Can I fall in love, Episode 92

Risyap broke their hug. Everyone cheered for them. Ria smiled, Kasyap was feeling very awkward. He was looking here and there.
Suhani smiled and signed Ria, she nodded. Ria took Suhani’s hand and kept on Kasyap’s hand.
They looked at her shockingly.
Ria: (smiling) Only you can control him in these kind of situations, Suhani.
They were touched and then smiled gratefully. Kasyap wanted to escape from that scene with Suhani, Ria understood this and asked to go for a walk.
Suhani smiled, they left, Yuvi and Ria smiled at them. Ria thanked him again.
Ria: We would be always left behind, when we four are together, as those two won’t mind others, when they are together. I think e can be friends. Otherwise you would be bored.
Yuvi smiles.
Ria forwards her hand Yuvi shakes it.
Suhani and Kasyap roamed on the road, he held her hand. He was very happy; he now has his bestie and lover with him! He was the happiest person alive. Suhani too was very happy; everything is becoming fine in her bestie’s life.
They came back in a while.
Ria: Maybe I am being senti, but this happiness on both your face is priceless!!
Everyone smile.
Suh: Now, inform your parents, that everything is sorted out.
Kasyap nodded.
Kas: But you have come along.
Ria nodded in agreement.
Suh: What??? Guys, this is your personal matter, what will WE do there??
Ria: Just come na, it would be nice.
Suh: No yaar,
Risyap was pressurising them.
Yuvi: (to Kasyap) Oh hello, from the day you started dating Ria, you are spending more time with my wife, and the last two days, she was with you alone, (funnily) I ignored it thinking you are sad, but now that everything is sorted in your life, spare my wife. I know you are her bestie but I am her husband yar!!
Suhani beat Yuvi’ hand, Risyap laughed.
Kas: ok, fine, we will leave. Yuvani nodded.
Suh: Keep me updated.
Kasyap nodded and Risyap leave.
Suhani fumed at Yuvi, and he winked at her. They too leave.
Shavna’s room:
Bhavna was seven month pregnant by now.
Sh: Bhavna, when are going to apply for leave?
Bh: Sharad I was thinking,
Sh: What?
Bh: (taking a deep breath) I was thinking of resigning.
Sh: (shocked) WHAT?? WHY??
Bh: Baby…..
Sh: You are not the first working mother!!
Bh: I know, still,
Sh: Mausi and Dadi are here, and also Rags bhabhi and Menka.
Bh: I don’t want to burden them, our kid, is our responsibility!!
Sharad was a bit angry and shocked; he led her to the hall and called out for other.
Suh: What happened, Bhaiya?
He informed others Bhavna’s decision.
Prat: I know beta, you would want to spent your whole time with baby,
Sh: It is not that Mausi, she didn’t want to trouble you all.
Men: Why bhabhi? Don’t you believe us? Bhabhi, I know how much you love working; please don’t think of leaving your job, and I assure you, we will take good care of your baby.
Bh: Menka, it is not that I trust you,
Rag: Then what?
Men: Bhabhi, I am his Chachi, and I have my rights on him, you can’t take that away.
Bhavna was touched, she smiled.
They all convinced her for not resigning.
Men: I assure you bhabhi, I will take care of you baby like my own!!
Bhavna smiles gratefully.
Family is simply everything!!
And today her family proved it to her again!!
Anuj: (funnily) But bhabhi, are you sure that you want to leave your baby with Menka, your baby will become like her.
Others laugh, Menka beats him.
Bh: (fondly) Anuj, I would really love my baby to get her character, be like her,(cupping her face) caring, loving and understanding.
Menka smiles and they hug.
Others smile seeing them and then Bhavna applied for long leave, for six months.

Kasyap called Suhani and told her that, they talked to both their parents. In fact their parents was expecting this, they were waiting for them to calm down. It was another realization for them that parents are always ahead of them. His sangeet was fixed on two days later. She was very happy!
Suhani hugged Yuvi out of excitement.
Suh: Thank you so much, this is just because of you, you are the best, i love you.
He smiled and hugged her back.


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