Can love happen twice? #Riansh (immj2)

Pyaar…..According to you what is love?

Ooohhhh you are thinking who I am to ask this question….So I am Vansh Raisinghania and I am asking this question because I love a girl named Roshini and I am going to marry another girl whom I don’t know and she is a stranger to me. So just marrying a girl or your lover and living with her/him is love. But in my case things are different .Tell me what is love according to you then I will tell you what is love according to me……

You are thinking why I am not marrying Roshini because she is Muslim and I am Hindu and My family is not allowing me to marry a girl who didn’t belong to our religion. You tell me ” pyaar kya caste or religion delh kr kiya Jata…..wo to bs ho jata hai. You can’t control your emotions when you are falling in love just because he/she belong to other cast/religion or younger/ elder than you“. I and Roshini dated for 5 years and she became my heartbeat. How can I leave her just like this for a stranger girl?..

Ooh, I didn’t tell you a girl’s name whom I am going to marry. Her name is Ridhima Raichand. She is the daughter of my father’s best friend. She use to come to our mansion but I never talked or looked at because I talk only to one that is My love…My Roshini. She is everything to me so how can I eye a girl when I am in love with the world’s most beautiful girl…..My Roshini.

I am not Saying Ridhima is not good but my Roshini is best and I can never love someone else than her. I don’t know why Ridhima is ready to marry me. I have a problem that I can’t leave my parent to die who loved me for 28 years and my father also threatened me that…that….he will kill my Rishini if I will not marry Ridhima. That doesn’t mean that I will lose hope so easily.I gave my best to make understand that I can’t live without Roshini.

Mom: you are arguing with us for that Roshini.

Vansh: mom she is my life.

Dad: And we….we are nothing to you.

Vansh: Dad!!

Mom: log kya bolege… logo k baare…kabhi socha hai tune. Kahi chehra deikhane layak nhi bache ge hum.

Vansh: we can’t destroy our happiness for others.

Dad: we also not happy with you relationship.

Vansh: dad I really love her.

Mom: If you going to this then what your youngster going to learn. Kalko siya or Ishani sadhi layak ho jayege kon karega unse sadi….tumhri wajaha se mai apni betiyo ki life barbaad nhi hone de skti samjhe tum.

Vansh: mom what about my life.

Dad: kya kaami hai Ridhima mai…sundaar hai… susheel hai…gunwaan hai….sabse baadi baat wo Rashini ki taraha besharam nhi hai….

Vansh: Aisha kya kiya ushane…

Mom: kya…dekha nhi kaise choote choote kapade pahanti hai wo.

Vansh: mom wo actress hai….or we can’t judge a girl by her attire and you should see her soul. How pure she is.
Mom aap to ek aurat ho to kaise kisi aur ladaki k bare me Aisa bol skti hai.

Dad: you can shut her mouth but what you will do with other people especially boys….you don’t know what they talk about that Roshini.

Vansh: because they are black marks on the name of boys. Instead of stopping them you are stopping them dad.

Dad: beta itane baade nhi huye ho jo baap ko shikaoge…..tumse jaada diniya dekhi hai….society or log ko sath le kr decision lo to life me khush rahoge.

Vansh: I don’t care about this blo*dy society….I know one thing that I love Roshini and I will marry her only.

Mom: you will not marry her otherwise…

Vansh: otherwise…

Mom: otherwise I will drink poison and you will be responsible for that….
Saying this she collapsed on floor and both son and father ran to her. His father didn’t allowed vansh to touch his mom.

Vansh: mom how can you say that….

Dad: you can’t see your mother how sad she is because of you. If anything happen to her then I will kill that Roshini.

Vansh: dad app ushe kuch nhi karege….mai saadi krne k liye taiyar hu but mai pahale Ridhima se milna chahata hu.

Dad: thkk…Aaj shaam ko mil lena apne hotel me.

Vansh: okay!

Evening time.

I was late she was already sitting there with her teddy panda face….she is so dawf yrr. If I will walk with her then people think she is my younger sister….leave it what matters to me….I love only my Roshini not this teddy.
If people think me as her uncle then also good….but I don’t think so I am that old…look at my face mann I am quiet handsome dude….but she is kid in front of me.

Why she is looking like this at me…” Kya kabhi kisi hot ladake ko ishane nhi dekha…..bhaare bazaar me mujh pr line mar rhi…line kya puri road bana rhi hai….mujhe to ishake pas jaane se drr lga rha”

Vansh: hello

Ridhima: you are late….

Vansh: who told you to come early?

Ridhima: leave all this , sit and then talk.

Vansh: don’t order me….

Ridhima: sorry please sit…

Vansh: I am here to inform you that you are going to deny this marriage.

Ridhima: why will I do so.

Vansh: because I love someone else and don’t want to cheat on you.

Ridhima: how can I deny….why can’t you do so.

Vansh: no, you are going to do this and you go tell your parents that you don’t like me.

Ridhima: why I upset my parents?

Vansh: are you mad or what??? I am telling you to save your life and you are hell-bent on destroying your life when you have a chance to do so.

Ridhima: we can talk and sort out matter.

Vansh: there is nothing to talk. you mad girl….if I will not able to love in life then what will do…..i love my Roshini and I can’t give her place to any other girl.

Ridhima: if today this marriage alliance will be break then people going to blame me….that you broke this marriage because I have flows…and my parent will be insulted in front of all for no reason.

Vansh: and what about your happiness…

Ridhima: when parents can do this much for me….so why I can’t marry for them….

Vansh: I thought you are educated and modern so you will going to understand me but you are worst…. I don’t don’t talk to more.

Vansh get from the chair and said ” you are going to deny this marriage otherwise you will face the worst phase of your life” Without listening to her he moved out from there.

That made girl didn’t denied for marriage now I have to marry her and face her whole life. You know I ran before my marriage but my father kidnapped Roshini as he underworld mafia and kidnapping is mall thing for him.
And can’t risk her life so I came back to home

Today I married that panda and she is sitting in my room. ” itana bada ghr hai, pata nhi kyu ush panda ko mere hi kamare me hi kyu rkha hai”

I was going to my room but my sister started irritating me…I was already pissed off…now they adding things more….

Siya: bhai gift

Vansh: why?

Siya: if you want to enter your room then you have give gifts to us….

Vansh: okay….waise bhi mera maan nhi andar jaane k….bye mai study room rh luga.

Ishani: bhai!!

Vansh: what?

Siya: You can’t do this…it’s ritual…

Vansh: take gift from mom, dad and you can take from that pan…I mean Ridhima too as they are very happy with this marriage but I am not.

Ishani: we can’t take from them…you only allowed to give gift.

Vansh: okay!!! I will give you gifts but you have to do one thing.

Siya: what??

Vansh: with gifts…take that Ridhima too, I can’t bear her presence.

Ishani: you go we don’t want anything….

Vansh: Arreeee!!! You can’t deny…I will give you my all money but you have to take her with you…

Siya: no we don’t want anything…you go.

They pushed him inside….Ridhima was sitting in the middle of bed with veil on her face. Vansh looked at her irritatedly and took out a blanket and pillow from cupboard. On hearing cupboard sound she looked at him.

Ridhima: where are you going?

Vansh came to her and “take this and move out”

Ridhima: what?

Vansh: are you deaf?

Ridhima: How can you throw me out .vansh you  married me…

Vansh: Correction….you married me not me…I told you earlier so bear the consequences of it.

Ridhima: but?

Vansh grabbed her arm and pushed her out from his room and closed door on her face.
Kyu Ridhima apni life baarbaad kr rhi hai vansh k sth?

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