara was really sick she still managed to come to college and that time Sanskar wasn’t present

Sahil : Hi Swara

Swara : (feeble tone) H…hi

Sahil : What happened Swara?

He touches her forehead

Sahil : Swara ur burning up…who told u to come to college

Swara : (feeble voice) No….I…h..had…co..come

Sahil : No ur not

Saying this he carried her

Swara : (feeble tone) B…but Sahil

Sahil : Shut up!

After walking for some time he drops her home

Sahil : Take care

He says and kisses her forehead and leaves


Swara : This happened 2 years back who clicked these pictures??

But her heart and mind again got into conflicts

Mind : Look I told u not to believe this duffer

Heart : Shut up u practical pest. Sanskar must be doing this for some reason someone brainwashed him maybe

Mind : Oh hello no one brainwashed him u emotional fool. I told u before these kind of people just satisfy themselves that’s y they use girls like out Swara

Heart : Shut up!!

Mind : Pant down!!

Swara got irritated by their conflicts

Swara : Both shut up

She feels really sad and after the office ends she goes directly to Sahil’s house

Sahil : U here and y have u wiped of ur sindoor and removed the mangalsutra haan?

Swara : Everything is over Sahil!

She tells him everything and again starts crying

Swara : Sahil please help me. Tell me what to do further na…please because I’m carrying his child too!

Sahil was shocked

Sahil : Then y didn’t u tell him haan. He would have been really happy

Swara : I tried to…but he didn’t listen to me

Sahil : This guy…I know him very well he won’t listen to anyone when he’s angry

Swara got sad

Sahil : U do one thing till he calms down u go somewhere abroad na, then ur mind will also freshen up and his anger will lessen then tell him the good news…

Swara : (hugs him) Thank u thank u so much Sahil ur right, I’ll go to Laksh bhai’s house in Delhi there I’ll meet Ragini bhabi also

Sahil : Hmm okay I’ll book ur tickets too

Swara : Thanks

Soon she reaches Delhi and goes to Laksh’s house. She stands on the door and sees Laksh and Ragini doing work

Swara : (shouts) Bhai!!!!

She calls him and Laksh looks at her and gets happy

Laksh : Shona!!!(happy)

He goes towards her and hugs her

Laksh : Shona Sanskar…where is he

The smile of Swara’s face disappeared and she tells him everything. Laksh gets angry

Laksh : This surely must be that Kavitha….usse toh mein chodunga nahi

Swara : Bhai leave it…I want to tell u happy news

Laksh : What??

Swara : Ur going to be a mama

Laksh was overjoyed hearing that , he immediately called Ragini

Laksh : Ragini…Ragini come fast

She came down

Ragini : Tell…arey Swara u here…where’s Sanskar??

Swara tells her everything she gets happy and sad. Sad for Sanskar leaving Swara and happy because she’s going to become mami

Ragini : Kya baat hai Swara. Now u must stay here for all ur 9 months haan

Swara : Haan y not bhabi

8 months passed Swara got her happiness back in Delhi while in Mumbai Sanskar lost his happiness after knowing the truth from Sahil he was broken as he insulted his love

Sanskar : Sahil mere bhai please tell where is she

Sahil : Y haan

Sanskar : Please!!!

Sahil : Hmm okay okay….she’s in Delhi, staying with Laksh and Ragini

Sanskar : Y??

Sahil : What do u mean by y…that day if u would listen to her this wouldn’t happen

Sanskar feels guilty and gets determined to get his Swara back while in Delhi Swara was wondering whether Sanskar’s anger has cooled down or no

Ragini : Arey Swara kahan khoi hui ho haan

Swara : No wo actually bhabi I was thinking whether Sanskar would have forgiven me or not

Ragini : No need to worry he will be here I think in 5-6 mins

Swara : What??

Ragini : Ya I talked to Sahil now he said that he told Sanskar everything he’s going to come here

Swara : Wow!!

Ragini : But u won’t talk to him u will be angry with him

Swara : Y ??

