Can I fall in love, Episode 115

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Here you go.

Dadi talks to Gauri, and she understood that Gauri is very serious about Adi.
She called everyone to hall and informed this.
Dadi: I know what is in Gauri’s mind, but I want to know Aditya’s decision. Bhavna, Suhani, call him here right now,
Rags: Dadi, but at this time, can’t we call him the morning?
Dadi: No, I want to know his decision right now. Suhani, Bhavna, you both will talk to him, not as Gauri’s Bhabhis, but as his sisters. Because I want to know what is in his mind, and your decision will be final. Because I know that you care equally for Aditya and Gauri, hence whatever you chose for them would be best.

Bhavna and Suhani nodded. Others agree to Dadi’s decision and then leave.
Suhani calls Adi.
Suh: Hello,
Adi: Hi Chottu, all good?
Suh: Actually no,
Adi: (tensed) Why? What happened?

Suh: I can’t tell it over phone, you straight away come home.
Adi: What? Now??
Suh: Yeah, it is urgent, come right now.
Adi: Ok, then I am there.
He smiles and she cuts the call.

Suh: He is coming,
Bh: Of course he will, you called him.
They smiles.
Adi comes in a while, he looked tensed.
Adi: Chottu, are you ok? Why did you call me now?
Bh: Come with us, we will tell you.
He nodes and goes with them, to Shavna’s room.
Adi looked confused seeing his sisters fuming at him.

Adi: What happened? Why are you staring like this?
Bhavna held his ears.
Adi: Di, what are you doing? Did you call me to play with me?
Suh: Di, I told you na, we lost our brother!

Adi: What do you mean?
Bh: My brother is changed, and I can see it.
Adi looked on.
Bh: Look, we had a brother and he used to tell every small thing of his life to us. But now,
Suh: Our brother is hiding things from us.
They both smirked and he understood what they were talking.
Adi: So she told you.
They nod.

Adi: Di, Chottu, it is not like as you think, I wasn’t hiding things from you, in fact we had an argument, on who will tell you both, and we decided that I would, but she,
Bh: It is not her fault, Dadi saw you both together and when she was questioned, Gauri told us.
Adi: Means, everyone,
Suh: Yeah.
Bh: So, now what, we know that you won’t play with a girl’s feelings, but are sure about your decision?
He nodes.

Adi: That is why I decided share it with you, when I became sure, but now, I mean she is still studying,
Suh: We know, everyone here wanted to be sure; after all it is about Gauri’s future.
He nodes and they came out.
Bhavna tells everyone about Adi and got happy.
Dadi: I know Gauri is studying but I want their engagement to happen now, later we can get them married.
Adi fumes hearing this and Suhani who noticed it, held his hand to calm him. He looked at her and she assures him.

Sau: But Dadi,
Dadi: I am not talking about marriage, but I want their relation to be official.
Others nod.
Dadi calls Punkaj ask them to come home the next day, to fix marriage.
Everything was fixed, and others leave.
Suhani took Adi with her.
Adi: What is all this? Don’t your Dadi trust me? Does she think,

Suh: Adi, listen, It is nothing like that, see she is elder and at their times they didn’t,
Adi: But time changed,
Suh: Yeah, but not people, Adi, it is not the issue of trust, Gauri is young and,
Adi: Yeah,
She looked at him.
Adi: I know, her concern is right according t her, I think I over reacted, it is good that you stopped me,
Suh: Don’t be silly.
They smile.

Adi: Anyway, I am leaving. Bye.
He hugs his sister and leaves.
She looks on worried.
Suhani was lost in her thoughts when she came to room. Yuvi looked at her.
Yuvi: God, how come that my gets worried for everything that happens? Today I want to know.
Suh: What?
Yuvi: See yourself, why do you have to take tension on everything that happens?
Suh: Adi and Gauri,
Yuvi: I know you are worried for them but why?

Suh: They both are not matured, I don’t know,
Yuvi: That is why we are giving them time, and their marriage is not rushed,
Suh: Gauri, I know it, fine, but Adi, he is of my age and still,
Yuvi: What?
She tells him everything about her convo with Adi.
Yuvi smiles.
Yuvi: I heard that girls are mature than the boys of same age. He will be fine,
She smiles.

Suh: But that means that you accept that I am mature than you, wow, that’s cool.
Yuvi: I think you didn’t hear me right, I specifically said girls,
Suh: Youuuuuuuuuuuuu
He smirks, and she beats him.
Again she looked worried.
Yuvi: Now what?
Suh: I don’t know, will everything be fine?

He kisses his forehead.
Yuvi: It will be, and I am here, I will manage everything.
She nodes, and he hugs her.

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