Can I fall in love, Episode 135

Yuvi was intently listening to his daughter, and Yuvani was explaining every little detail with great interest.

He hugged his daughter when she was done, Yuvani smiled at him. Varsh calls her and she went to him for playing.

Yuvi smiled at her and came to his room.


Suhani was there inside and was playing with Yuvan; she saw Yuvi coming in and smirked,

Suh: (seriously) Yuvan, today’s date is VERY important, you know why?

Yuvi looks on curiously, for he knew that she was indirectly talking to him, rather teasing him.

Suh: Because for the first time in his life, your Papa hasn’t changed for freshened up after coming from outside, and it has been an hour after he came home!! (Faking shock) The great Yuvraj Birla is not worried for hygiene! It is truly a wonder.

Yuvi fumes hearing her, and she winks at him.

Suh: Someone is very worried for his daughter that he forgot his own ways!

Yuvi sighs and thinks, and then smirks. He then calls out for Yuvani, and she came in.

Yuvani: Papa?

Yuvi: Beta, Yuvan was asking about you,

Yuvani looked at him confused.

Yuvi: He want to play with you, he was complaining that you are not playing with him.

Yuvani: Is it? Then I will play now.

She grabbed Yuvan’s hand and took him out.

Suhani looked at them leaving. Yuvi smiles at her.

Suh: What was that? Why did sent him out? Won’t you let me talk to my son?

Yuvi: (proudly) it is tit for tat! Earlier you didn’t let me talk to my daughter na, so…….

Suhani opened her mouth to talk but closed thinking the better of it.

Suh: (sighs) nothing can be done with you! You are absolutely mental.

Yuvi: Of course I am, I mean am,

Suh: Staying with me for a while, so definitely you would have to go mental, right?

He smiles.

Suh: (sighs) I am fed up hearing this line.

He smiles again.

Yuvi: But why were you disconnecting my call again and again? Do you know how tensed I was? You were having fun na, Bhaiya too, he was not letting me come home!

Suhani smiles fondly at him.

Yuvi: What is there to smile?

Suh: When did you catch my disease?

Yuvi: What disease?

Suh: According to you, it is I who always take tension for every little thing and when did you started to do the same? Why were you this worried for Yuvani? She hasn’t gone for war or something, she went to school!

Yuvi: (turning worried) I know, but she was alone for the first time, without anyone of us and,

Suhani smiles.

Suh: (locking her hands around his neck) my dear hubby, this is the just beginning, there are much more to come, she isn’t the same little baby whom you took for the first time, she has grown a bit and by every day she keeps growing.

Yuvi: But……… (Defending himself) Then were you not tensed?

Suh: (smiling) I was, and every parent will be, but you have to control your feelings, fight your tension, because this is inevitable, you have to go through these, (smirking) and these are not my lines…….

He nodded in half satisfaction.

Yuvi: I know but,

Suh: (smiling) I know, and to make you control your feeling I had to,

Yuvi: (hugging her) Thank you.

She hugs him back and they smile.

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  1. This track YuvAni with children is really superbbb!!! I always expected this kind in the show but u have filled it…tysm dear..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  2. aww cute one..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  3. Wooo cute yuvani hum hamesha ye sab dehkana chathithi bt kuch nahi mila lekin thumne hamara spana pura kiya yaha..thank you

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

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