Can I fall in love, Episode 61

This scene is one of my favorite Yuvani scenes, the one in montage. I tried out something. Hope you will enjoy.

Suhani comes inside Birla House. Family members were waiting for her. Pratima goes to her, looking outside.
Prat : Beta, you came alone? Where is Yuvi?
Suh : Yuvi?? Ma, isn’t he home yet????
Men : No jiji, Anuj ji too…
Suh : But…
Prat : We thought you guys are together, we tried to call Anuj and he is not picking up.

It was 7.00 pm by then.
Suhani calls Yuvi, he didn’t take the call. She tried for five more times, still she didn’t pick up!!
Everyone started to worry!!
Suhani called at the reception of their office and no one took the call.
Sh : Mausi, don’t worry, they will be fine.
Suh : But where are they?
Sh : Sis, they will be fine!!
She nodded.
Suh : Bhabhi, where is Saurab Bhaiya?
Rags : He went to business tour.
Suh : Ok.
They waited.

8pm…. 9pm….
Till Yuvi and Anuj didn’t came home. Tension was much higher. Suhani got up.
Suh : Dadi, Ma, di, you guys please have something..
Dadi : But beta…
Rags : Yes Dadi, Suhani is right, you three have something.
They made them sit. Gauri and Rags started to serve them. Suhani goes to Sharad.
Suh : Bhaiya, I am feeling like something is wrong, I want to go and check for them.
Sh : But where?
Suh : I don’t know. Please let us go!
Sharad nodes. Suhani and Sharad were about to leave, just then Yuvi and Anuj bursts in. They were frustrated, irritated, angry, worried and what not!! Everyone was shocked to see them. But they acted as if they didn’t see anyone and went too their rooms.

Pratima was in dilemma. Yuvi and Anuj both were really upset and she didn’t know to whom she should go!! But she saw Suhani going into her room and smiles seeing her and went to Anuj. Others relaxed.
Suhani went inside their room. She was shocked to see Yuvi. He was punching on the wall.
Suh : YUVI!!!
He looked at her.
Yuvi : (angrily) Suhani please leave me alone!! At least for the time being!
Suh : I won’t!!
Before he could retort, she hugged him tightly. Her hug was so reassuring; Yuvi’s anger was coming down!! He was feeling very relaxed by her warmth. They didn’t need words to communicate, and her heart told him everything will be fine, she said in the most assuring way, and he became sure of it, and hugged her back. She told him that she is there with him always, and he knew, nothing can go wrong when she is with him.
Only when she felt that his heart beats was normal, Suhani broke the hug. She looked at him. Even though he was not angry, he was upset. He went and sat on the bed. She sat beside him, and made his head rest on her shoulder and hugged him. She kissed on his head. He closed his eyes. He was feeling calm. He relaxed on her as a little kid on his mother. She affectionately caressed his hair!!

After a while:
Yuvi got up being tensed.
Suh : (tensed) What happened ??
Yuvi : Chottu.
She looked on.
Yuvi : I mean, Chottu is much more upset, and in my grief I forgot all about him. (guiltily) and I am elder!!
Yuvani went to Anuj and saw that he was lying on Pratima’s lap. They smiled seeing the mother-son and went inside. Yuvi too laid his head on her lap and Suhani sits beside Anuj. Pratima smiles.
Prat : Now tell me what happened to you both?
Yuvi : (sadly) Ma, we lost the contract and it was Papa’s dream.
Anuj was in tears.
Anuj: We are sorry Ma.
Yuvi : Bhaiya was looking after the finance, but today he had to go for a meeting.
Anuj : Presentation went all wrong!!
Yuvi : We were working on finance from then, but still now no result came and tomorrow we have yet another presentation, but…
Prat : That is because you guys were upset and frustrated, how can you work with that mood.
Anuj : But Ma, tomorrow is our last chance!!
Prat : Then you have to work calmly on it, not in an upset mood.
They nod.

Suh : Shall we have dinner? Ma it is high time now!!
Yuvi & Anuj : WHAT ??? Ma, you didn’t have dinner??? Come on now.
Both of them led Pratima to dining hall and Suhani followed them. Everyone was having dinner in silence.
Gauri : Viyu, Anuj Bhaiya, are you fine?
They looked up and saw that everyone was worried for them. They felt guilty.
Yuvi & Anuj : We are sorry guys, sorry Dadi.
Dadi : For this time, I forgive you, but don’t repeat this.
They nod.
Dadi : Why where you not answering our calls?
Yuvi : Dadi, we were so irritated that we didn’t hear them, nor did we notice time.
Anuj : It was only when I went to drink water, we got to know about the time and rushed.
Dadi : So Yuvi, you even forgot about Suhani?
Yuvi : No Dadi, I was about message Kasyap about dropping her home, when I got his message saying he will drop her.
Dadi smiled.
Yuvi & Anuj : We are very sorry, we won’t repeat this again.

Everyone smile and enjoyed the dinner. After dinner, other than Yuvi and Anuj everyone went to sleep and they started to work from the hall.
Suhani smiled seeing them, they were calm. She went to sleep.
It was by 2 in the morning, when Yuvi and Anuj finished their work. They were happy, wished each other goodnight and went to sleep.
Yuvi saw Suhani sleeping peacefully. He sat beside her and thought how she calmed him down. He beamed. She cared him like a mother!! He felt like the luckiest person in the world as he has her with him. He hugs her and sleeps.

Precap: Yuvi and Anuj bag the deal.

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