Can the new entry Nida be Sanam’s lost sister in Qubool Hai?

Just when Tanveer was talking to Aahil about her wish to get him married soon, a new entry has got in the show Qubool show. She is the stunning Nida, who has come to meet Aahil. She is Aahil’s girlfriend. The latest promo shows Tanveer convincing Aahil for marriage with such a girl who does not interfere in his life, and Aahil wondering who will be ready to do such marriage on a short notice. While Sanam walks in and Aahil looks at her. Nida greets Aahil too and he is shocked seeing her back.

This new track of Nida will surely bring some good twists. Will this make Sanam jealous? Aahil and Sanam are still on the love path, but walking very slow. Aahil has lost her heart to Sanam, and she too feels for him. But will Sanam take a stand for her love? Tanveer requests Aahil to propose to Nida. Aahil and Sanam bump into each other, having an eyelock. With his heart bouncing for Sanam, he is confused and thinks about Tanveer’s words. Aahil finally asks Nida will she marry him and she agrees happily. They prepare for the engagement, where Nida asks Aahil to buy a ring selected by a girl and it has to be good. Aahil asks Sanam can she come with him to choose a ring. Sanam is tensed and they go along. Aahil and Sanam like the same ring and are complimented to have same choice.

The engagement function starts, Aahil and Nida exchange the rings. Sanam looks at them wandering around, serving people snacks and drinks. She is upset but don’t want to think how Aahil took care of her and what happened between them. Aahil wants Sanam to understands her feelings for him. Nida does not like the ring, as its slender looking. She was expecting a heavy solitaire from Aahil, and is disappointed. Nida is kind of running after money girl, and her character will be negative in the show. So one more vamp added, maybe they felt Tanveer needs company. But who is Nida, what’s her identity? Is she Sanam’s lost sister? What do you think about Nida and Sanam’s relation? Vote your opinion.

  1. Nida shouldn’t be sanam’s lost sister as she is very rude and shellfish… Nida came in qubool hai as a new twist that’s Good , it ll help sanam and ahil to understand thr feelings to each other… Plzz don’t let nida to be sanam’s sister plzzz

  2. No i don’t think she is sanam’s sister

  3. nahi bilkul nahi!!!
    bcos sanam and seharare TWINS!!!!!!!

    1. twins does not mean they have to be identical they could be feternal twins.
      Pata nahin kaun se chaval log ajathe hai yahan pe

  4. What do u mean u edoit

  5. Nida is not sanam ‘s sister shaziya is her sister

  6. Do u guyz remember qh revealing rehan as tanveer s son in that episode they have revealed naziya ,shaziya and ahil ‘s childhood

  7. ofcourse not because asad and zoya had twins!

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