Can love happen twice – Episode 1

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Hey guys I am Candy. I am back with the first episode of Can love happen twice.

Episode 1:

It was a bright day. A house is shown ‘Sharma House’. Whole house was beautifully decorated with flowers and lighting.
A girl in black jeans with yellow crop top was roaming here and there making things proper which were not. Suddenly Soumya shouted “Yuvaani what are you doing. How much you will work beta. Aur yeh Kya tum abhi tak taiyaar nai hui. Tumhe abhi Krishna ko bhi to taiyaar karna hai ”
“Ha aunty I was just making the lightings fine. Main bas abhi jaa rhi. And no worries I’ll make her ready too ” she said smiling.
“Ok, go fast”
A room is shown. A girl is shown sitting in front of mirror. Long silky hair with little curls. Black crystal like eyes with a cute smile sitting little nervously in deep think. But she came out of thought as Yuvaani shouted,” Krishna…. What yaar you are not even ready till now and you are daydreaming. Now come on fast go change your dress and your jewellery wait I’ll get them for you.”
Krishna remained silent.
Yuvaani saw her and paused for a second and asked her, “Nervous?”
Krishna nodded in a positive manner.
Slightly laughing at her situation she said,” What Krishna you are being afraid as if its a arranged marriage and you don’t know the person you are marrying”
Saying this Yuvaani again got busy in working.

“Don’t worry Krishna Saiyam loves you a lot. He’ll keep you happy”

“I know but”

“What but? Anyways you should thank me because of me only you met Saiyam.’

“You? I think because of Sahil I met Saiyam”

“Yeah but what’s the difference me or Sahil. Its the same thing. Anyways now don’t be late common lets get ready. Aaj tumhe aisa dikhna hai ki Saiyam tumge dekhta hi reh jaye.”

She blushed and remembered her journey with Saiyam before marriage

Flashback :

It was a beautiful scene. A romantic set up was there. Candles, rise petals all around and the lake behind all this made it more romantic. But something was wrong.
A boy was standing with an irritated look and Krishna was crying badly. After consoling herself a little she spoke up,” How could you do this Yuvaan”

“Oh common Krishna. Why are you acting like an insane”

” What? I am acting like an insane? How could you just do that to me”

” What didi I do? I am just clarifying to you that I can’t handle it anymore. I love Baby and I can’t take our relationship forward.”

“How could you just say that you love Baby? Yuvaan we were in a relationship from 2 yrs”

“Yeah but now I understood that I just had a crush on you”

“Crush? Crush for 2 yrs?”

“Listen Krishna I don’t wanna talk about this anymore”
Saying this he walked off.

Few weeks passed. Yuvaani had went to Delhi for some project. She came back and directly came to Krishna.
She shouted Krishna….. Krishna….. I am back. See I brought your favourite chocolate. Krishna…. Where are you?

She entered her room and found her crying on bed. She ran to her. , “What happened Krishna? You’re ok?”

Krishna told everything to her.

“What really? That blo*dy idiot. How can he so like that?”

” I don’t know Yuvaani.” She hugged her and cried.

“So now what? He did like that and you were just crying from last 4 weeks?”

“Yuvaani I don’t know what to do. I am just not able to get him off my mind”

“Wait I have an idea.” She went and brought a photo of Yuvaan.

“Take this and take out your anger. Say whatever you want to say.”

“No, I can’t do this”

” Just shut up and do it. I assure you, you’ll feel better”

“Ok I’ll try”

Krishna was getting herself prepared and in the mean time Yuvaani called up Yuvaan.

After gathering courage she started, “Yuv..aan I wanted to say that…that”

“say it” Yuvaani whispered.

Krishna took a deep breathe and started,” Yuvaan you blo*dy idiot. You**** *** . What you thik of yourself? blo*dy *** **** *******. Don’t you ever show me your face again.”

Yuvaan heard all this and he simply hanged the call.

“Feeling better”


“You know what? Yuvaan heard all this”


“Yes I had called him. He thought you were saying all that to him”

“What did you did Yuvaani I have to apologise to him”

“Just shut up Krishna. Why will you apologize? Instead he should apologize to you. He deserves that only”

“But Yuvaani”

“Now no buts. Just come with me I’ll light up your mood”

Precap: Kriyam’s first meet. ????

So that’s it for today. I hope the episode is long enough. I’ll surely upload the next (Kriyam’s meet) episode by Tuesday or Wednesday.
So till then bye bye.

Candy ???

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  1. Aarti32

    Dat was so cool.. awesome update

    1. Candyfloss

      Thanks Aarti.

  2. Dewdrop

    beautiful episode dear

    1. Candyfloss

      Thank you so much.

  3. Thnx candy love this episode plzz update soon

    1. Candyfloss

      Thank you very much. I’ll upload the episode soon.

  4. Oh its amazing and update next part soon

    1. Candyfloss

      Thank you dear. ??

  5. Rehmat

    this was amazing

    1. Candyfloss

      Thanks a lot Rehmat. Keep reading. ???

  6. Hey it’s really coollllll but I want very long flash back before their marriage.

    1. Candyfloss

      Yes of course dear. My whole series will show Kriyam’s journey as a flashback. ?

  7. Awesome..!!! ?

    1. Candyfloss

      Thank you ???

  8. Muniya

    That was nice dear…

    1. Candyfloss

      Thank you dear. ?

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