Ragini : Arey u forgot how he simply blamed u badla toh lena padega haan

Here Swara got into thoughts while her mind and heart again started fighting

Mind : Yes Swara now be angry with him and show him how u felt

Swara : U think it will help

Heart : No Swara don’t be angry after all he did realize his mistake na

Swara : Ya I think ur right

Mind : Swara don’t listen to this emotional fool I’m telling u

Heart : Shut up practical pest. I think this brain of ur’s is empty that’s y ur talking rubbish, someone give me a pesticide

Mind : Y

Heart : For spraying it on u idiot

Mind : Shut up

Heart : Pant down

Swara : Shut up NOW!!!

She thinks for a while

Swara : Yes I’ll give him a punishment

Mind : Yes yes yes I won I won..

Heart : Aw!! Swara seriously ur listening to this pest

Swara : Sorry my heart but for the first time I following my mind because he has a point if I forgive Sanskar easily he will always do this

Mind : What first time…aw!!!!

Heart : Hahahaahaha u deserve this hahaha

Swara : OK now both keep quiet

Soon Sanskar arrives

Sanskar : Swara where r u look ur Sanskar came now

Swara : (happy) Sanskar..

Mind : Swara!!

Swara : Aw fine….

Ragini : Dekho Swara kaun aa ya

Swara : Bhabi tell him I’m not interested in talking with him

Sanskar : What oh no!!

Ragini chuckles a bit

Ragini : Y

Swara : Because he hurt me a lot

Sanskar : I’m sorry Shona listen na

He told her with such love that she wanted to melt in his arms but her mind kept reminding her to be angry

Sanskar : Please for our unborn child

Swara : (mind) Isse kaise pata

Sanskar : Sahil told me about it

Swara : Fine if u want my forgiveness u’ll have to pass a test

Sanskar : What test??

Swara : Wait u came now take rest because tomorrow will be very tiring for u

Sanskar : What punishment she’s going to give me…hey bhagwan bacha lena

Next day

Swara : Sanskar u came. Good now go make breakfast for me, bhabi and bhai

Sanskar gave her a ‘seriously’ look

Swara : Dekh kya rahe ho go this is ur punishment to make food for us the whole day whenever and whatever we want okay now go

Sanskar : Hey bhagwan kahan phasa diya

He goes in the kitchen while outside they all chuckle. After about 1 hour he comes out with the food

Swara : (tastes it) Wow not bad hena

Ragini : Haan Sanskar khana acha bana lethe ho

Laksh : Wow yummy even Ragini can’t make food like this

Ragini : (glares) Laksh

Sanskar : Really I made so good

Sanskar smirks and the servant shakes his head


Sanskar : Arey Ramu

Ramu : Ji Sanskar ji

Sanskar : Khana banao

Ramu : Par Swara ji ne toh aapko kaha

Sanskar : U making or I’ll fire u

Ramu nodes helplessly


So actually Ramu made the food not Sanskar

Swara : Come u eat

He nodded and they started eating. In the afternoon

Swara : Sanskar com here

Sanskar : Haan what

Swara : Clean my room

Sanskar : What?? But u said only to make food

Swara : But now clean my room even bhai’s room

Sanskar became sad and started cleaning the rooms. After 2 hours he finished

Swara : Good now make pau bhaji

Sanskar : What

Swara : Fast karo after that u have to keep the cloths for drying to

Sanskar was shocked . Poor Sanskar now couldn’t escape while Ramu smirked over there. Finally after 4 hours he finished all the work by now even Swara felt sad so she decided to forgive him

Sanskar : Please Swara I’m sorry I can’t do any work

Swara : Who’s telling u to do work. I came to say ur forgiven

Sanskar was happy and he hugged her

Sanskar : Love u

Soon after 1 month they were blessed with a girl whom they named as Kriti. In Mumbai when Sahil came to know what Sanskar had to deal with he was laughing like a maniac

Sanskar : Sahil enough haan this is too much

Sahil : Hahaha sorry yaar but it was so funny

Swara : Hena

Sahil : Now I know what any girl can do when they take Kaali mata’s roop. This has given me a lessen never to blame Kavitha without any reason(forgot to mention Sahil and Kavitha got married)


How was it hope it was much better than before

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