Can I fall in love, Episode 59

By next day evening Yuvani reaches home. They meet the Birlas, Lata and Punkaj was also there.
Dadi : How was your trip?
Suh : Perfect Dadi, superb!!
Yuvi : Yeah Dadi!
Everyone smile.
Yuvani gives everyone gifts.
Prat : Beta, there are two sarees….
Yuvani fumes at each other.
Yuvi & Suh : Ma, which one did you like?
Prat : Both are nice,
Suh & Yuvi : Still which is better?
Prat : But why?
Sh : (laughing) Mausi, they argued over sari, right guru?
Everyone laughs!!
Prat : (smiling) Both are equally good, my children gifted me.
Yuvani smiles and hugs her. Suhani beats him on the back; Yuvi fumes and beats her back!
Others see that laughs more!!
Yuvani backs off. Suhani was searching for Kasyap. He told her he would be there. She was a bit upset.
Men : Jiji, whom are you searching?
Suh : I, that, Rags bhabhi, where is Saurab Bhaiya?
(He was not there.)

Rags : Don’t know, nowadays, he is always late.
Everyone sit down and started to talk. Suhani was sitting besides Anuj, he fumed at her. She smiles sheepishly.
Suh : I, actually, Anuj,
Anuj : (sighs) I know bhabhi, you didn’t say her anything, but (pleading) bhabhi, please be careful of what you are talking. She is mad.
Suhani nods. She messages Kasyap.
Yuvani explained their trip and as usual fought in between.
Others sigh. Suhani kept on looking at her phone now and then.
Sharad complained about Bhavna’s reluctance about having medicines.
Everyone started to lecture her, and she became angry.
Bh : (angrily) I don’t want to speak to any of you. I hate you all!!
She leaves angrily. Everyone laughs.
Sh : I will check her.
He too leaves.
Bhavna was walking to and fro in anger.
Sh : Oh madam is really angry!!
Bh : I don’t want to hear lecture again.
Sharad smiling, he went to her, and keeps his hand on her tummy.
Sh : Hey baby, what have you done to your Mumma, she behaves like a five year kid. I am fed up now!!
He turns back and fakes anger, he looked cute. Bhavna smiles seeing him. She went to him and hugged him from behind.
Bh : (cutely) So would be Papa is angry? I am sorry.
He looks at her and they smile.
Others talk for a while, and then Lata and Punkaj leaves. Yuvi went to Anuj and they talked about business and Suhani goes to her room.
Suhani sat in bed and she was sad, Kasyap didn’t give her a reply till now. She was a bit tensed. She waits for a while and then calls him. For her relief he picked up. Hearing his sound she understood that he is fine.
Suh : You promised me you will come!!
Kas : Actually, Bhaiya came home today, I was busy with him.
Suh : Don’t irritate me, I know it when you lie.
He laughs.
Kas : I wanted to,
Suh : Punish me,
Kas : For making me,

Suh : Miss me,
Kas : For these many days!!
Kasyap laughs again. Suhani fumes.
Suh : (cutely angrily) I hate you!!
Kas : Pakka?
Suh : Pakka!!
Kas : Then why are you talking to me?
Suh : Ok fine!!
She disconnects the call. She looks at her phone,
Suh : I hate you, hate you, hate you!!
Kasyap looks at their pic.
Kas : (smiles) I really missed you!

Yuvi comes in a while. She was cutely angry. He smiles fondly.
Yuvi : (childishly) Hey cutie pie, who stole your toy?? Papa will beat them.
Suh : WHAT??
He laughs.
Suh : What did you just say?
Yuvi : Well, when you are talking to a kid, you talk like this na.
She fumes in anger and threw pillow at her. He bends down and gets hit on Rags, who just came in.
Yuvi laughs, and Suhani smiles sheepishly.
Yuvi : (acting innocent) Why are throwing pillow at bhabhi?
Suh : Youuuuuuuuuuu.
Rags : Yuvi, don’t blame my devrani, I know, you must have troubled her.
Suh : (smiling proudly) That is my bhabhi!!
Yuvi : (sighs) Great!! I lost my bhabhi too. Why do you have to steal everyone from me?
Suhani and Rags laugh.
Suh : Bhabhi, why are you here? Do you need anything?
Rags : Nothing, I simply came, you guys carry on.
She leaves.
Suh : Bhabhi seems upset.
Yuvi : Don’t know….. Anyway, what happened to you?
Suh : Nothing, I am on angry on Kasyap.
Yuvi : (smiling) Why?

Suh : He promised me he would come and he didn’t turn up.
Yuvi : He might have been busy.
Suh : He isn’t. He is playing with me. I hate him.
He smiles.
Yuvi : Ok, now give me my gift.
Suh : Gift?
Yuvi : Yeah, the one you bought, when,
Suh : You went to buy something for me.
They smile.
Yuvi : First you.
Suh : No, you first.
Yuvi : Ladies first.
Suh : (winking) Exactly, so I need my gift first!!
He sighs and gifts her a book.
Suh : (excitedly) I wanted this one. THANK YOU!!!
She hugs him happily and gives him shoes.
Yuvi : Nice one, Thank you.
He smiles.
Yuvi : I am tired, shall we sleep?
Suh : You sleep, I have a book with me, I am gonna read.
Yuvi : Nothing can be done with you!
He sleeps and she started to read.

Love is love, and friendship is nothing less.

  1. Loved the episode.. Rags supporting Suhani and Suhani’s not so long lasting anger on kasyap.. Yeah… Love and friendship have their own ways.. Great in their own ways.. Ur ff has portrayed love and friendship in a very very beautiful way. I got to know the perfect definition of them through ur ff..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you soooo much dear. Your comment made my day!!

  2. awesome dear..

    1. Yuvani

      Thanks dear

  3. Awe episode is just amazing.soooo cute.beautiful family bond.pratima is soooo gud.suhani should punish kasyap actually.hope in tommorrows episode we will get kasyap and suhani bonding.pls pls post nxt epi asap.

    1. Yuvani

      Of course you will get Kasyap- Suhani bond.
      Thank you dear

  4. Woo amazing…….

  5. family bonding awesome……. Waiting for next part……….

  6. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode……

  7. superb episode.. love yuvani nok jhok..

  8. Lovingirl

    Lovely episode dear awesome one

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